July Stitch Fix

Molly is the best stylist. Sadly after this month I am switching to an every other month order until I figure out my finances.

Weston Faux Wrap Dress

The first thing I tried on was this Weston Faux Wrap Dress. I loved the pattern and the fit. The best was that it looks like a wrap dress, but doesn’t come apart like one! It was only $68 too which is cheaper than dresses I have gotten before. Keep!

Astrid Tie Neck Blouse and Karla Textured Short

Next I paired together the Astrid Tie Neck Blouse and Karla Textured Short.

When I pulled the shirt out of the box I was in love. Unfortunately it was HUGE on me. Again I know baggy and flowy is a style right now, but it just doesn’t flatter me. Had it fit I would have definitely paid the $54 for it.

I had been asking for lace shorts for a while now. I really liked these because they weren’t ALL lace and they were a fun color. They also weren’t super tight on my legs. The best part was they were only $44!

Siena Cropped Pant

Next in my fix was the Siena Cropped Pant. The color was really fun and I actually like this combo with the top (from Express), but the fit wasn’t right. They hugged in weird places and were baggy in others. Also for $58 they were pricey for not fitting well.

Hillcrest Mixed Media Chevron Necklace

Last was this Hillcrest Mixed Media Chevron Necklace. Chevrons are really the best shape. It was only $28 too!

So I wound up keeping 3 things and sending 2 back. I begged them to keep Molly as my stylist because even though two things didn’t fit right I still LOVED the style.

My mom has been talking about my fixes for a while now and I finally convinced her to sign up!

Try your own Stitch Fix today!

Instagram Updates – June 2015

June was a month of new adventures, goodbyes and a lot of change.

Instagramming June

I went on a Mad Men drinking spree in Atlantic City. The sidecar was the best of them all! I went to see Lady Antebellum and Hunter Hayes at PNC then followed that with a trip to see Mumford & Sons at the Jersey Shore! I went to Hershey Park for the first time in years. It was a lot of fun! We found a great antique place in the area which I have to go back to again. Then I signed my apartment lease, but it wasn’t all sunshine. We got a call from PSE&G that there was a gas leak in front of our house so we had to rush home. Then I did a bunch of projects (Shutter Shelf, Dresser, TV Stand) for my new place. I got them all done thanks to my mom and Cheryl’s help. Then it was quitting time at my job for the past 8 years. They threw me a going away party which made it even harder to say goodbye. Then I moved to Philly, went to exercise classes in New York and started my new job!

I cannot believe that all happened in ONE MONTH! I am excited to see what July will bring!

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Where Am I?

I am back!

Seriously my life the past few days have been a complete whirlwind!

On Thursday one of my coworkers brought in champagne and OJ to celebrate his upcoming wedding. Mimosas for breakfast? Why not!?!

Rodman Farewell

Thursday night I met up with the girls at Shannon Rose and got drinks. Everyone keeps trying to see me to say goodbye, but I am moving less than 2 hours away! I will be back!

Peace Out NJ

I got some really cute and thoughtful gifts from my girls at work. Really the only thing I am going to miss the most is Laura and Sara!

Rodman Farewell

On Friday (my last day) I decided to bring in donuts for everyone in my office. I also really like puns so I couldn’t pass it up.

Rodman Farewell

Then my company threw me a “surprise” going away party! Luckily someone spilled the beans earlier in the week. Had it been an actual surprise I don’t think I would have been able to keep it together.

Rodman Farewell

There was pizza and beer. It was the perfect way to end my 8 years there!

Rodman Farewell

I was so lucky to have been able to work with such amazing people. My department was by far the best in the company. I am going to miss them the most :(

Rodman Farewell

Rodman Farewell

After the party I went home and got the Uhaul. Then I went to Bob’s to get the couch I found half price in the pit. The whole ordeal was a ridiculous (I ordered this couch but they went back on their delivery promise so I cancelled, but found the same one cheaper).

Peace Out NJ

Then I moved all day Saturday. I cannot believe I didn’t take ANY pictures! It’s probably because I wanted to get everything inside before it rained. It was drizzling on and off all day and poured after we got everything done. Then to celebrate we had dinner at Blue Duck!

Saturday night after moving I drove back to NJ. I know I am crazy.

Sunday morning I went to the SELF Up and Out Studios to do some workouts with Cheryl and Jill.

Peace Out NJ

First we did Cityrow which was a lot of fun and then Barry’s which was wayyyy too hard for me.

Then we celebrated AJ’s 2nd birthday! I cannot believe that kid is 2 already!

Peace Out NJ

Sunday after the party I drove back to Philly because Monday was my first day at the new job!

I had the hardest time picking out something to wear. I have been working in a CASUAL office for 8 years so I really don’t have a lot of professional clothes. I will get the hang of it eventually.

Peace Out NJ

I was really nervous about my first day, but I think it went great! I am doing mostly training for the first few weeks. There is a lot of workflow processes and lingo and systems I need to learn before I can do anything, but everyone is really nice.

Peace Out NJ

They ordered Chinese for the department to celebrate my first day and I had THE BEST fortune.

Peace Out NJ

Feeling like I am not doing anything is rough, but I have to crawl before I can run.

Speaking of running! I went with a few new coworkers on a run after work at Valley Forge. They go on Tuesdays. It was a nice way to walk more with people and also get some much needed exercise. I have been slacking!

More updates soon!

Project Life 2015 – Week 24

Life is moving along pretty fast right now, but I am trying to make sure to enjoy every minute!

Project Life Page 54-55

Project Life Page 54

Project Life Page 55

This week I went to sign my lease and show my mom the new apartment. Of course right after we got a call from PSE&G that there was a gas leak under my mom’s car….2 hours away! We drove home and luckily they hadn’t towed the car, but now we need new gas lines. On Saturday I went to the Brooklyn Brewery to celebrate Ray’s birthday. We were there last year for his birthday. That place is always a good time. After I went to Target, Marshalls and TJ Maxx for the last of my stuff I need to buy. On Sunday Cheryl and I went to Home Depot to get materials for some projects. I was able to finish all the furniture remodels I wanted to do! Then as a reward for our hard work we went to the dine-in theatre to see Jurassic World for dinner.

Have a great weekend!

Dresser Facelift

Repurposing old furniture might be a lot of work, but when it turns out great it is very rewarding!

In my basement we had this old dresser that was my grandmother’s. It mainly had a bunch of junk in it so I decided to repurpose it and bring it with me to my new apartment.

Dresser Facelift

We have had a few floods in our basement so the bottom front panel was pretty deteriorated. We decided to remove that.

Dresser Facelift

I wanted the top part to be an open space to display my Pyrex so I decided to use a saw to cut the top drawer pieces out.

Dresser Facelift

Now it was time to sand! The dresser wasn’t in the best shape so instead of staining it I decided to paint it a light grey color.

Dresser Facelift

Thanks to my mom the dresser looked amazing after being painted!

Dresser Facelift

Next we had an old piece of plywood (from some past project) that we cut to fit the inside of the top area. Then my mom painted the inside a light green color as an accent.

Dresser Facelift

Now I have a place to display my pyrex and hold kitchen/dining room stuff like tablecloths and towels!

Dresser to TV Stand

I don’t know about you, but I think TV stands are expensive!

Instead I decided to refurbish an old dresser we had in our back room. It is part of the set of furniture my parents had in their bedroom. My mom is planning on getting new bedroom furniture so she didn’t care that I redid it.

Dresser to TV Stand

The whole dresser was a light walnut and very scratched. The bottom drawer was completely broken too.

I decided I wanted it to still be a wood instead of painting it so we decided to sand it and then stain it a dark Kona color.

Dresser to TV Stand

I also got new hardware for the two two drawers.

Cheryl did an awesome job sanding and staining it!

We got a piece of plywood at Home Depot, but waited to cut it at home. I wanted to make sure it would fit inside before we cut it. Once we got the plywood inside I attached it with screws and stained the entire inside area.

Dresser to TV Stand

I love how it came out! The bottom is going to have some baskets with remotes and stuff or I might even put a hole in the back and put my TV box in the bottom. I will have to wait and see!

Shutter Shelf

So a few weeks ago we went to an Antique Marketplace in Harrisburg, PA. For a few years now I have always wanted to do a project with shutters. I just love the look of them!

While perusing the marketplace Cheryl found a set of old blue shutters that were pretty wide. Most shutters are thin, but these were perfect.

Shutter Shelf

I decided the color scheme of my living room is going to be grey and brown with hints of yellow. I decided to spray paint the shutters a grey color because painting them with a brush would take too long.

Shutter Shelf

Each side of the shutter used a whole can of spray paint, but it was only $4 a can so it wasn’t too bad.

I went to Home Depot and got some thick plywood cut 18″ by 24″ for the shelves. The original pieces were 24″ square so I kept the extra wood for some other projects.

Then Cheryl stained the wood a dark Kona brown on both sides. We made sure to get really knotty wood so there was some texture to it.

Shutter Shelf

After everything was painted and stained we attached the shelves to the shutters with screws.

I LOVE how this came out and I am so excited to set it up in my new place!

Here Comes the Sun

I am not sure how, but I got a lot accomplished this weekend!

On Friday after work I went with my mom and sister furniture shopping. As I have mentioned I am trying to spend as little as possible on this move. Luckily I have an awesome family!

Cheryl and my mom said they would pay for my couch which was the one big item I needed that I couldn’t figure out how I was going to afford. We went to Bob’s and wound up getting the same couch we have at home. It’s a chaise couch that pulls out into a bed. It will be where Cheryl sleeps when she comes to visit! I also got a coffee table for $50. It was originally $200 so I thought it was a good price.

On Saturday I went to crossfit in the morning. I am really bummed I won’t be able to go to crossfit anymore. I hope I can find one as great as Crossfit Nutley in PA.

After Cheryl and I went into NYC to Brooklyn Brewery to celebrate Ray’s birthday.

Ray Birthday

Cheryl and I drove (everyone else took the train) because we couldn’t stay all day.

Brooklyn Brewery is fun. Make sure to get there early to get a table!

We left around 3pm and got home around 4pm. Then we went to Target. I got a lot of stuff I needed and even found my name on a Coke!

Diet Coke Jessica

After Target we went to Marshalls and TJ Maxx to see if I could find the stuff I just bought, but for cheaper. This saving money thing is a lot of work! I did get a few things and returned the Target stuff since it was a lot more expensive.

Sunday the forecast was for rain, but around 9am the sun came out! Cheryl and I decided to go to Home Depot to get stuff for some projects.


We got plywood for the floor in out attic (a different section) and it just barely fit in the car. It was a tight squeeze!

After I worked on a bunch of furniture projects. We have so much furniture at home I decided to give some stuff a facelift and use it in my new apartment.

Projects Complete

So glad we got everything done before it started to rain!

For dinner we decided to finally go see Jurassic World at the dine-in theatre. The movie was awesome!

Now this is my last week of work and crunch time. I still have so much packing to do, but I think I am done buying stuff (for now).

Project Life 2015 – Week 23

I am moving to Philadelphia! My life is changing in so many ways. The next few weeks will be stressful, but fun!

Project Life Page 52-53

Project Life Page 52

Project Life Page 53

On Monday I was offered a new job at a company in Pennsylvania. I thought about it and decided the opportunity was too good to pass up. My week was pretty stressful, but on Friday I let my company know I would be leaving. I am sad because I love my company and the people I work with, but it’s time to gain more responsibility! On Friday Cheryl and I went to the Container Store with Jenn and AJ to pick out stuff for new closets. The woman who helped us was horrible, but we got what we needed. That night we went to my mom’s coworker’s house for a BBQ. He tried to light a pineapple (soaked in liquor) on fire, but he failed. On Saturday we drove to Philly in the morning to look at an apartment (which I got) and then went to Hershey Park! I love roller coasters, but Fahrenheit was super scary. The next day we went to the Antique Marketplace. I fell in love. I wish I could have stayed longer! I got shutters (to make a shelf) and more Pyrex (my newest obsession). Then we had lunch at Appalachian Brewing Company before heading home.

The next few weeks are going to be nuts!

What a Gas!

So yesterday I took the day off work to sign my new apartment lease.

In the morning Cheryl and I went to crossfit and then I started packing. I forgot how miserable it was. I also regret selling all the stuff I had accumulated when I lived in Morristown at all our garage sales. Moving into a new place is definitely an investment in the beginning. I am trying to take as much stuff from home and buy as little as possible.

We headed down to Philly around 1:30 for my 3pm appointment.

I decided to live in an apartment complex as opposed to a house. The main reason is all my utilities will be included in the complex. I hate being cold. I have a space heater in my bedroom because I am always cold in the winter. With my utilities included I can turn up the heat (or AC) as much as I want and not have to pay a crazy bill.


My apartment is still technically being refurbished. They are putting in new carpets as well as a new toilet and bathtub.

I am not freaking our yet about the move, but by next week I will be the Tasmanian Devil running around packing!

After we had dinner plans with Karen and her mom to go to my favorite restaurant Blue Duck. Of course sometime great was followed by something not so great. PSE&G called to let us know there was a gas leak under my mom’s car…..2 hours back home!

We cancelled our dinner plans and drove home so they wouldn’t tow the car.

Gas Leak

We got home to a huge hole in front of our house!

Luckily they didn’t tow the car, but they were using a jackhammer outside. We were starving at this point so we left to get dinner.

Late Night Noise

They were still there when we got back!

They have to change out our gas line, but they said it won’t be too destructive.

Fingers crossed!

I will try to post as much as I can, but the next few weeks are going to be crazy. After I get settled, though, I should have a lot to write about!