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So this weekend I got back from my 12 day cruise in the mediterranean on the Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam.

Mediterranean Cruise

We went to 11 different ports in 12 days! It was an amazing vacation. There will be a TON of blog posts eventually.

We got back on Friday afternoon and it took all my willpower to stay awake until a normal hour. The jet lag is going to be brutal the next few days.

Saturday morning I did my laundry and then we got lunch with my cousins. After lunch OF COURSE my mom’s car battery died so we had to call AAA. After she got a new battery we headed to Kristen’s condo-warming party.

House Warming

Around 9pm I had to call it a night. I was extremely tired. Originally I was going to drive back to Philly on Saturday night, but I didn’t want to drive sleepy.

Sunday morning I woke up at 2am and could not get back to sleep. Jet lag fun!

I left NJ around 9am to head back to Philly. About 30 minutes from my apt I got into a fender bender. This weekend was just a mess. The girl in front of me started driving (when the light turned green) and then just stopped and I didn’t stop in time.

Fender Bender

My car is a tank so it got a little scratch and bent the license plate, but that was it. Luckily the girl could really care less and we exchanged info (then her mom showed up to make sure I had insurance) and I went to to police station to file the report. Now I have to file a claim. Just glad it wasn’t anything too serious.

My goal was to write some vacation posts all day Sunday, but catching up on TV shows (like PLL WTF!?!) took over my life.

This week I am excited to get back into my routine. I can’t wait to tell you all about my adventures!


Happy Monday!

Fitbit Surge Review

Fitbit Surge Review

At first I was very hesitant to get a Fitbit Surge. I had the Fitbit Flex and loved it. It was small, and I barely realized I was wearing it. I could also change out the bands.

My sister got a free Fitbit Surge from work and asked if I wanted it. With my new job I needed to set up notifications for meetings so I thought I would try it out. Now I am mad I did not get one sooner!

I love that you can change the watch faces, set alarms, see your text messages and phone calls without looking at your phone and track your workouts. I feel like I move more just because I can flip through my stats all day long.

The alarms are great. I set one for all my meetings so if I get lost in work I do not miss anything.

If you are thinking of a fitness tracker this is it! I had wanted to get an iWatch, but now I do not know if I will. This does just enough without being too much.

A Great Photo


I love that I have so many opportunities to travel. Sometimes, though, I feel like my trip is spent behind the lens of my camera. I need to make a conscious effort to not spend my adventures being the photographer. I love having the photos, but I need to make sure I remember the experience.

Link Love: Pool Floats

Now that I have a pool I wish I had a float to sit in. I have not seen anyone in my complex bring any floats to the pool, but I thought maybe I could start a trend.

Summer Pool Floats

Pretzel Pool Float
I live in Philly now. Pretzels are a must!

Pizza Pool Float
I love pizza, I mean who does not? This is a must. Floating on a slice of pizza seems like a great day.

Flamingo Coasters
These are the perfect way to keep a cold drink close by!

T-Rex Pool Float
This looks NOTHING like a T-Rex, but I need a dino float in my life.

Summer Bucket List Update

How is summer almost over!?!?! I made a bucket list at the beginning of the summer…let’s see how many I have checked off so far.

1. Rock Out at an Outdoor Concert – DONE
I went and saw Mumford and Sons on the beach in New Jersey. It was an amazing outdoor concert!

2. Spend Some Time at a Fair/Festival

3. Day at the Beach – DONE
I not only went to the beach..I camped there! Camping on the beach at Assateague National Seashore was so much fun! We are planning our trip already for next year!

4. Flea Market Finds – DONE
I went to the Brooklyn Flea. I was disappointed, but still glad I went. Now I need to get to the Franklin Flea in Philly.

5. I’m On A Boat!

6. Swim in a Pool – DONE
This one was the easiest. I just moved into an apartment complex with a pool and I go as much as I can. I love pools and the fact that no one is ever there makes it better!

7. Go to a Baseball Game (and tailgate)

8. Watch a Movie Under the Stars at the Drive-In

9. Hiking Adventure – DONE
Hiking the Pinnacle was grueling in the summer, but definitely pretty. I am glad I got out and went on a new adventure. The boulder field was the best part.

10. See Fireworks – DONE
The fireworks at the Art Museum in Philadelphia this year on the 4th of July were not as great as past years, but still a great event.

My DIY Project Update

At the beginning of the year I made a post about some DIY projects I wanted to complete. I thought I would update you on my progress!

1. Cork Board Fun – DONE

Painted Disney Pin Board
I completed this project by using a stencil and paint. It was not the cleanest design on the cork board, but definitely an improvement.

2. Dresser Revamp – DONE

Dresser to TV StandI was able to complete a lot of my projects when I moved to Philadelphia. I needed furniture and I wanted to not spend a lot of money on it. I decided revamping old furniture I had would be the best and I already had ideas on what I wanted to do with them.

I love my TV stand. It looks great and it is the perfect height with storage.

3. Basement Ikea Dresser Facelift

4. Bookcase Love

5. Chest of Drawers – DONE

Dresser Facelift

This was another project I did for my new apartment. I needed something for storage in my dining room and this is the perfect place for my Pyrex obsession.

6. Old Tires Utilized

7. Pallet Coat Rack
I have the I need to do something with them.

8. Beer Crate Table – DONE

Miller Crate Table

Everyone that comes over to my apartment comments on my beer crate table. I am so glad I got the hairpin legs. I think I might get two more eventually so that it can be free standing and not have to be attached to the wall.

9. Tools Organization
This one we started..sort of. We separated a lot of the tools into piles in the basement. We have A LOT of tools. I even brought my own set to Philly with me. Soon we will be able to organize them in the garage.

10. Bedroom Curtains
This one isn’t really relevant anymore, but maybe I will still make curtains.

11. Chalkboard Race Bib and Medal Holder

12. Jewelry Holder
I started this one too. I used one of the extra drawers from my dresser remodel and painted it. Now I need to add hooks and bowls to store my jewelry.

13. Bottle Opener
I bought one, but I still want to make one.

14. Mason Jar Vase

15. Ladder Shelf – DONE

Shutter Shelf

This one I did, but different. Instead of a ladder shelf I made a shutter shelf. I love it! The shutters were my best buy at the Antique Marketplace. I need to make more furniture myself.

So out of 15 I still have 5 projects done and 3 projects started. So only 7 more projects to go! I still have until the end of the year. I think I can accomplish that.

Running the Towpath

I love how Manayunk has so many places to run outside. I mean most places you can run outside, but there are trails off the streets with cars and lights. It’s peaceful and a lot more enjoyable.

Running the Towpath

Last week I met up with Cindy early in the morning to go for a run. It was supposed to be hot out so I wanted to make sure we went before it got too hot.

Running the Towpath

We walked to the entrance of the Towpath at the bottom of Green Lane.

Running the Towpath

I had seen signs for the Towpath, but I didn’t realize where it was. I also didn’t realize it was like a boardwalk! Kind of reminded me of the Jersey Shore.

Running the Towpath

We could either go right on the path towards Conshohocken or to the left towards the Art Museum. We went right.

Running the Towpath

Running the Towpath

The path was really pretty! I loved all the murals on the bridges.

Running the Towpath

There was even a waterfall!

Running the Towpath

There were a lot of geese along the path, but I tried to ignore them.

Running the Towpath

It was just so peaceful and pretty. There were a decent amount of people out, but it wasn’t crowded at all.

Running the Towpath

We even had to stop for some ducks to cross the path!

If you are ever in Philadelphia definitely try and go to Manayunk to see the great shops and also the great places to get outside.

My Favorite Blogs


Blogs are a great way to discover new things. I have a variety of blogs I read on a daily basis, and I thought I would share my favorite with you!

Canva Design School
I love this blog for inspiration. They have daily posts on topics like infographics, photography, design elements and so much more.

A Beautiful Mess
If you want an all around great blog about life, DIY, recipes, photography and style, then A Beautiful Mess is the blog for you. They post multiple times a day and their posts are always well researched and pretty. I have pinned tons of their DIY projects to try. I don’t know how they still have new ideas every day!

J’s Everyday Fashion
I have always had problems putting together outfits. I always tend to stick to the same things. This blog has helped me branch out. She has great style and I love how she gives you a bunch of links with similar pieces at different price points.

Iowa Girl Eats
This is my favorite flood blog. She has great recipes, life stories and even healthy/gluten free options.

Simply Taralynn
Taralynn has an amazing weight loss story that I can relate to. She has a pretty adventurous life and always has healthy recipes or ways to work out and stay healthy. I really like her writing style.

Run Eat Repeat
Never thought running could be fun? Monica is a runner who lives in SoCal and has an amazing blog. I read every post. She is the one that got me into Stitch Fix! I love how most of her blogs are random ideas, in no particular order, but she always makes exercise a priority.

So if you are in search for some great blogs, check these out!

The Best Sandals!

So a few weeks ago, while reading Run, Eat, Repeat, Monica mentioned her Sanuk sandals.

I already had a pair of Sanuk Mat Flip Flop sandals I had snagged on sale at DSW.

Sanuk Matt Flip Flops

I love them. They are so comfortable!

I decided why not try out these other flip flops. I wanted to find comfortable walking flip flops because I hate wearing sneakers in summer. She recommended the Yoga Sling 2 sandals so I went to DSW to see if they had any.

Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Metallic

I wanted black ones, but they only had these white metallic ones in my size.

OMG these are amazing! They are comfortable and stay in place. I LOVE wearing them!

Now I want to get some of the fun pattern ones they make.

Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Prints

If you want a comfy pair of sandals definitely grab a pair!