Instagram Updates – March 2015

The majority of my Instagram pictures from March had to do with snow. I cannot believe how much it snowed in one month! I am pretty sure it snows just as much every year around March, but this year really got me. All I want is warm weather.

What Blizzard

March started off with snow AND ended with it. Let’s hope April is a snow-less month!

Instagramming March

March started off with snow and a LONG ride home. People really forget how to drive when it precipitates. I celebrated one year of Crossfit! I still don’t feel like I am strong, probably because I still cannot do a pushup, but I am getting there. Then there was more snow. We did a Doctor Who painting and wine class and we went to see If/Then (twice). The weather got nice enough for me to run outside without a jacket, but after St. Patrick’s Day it went to shit again. I had my free first day of Spring Rita’s in the snow! I headed to AC with my friends for Beerfest, worked a lot, ran a lot and wished the snow would go away.

I have a really good feeling April is going to turn things around. Good things are happening and I hope they stay that way!

Did you play an April Fools’ Joke on anyone?

Quote Prints

Every once in a while I go on a tangent about my designs. I need to do something different because my job gets pretty monotonous.

The past few weeks I have been dabbling with quote prints.

I feel like I need some new stuff in my Etsy shop. The only thing people really buy is my Winnie the Pooh baby shower stuff. I am not sure when or if I will add prints, but it’s nice to try my hand at something different. I have made a bunch, but most of them I hate. The life of a perfectionist designer.

Little Things

Susan Sontag

Doctor Who

I just downloaded a new fancy font pack and I cannot wait to play with some typography. It’s a designer thing ;)

What is your favorite quote?

Eye of the Tiger

Well happy Monday!

I haven’t done a weekend review in a while. Right now I am sitting in front of my laptop with a patch over my left eye, but we will get to that…

On Friday I went down to Philly to see a play with Matt. We saw And Then There Were None. It’s a murder mystery based on a book by Agatha Christie. The play was really good. It reminded me a little bit of the movie Clue (which we watched Saturday). I will do a longer review on it soon.

Saturday we just hung out most of the day and then Kier, Karen and I got dinner at Blue Duck Sandwich Company. I fell like I eat there every time I go to Philly now. The wings are just too delicious!

Blue Duck Sandwich Co.

On Sunday I woke up early with a lot of energy. Since it was sunny out and I was in Philly, I decided to run my favorite trail along the Schuylkill River. I drove downtown and was surprised that the front of the Art Museum was closed off. I got into the parking lot we usually park in, but it was packed. I figured I would drive down a little to another lot, but the road was closed!

I eventually found a spot on a side street and later learned there was a half marathon going on as well as a rowing competition on the river.

Love Half Marathon

Rowing Competition

Luckily the Love Half Marathon was on the opposite side of the river.

It was cold out, but it warmed up as I ran. It was still a gorgeous day with the sun shining.

Schuylkill River Trail

I was going to do 5 miles, but around 2.25 was when I hit the rowing competition and the sidewalk was closed because of the boats and spectators so I just turned around. I wound up doing 4.5 miles with an average pace of 9:14!

Schuylkill River Trail

After my run I headed home. The drive home was nice. It felt like spring because it was so sunny out! I also have recently been obsessed with Any Grammer’s new song Honey, I’m Good. I listened to it a few times. It is a great running and driving song.

When I got home I headed over my cousin’s house to help her with some spring cleaning. A lot of it was in her attic. I am very persuasive and I got her to get rid of a lot of junk…now if only I could do that to myself.

The attic looks amazing now, but I guess I got dirt or dust in my eye at some point because last night I felt like I had something in my eye and today it’s very painful. I scratched my cornea a few months ago so I had some drops still. When I put those in it feels better, but I am off to the doctor later to make sure. I do not mess around when it comes to my vision.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!

Project Life 2015 – Week 11

How is it still cold this late into March?!?

I guess it’s always like this, but the fact that it is spring and still this cold makes me so sad. SPRING WHERE ARE YOU!?!

Project Life Page 28-29

Project Life Page 28

Project Life Page 29

This week we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at work. They didn’t get Irish beer AGAIN. We drank all the beer anyway, but a Guinness would have been nice. It SNOWED on the first day of Spring here in the Northeast. That did not stop me from getting my FREE Rita’s though. Cheryl helped me update my online portfolio. It looks so pretty now! We headed down to the Atlantic City Beerfest. I drank for about an hour before my stomach started to act up :( I rallied later that night and went back out for a little. There were drunk crazies everywhere! The next day we shopped at the outlets, had a great brunch and then headed home. I see doctor’s appointments in my future!

Hope everyone had a great week! Happy Friday!

Jump Into Fitness….Sky Aerobics

As a kid I used to love jumping on trampolines. Nothing made you feel more like a superhero than flying through the air. I was never one for stunts, but I loved the feeling of going as high as I could.

If you were like me and used to love jumping on trampolines, then have I got a new fitness class for you!

It’s called Sky Aerobics and the whole class is done on giant trampolines!

Trampoline Work Out Someecard

A friend of ours told me about the class a few weeks back and I was immediately interested. My friend Kierstin looked it up and found a place near her house. We all decided to sign up and try it out one Sunday morning.

The classes are held at Sky Zone Trampoline Park. They have locations all over the U.S.

Sky Aerobics

Each person has their own trampoline to start. I have to admit I jumped right on and started bouncing away. I felt like Tigger!

Tigger Bouncing

Anyway when the class started we began with synchronized bouncing. We went back and forth, around the edges, opening and closing our legs….I wasn’t really following the instructor. I was trying to not bounce onto someone else’s trampoline. I eventually got the hang of it though.

Next we did some stretching to warm up our muscles. After that the instructor broke us into groups. She showed us a series of moves on each trampoline and we all went in order.

Sky Aerobics

There was jumping, squatting, mountain climbers, you name it we did it. I was sweating after 2 rounds and then we had a water break.

After the break she gave us more moves and we kept going in a round. At this point I was kind of over the rotating circuit. I just wanted to bounce more.

Sky Aerobics

After the circuits we got another water break and then we got giant plush balls we had to throw back and forth to a partner. We did that while bouncing so I was happy :)

Then we stretched and the class was over! It seemed like it flew by!

If you are looking for a fun workout that is less working out and more acting like a kid, then this is the class for you! The classes are only $12-$15 depending on the location.

Check it out if you can! You won’t be sorry.

Have you done trampoline aerobics?

If/Then Musical Review

I love Broadway. I have been a fan of musicals since high school when I was in stage crew. I was never one to think I could be on stage, but the behind the scenes aspect was always captivating to me. I also give a lot of credit to actors who can sing and dance day after day for audiences.

My favorite show is Rent. I saw it multiple times on Broadway and just fell in love with the story (especially the back story of Jonathan Larson) and the actors themselves. Most of the actors in the original show have gone on to be famous on the stage as well as on the screen. One such actress was Idina Menzel. You might know her now from a little movie she did called Frozen.

Last year a new musical debuted on Broadway called If/Then starring Idina Menzel. My favorite Rent alum, Anthony Rapp, was also in the cast. At the time ticket prices were a little insane so I didn’t really think to go see it.

A few weeks ago my friend Erin sent me a coupon code for tickets since the show was closing. She wanted to see it so we made a date for Sunday, March 8th.

If Then Attempt 1

We had been in Philly on Saturday so we picked Erin up and drove her back with us. We drove into the city for the show and parked near the theatre. As we were walking to the theatre we saw a huge line of people, which is not uncommon. What we were hearing was uncommon. We heard a lot of yelling and angry voices. When we got to the theatre we were told that Idina was sick and would not be performing. Seeing as she was the only reason we wanted to see the show we were bummed.

If Then Line

When a specific actor is on a marquee you have the option to change your tickets if they are not at a performance. We waited on the very long line to see what other dates they had available.

Luckily they had seats near our original ones on the following Sunday. We took those and then wandered around the city for a little before heading home.

The following Sunday we met Erin in Secaucus and took the train into the city. We walked anxiously to the theatre, hoping Idina would be there.

If Then

She was! Happy faces!

Cheryl and I were also ecstatic to know that Anthony Rapp was still in the cast. For some reason I thought he had left, but he was there!

The show was absolutely amazing! It really made me sit and think about all the choices I have made in my life and what would be different had I chosen something else.

The story is about a 38-year-old woman named Elizabeth (Idina Menzel) who moves back to New York City after getting divorced. She meets up with an old college friend, Lucas (Anthony Rapp) and a new friend from her building, Kate (LaChanze) in Madison Square Park. Kate suggests she start calling herself “Liz” while Lucas suggests “Beth”. Both of them ask her to go with them. Kate wants Liz to stay in the park and watch a musician. Lucas wants Beth to go with him to a rally. Elizabeth has to choose what to do and that choice changes her life in many ways.

From this point the rest of the show is broken into two story lines.

She stayed in the park to watch a musician. She misses a phone call over the noise and also runs into a returned Army doctor Josh (James Snyder). She brushes him off, but later sees him again on the subway. Even though Kate tells her it’s fate she disregards him until she meets him one last time back in the park. Liz gets in touch with an old friend who had a position for her, but it was filled. He suggests she get a teaching job. Josh introduces Lucas to a friend David and they become a couple. Liz gets pregnant and her and Josh get married. They have two sons and then Josh is sent overseas (after deferring for a tour) and is killed. Liz  relies heavily on Kate and Lucas after to help her through the sadness. Lucas and David eventually adopt a son and in the end Stephen approaches Kate to work for City Planning….

She goes with Lucas to a rally. On the way she gets a phone call from Stephen. He offers her a job with City Planning. She gets the job and starts working closely with Stephen (who is married). She winds up kissing Stephen, but he rejects her because of his family. She winds up sleeping with Lucas and getting pregnant. She doesn’t tell Lucas until after she has an abortion. Because of that her and Lucas do not talk for two years. Beth becomes consumed by her work and rises to the top of her company. Stephen, who is now divorced, asks Beth to take a position in the state government. She turns him down. Later she meets Kate and Lucas for coffee in the park and is approached by Josh who has just returned from him third tour of duty….

The entire show really makes you step back and take a look at your life. What if I had gone to a different college, or accepted a different job. Your life could be completely different than it is now.

The music from the show is amazing and I was so fortunate to see it with Idina Menzel and Anthony Rapp. The show itself was pretty hysterical. There were a few “problems” that sent the cast into fits of laughter and an incident with a yellow bench that had me almost crying I was laughing so hard. It’s nice to see people on stage that can just go with the flow and not let issues take the whole performance down. The entire cast was amazing.

I would recommend anyone who is interested to see it if it comes through your area!

Do you wonder “what if”?

New Portfolio and Resume Design

As a designer I am constantly trying to keep up to date with the latest trends and styles.

A few years ago I designed an online portfolio to showcase my work. I designed the page and my sister Cheryl coded it for me. At the time I liked the design, but I didn’t love it.

Since then I have designed and redesigned my portfolio. Cheryl was starting to get annoyed with me because I would send her a design and she would start it and then I would tell her to stop because I didn’t like it anymore. One thing I need to work on is second-guessing my designs. After a while I start to think they aren’t good enough.

I am happy to say that I FINALLY finalized my new design!

I started first with my resume. I wanted it cohesive with my portfolio. I figured if I took the time to design my resume first, then I would be less likely to change it.

Jessica Carlin Resume

I really like the final design. I like how it is broken up into sections, but not sectioned out harshly. I also tried to incorporate some infographic type ideas in it.

From there I designed my new portfolio. I gave the design to Cheryl and she worked her magic!

Jessi Carlin Designs Portfolio

I really love this new design. I think it is clean and easy to navigate. She also made it responsive so you can view it on a tablet or even your phone!

Now that I have a portfolio design I really like it makes me want to do even more unique work to put in my portfolio.

Thoughts? Ideas? Let me know!

Painting with a Twist – Doctor Who Starry Night Tardis

I really have to applaud the person who thought up these painting and drinking classes.

The class is set up so that anyone can participate and if you find yourself to not be artistic then you can blame the ample amounts of booze you consume while making your painting masterpiece!

I have been to two other Painting with a Twist classes, both in Philadelphia. This class was different because it was the first class I took only because of the picture we would be painting.

Painting with a Twist

I am a big fan of Doctor Who. When Kierstin sent me the link to the page I knew I had to go!

Painting with a Twist

We got there a little early so we could get canvases near the front together. We also picked up some beer and snacks. Oddly enough we were the only ones that drank during the class. The whole point of this place is to drink and paint!

Painting with a Twist

We started by making the outline of our Tardis in yellow. I messed up the lines a little, but our instructor Anthony said we would be painting dark colors over the top so it was ok.

Painting with a Twist

Next we filled in the rest of the canvas with dark blue. After the blue was painted in we mixed the blue with a little white and made circles where our bursts would be later.

Painting with a Twist


Painting with a Twist

Next we filled in the Tardis with a lighter blue color. After, we defined the edges with black. You can still see the yellow mistake lines I made.

Painting with a Twist

Next we made panels on the front and defined the windows. Then we used a lot of white. We mixed white and blue to make a lighter blue to shade the Tardis. We made the dome light on top and all of the bursts all over the canvas. On top of the white we used yellow and then a lighter blue all around the bursts and wave. I made sure to cover up the mistake yellow lines as much as possible. I also added a few other lines to define certain areas of the Tardis.

Painting with a Twist

Cheryl and I even wore some Doctor Who shirts for the occasion! #nerdalert

Painting with a Twist

I think all of our paintings came out great! I love that everyone follows step by step directions, but all the paintings are unique.

These classes are a lot of fun and I am pretty sure anyone can do them. If a perfectionist like me can enjoy herself you can too! Check out their Instagram with other paintings @PWATPhilly

Have you ever been to a painting and wine class?

Project Life 2015 – Week 10

This was actually a pretty uneventful week for the most part. I am fine with that though. It’s nice to relax and do nothing every once in a while.

Project Life Page 26-27

Project Life Page 26

Project Life Page 27

Apple had another Apple Watch announcement. I am still not sure if I want it. I got jury duty! I am super excited, which I am sure is weird. I can run outside now in just a long sleeve shirt. Spring is coming! We have warmer temperatures, the snow is almost gone and cookie dough iced coffee is back! We got to see If/Then finally this week and it was amazing. Idina Menzel AND Anthony Rapp were in it. It made me re-think all my life choices.

Disney Animation Academy

It seems crazy that even though I have been to Disney A LOT over the past few years, I still have not done everything there.

During my most recent trip to Disney I was introduced to the Animation Academy in Hollywood Studios.

Animation Academy

A few of us had Toy Story Midway Mania fast-passes, but a few didn’t. While Cindy, Stacey and Spenser waited on line we decided to stop by Animation Academy until it was our turn to ride.

The class fills up pretty fast, but they aren’t too long so if you miss one you can just wait for the next one.

Animation Academy

Everyone gets their own light board, paper and pencil. I loved that the light board was in the shape of Mickey!

We also got to choose (by show of hands) what character we wanted to draw.

Animation Academy

I picked Dopey and he won!

I had a little anxiety when the teacher said there were no erasers! I am a perfectionist so not being able to fix a mistake was daunting to me.

Animation Academy

We started by drawing some circles on the paper. These we needed to draw lightly. These circles helped us measure the distance and length of all the other lines we drew.

The beginning of the class was great. He slowly went through each step and projected what he was doing on a large wall in the front of the class. Once we got further along, he unfortunately started to go crazy fast. I know that the class is a specific amount of time, but I was freaking out at the end. He was drawing line after line and his hand was in the way so I couldn’t see what he was doing and BAM he was done! He took his drawing away quickly to a lot of protests. I was able to keep up for the most part.

Animation Academy

I think it came out pretty great!

The end where he rushed was doing his hat and collar at the bottom. I don’t know if mine is correct, but I think it looks good no matter what.

Animation Academy

I think all our drawings came out pretty great, but mine is the best obviously :)

I think I am going to erase the circle lines that we used as guides and frame it!

Have you ever taken a Disney Animation Academy class?