How Do You Measure a Year?

And just like that…I had my 1 year work anniversary!

1 Year Workaversary

This past year flew by! I honestly cannot believe it. I am so happy with my new job. It’s crazy and challenging, but so worth it :)

So Tuesday I was supposed to run 3 miles for my training run, but I did not. So instead I ran last night after work. We have a run club at work, but I was late. Even though I started after everyone I ALMOST caught up!

Valley Forge

We run at Valley Forge, which is gorgeous, but also very hilly. I did 3 miles at a 10:47 pace. I really need to work on getting back to a 9 minute mile. Lots of work ahead!

Make Time

Yesterday was also around 90 degrees when we were running, but no excuses haha.

Sweaty Selfie

After my run I went home and got ready for dinner with Cindy. She is moving away from me :( but I am so excited for her to start her new life adventure :)


It’s Time

What time? Time for me to get back to blogging!

backSo this week will officially be one year since I moved to Philadelphia for my new job. It is going great, but it keeps me super, crazy busy.

I decided that after a year of being pretty much MIA. I want to get back into blogging. Besides the fact that I miss just writing (even though I am a terrible writer) I also just want to have some me time.

One of the motivators is a fitness group I just started today through Facebook. My weight has been crazy fluctuating for the past year and I have been terrible with my exercising. Blogging about it I think will hold me more accountable.

I also need to start training for a marathon in October. If I don’t start soon, I am not going to make it.

runningI bought the 21 Day Fix a few months ago. I did one round of it and did pretty well. Then I started eating and drinking poorly :(

So back at it! Today I restarted the fix. It’s not easy at first. I also don’t know how anyone could do it in a family setting. I am ok with it because it’s just food for me. I also have yet to figure out recipes so most of my meals are all separate things (protein, veggie, carb) that I just mix together.

My goals this time are to keep to the fix (as much as possible) and also get over 10,000 steps per day. I have my “before” pictures, but those will not be going online anytime soon haha.

21 Day Fix MealsSo I will be blogging about my progress over the next 21 days, and life in general. Maybe I will even do some recap posts to let you know all the crazy stuff I have been up to this past year.

Happy Monday!


Working on my Fitness

So it’s me again. I know, I have been such a flake lately. I can get Monday and Tuesday posts done over the weekend and then BAM the week slaps me in the face and I just don’t have time.

face slap

The terrible part is that it has really been messing with my weight. I have been eating terrible aka everything. It’s winter and it’s cold and I love food…the end.


I know that is no excuse :(

Anyway the past two weeks I have been attempting to get back into shape, but it hasn’t been going well. I haven been too tired to get up in the morning for the gym and when I do, running on the dreadmill is miserable.


I can’t keep making excuses though! So I have committed to getting myself back into shape.

That started today. I was scheduled for 10 miles, but it was 10 degrees out. I know myself. I would have gone a mile in the cold and said screw this and came back and that would have been it. Instead I decided to go to the gym.

2016 Fitness

I made sure to wear my favorite shirt so everyone knew how I felt.

It was pretty terrible. I could barely run a mile, but it was progress nonetheless.

2016 Fitness

I did 5 miles with a run/walk strategy.

Then when I got home I made all my food for the week. One of my downfalls has been that I wake up late and run around getting food together. This usually results in me bringing random things that bore me and then I eat badly.

So I made 3 different recipes that I will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner this week.

Breakfast = Baked Banana and Coconut Oatmeal

2016 Fitness

Lunch = Turkey Veggie Quiche

2016 Fitness

Dinner = Crock Pot Chicken Pot Pie

2016 Fitness

I had the pot pie for dinner tonight and it was yummy.

I usually get bored of eating the same things day after day, but I am hoping this week I can convince myself that it is better than eating like shit.

I also have a new morning regimen I am going to try this week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday = runs. I mean I have a half marathon in 25 days. Need to get it together! Tuesday and Thursday is strength training and Saturday I am going to try light yoga or rest.

One thing I do have as of right now is motivation! Let’s do this!


Biking the Schuylkill River Trail

So after the loosing my wallet debacle on Sunday, Cheryl and I decided to go bike riding.

I have been a runner for years, but somethings (especially when it’s hot out) it’s nice to try other things.

We have had these mountain bikes since high school, but they still are in good shape. We bought new helmets (safety first) and got air in our tires.

Bike Riding the Schuylkill

The best part about the Schuylkill on the weekends is they close down Martin Luther King Jr. Drive so that you don’t have to worry about cars.

Bike Riding the Schuylkill

My new skyline!

Bike Riding the Schuylkill

You can see Boathouse Row and the Art Museum.

It was a beautiful day for a bike ride. There were a lot of people out. I love being in such an active city!

Bike Riding at Assateague National Seashore

So last year we ran the path at Assateague National Seashore. This year we decided to go for a bike ride instead.

Bike Riding at Assateague National Seashore

Cheryl bought a bike rack and we brought our bikes with us. Mark and Jill brought theirs too.

Bike Riding at Assateague National Seashore

We saw horses all along the path.

Bike Riding at Assateague National Seashore

Even though we went at 10am it was still brutally hot out.

Bike Riding at Assateague National SeashoreI also decided to ride in a dress. Not sure what my thinking was, but I got through it. I had a bathing suit on underneath anyway.

Bike Riding at Assateague National Seashore

It is about 4 miles to the bridge. The bridge is nice because there is a separate walking/running/biking bridge so you don’t have to worry about traffic.

Bike Riding at Assateague National Seashore

We found Cindy and Ralph there. They had driven over!

Bike Riding at Assateague National Seashore

It was a fun bike ride. I am definitely glad we did it. It was a nice way to exercise and start the day!

Hiking The Pinnacle

I had last Friday off for the 4th of July weekend. Cindy asked me to go on a hike with her, Maya and Cheryl. We left around 9am and drove about 2 hours to the Lehigh Valley area where the hike started.

The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle is on the Appalachian Trail. There were a bunch of other trails you could also take.

The Pinnacle

Because it was a nice day and a lot of people had off, the parking lot was packed. The trail itself wasn’t as crowded as I would have thought.

The Pinnacle

We started on a pretty basic trail. It was rocky and sometimes steep.

The Pinnacle

We took a little detour off the main trail to see the Blue Rocks. The trail there was a lot rockier and also a steep downhill. The Blue Rocks has a campground area which seemed nice.

The Pinnacle

The whole area was really cool. The rocks were dated to the ice age and were part of a glacier that came down the mountain.

The Pinnacle

You really had to pay attention going over the rocks. I didn’t go out too far, but the field was a mile long of these giant boulders!

The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle

After we went back up the train to the main trail. Going uphill was pretty rough and I was sweating by the time we got back up.

The Pinnacle

We continued up the path to the next point which is called Pulpit Rock.

The Pinnacle

You could see really far. We even saw the Blue Rocks area! I couldn’t believe that was where we just were.

The Pinnacle

We had a snack and then continued on.

The Pinnacle

The majority of the trail was pretty rough. It was basically walking along giant boulders or stones so you really had to pay attention.

The Pinnacle

Finally we made it to The Pinnacle! It took about three and a half hours (with our detour) to get there.

The Pinnacle

You could see for miles! The whole area was very pretty.

The Pinnacle

After some water and snacks we started our trip back down. Walking down a mountain is always easier than going up. We also took a different path along the creek.

The Pinnacle

When we got to the reservoir I knew we were almost back.

The Pinnacle

The hiking part was about 4 hours and 45 minutes, but I stopped my watch when we rested so it was more like 6 hours of hiking.

I definitely felt it the next day!

I think the upkeep of the Appalachian Trail is wonderful. I would love to do more hikes along the route!

Eye of the Tiger

Well happy Monday!

I haven’t done a weekend review in a while. Right now I am sitting in front of my laptop with a patch over my left eye, but we will get to that…

On Friday I went down to Philly to see a play with Matt. We saw And Then There Were None. It’s a murder mystery based on a book by Agatha Christie. The play was really good. It reminded me a little bit of the movie Clue (which we watched Saturday). I will do a longer review on it soon.

Saturday we just hung out most of the day and then Kier, Karen and I got dinner at Blue Duck Sandwich Company. I fell like I eat there every time I go to Philly now. The wings are just too delicious!

Blue Duck Sandwich Co.

On Sunday I woke up early with a lot of energy. Since it was sunny out and I was in Philly, I decided to run my favorite trail along the Schuylkill River. I drove downtown and was surprised that the front of the Art Museum was closed off. I got into the parking lot we usually park in, but it was packed. I figured I would drive down a little to another lot, but the road was closed!

I eventually found a spot on a side street and later learned there was a half marathon going on as well as a rowing competition on the river.

Love Half Marathon

Rowing Competition

Luckily the Love Half Marathon was on the opposite side of the river.

It was cold out, but it warmed up as I ran. It was still a gorgeous day with the sun shining.

Schuylkill River Trail

I was going to do 5 miles, but around 2.25 was when I hit the rowing competition and the sidewalk was closed because of the boats and spectators so I just turned around. I wound up doing 4.5 miles with an average pace of 9:14!

Schuylkill River Trail

After my run I headed home. The drive home was nice. It felt like spring because it was so sunny out! I also have recently been obsessed with Any Grammer’s new song Honey, I’m Good. I listened to it a few times. It is a great running and driving song.

When I got home I headed over my cousin’s house to help her with some spring cleaning. A lot of it was in her attic. I am very persuasive and I got her to get rid of a lot of junk…now if only I could do that to myself.

The attic looks amazing now, but I guess I got dirt or dust in my eye at some point because last night I felt like I had something in my eye and today it’s very painful. I scratched my cornea a few months ago so I had some drops still. When I put those in it feels better, but I am off to the doctor later to make sure. I do not mess around when it comes to my vision.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!

Jump Into Fitness….Sky Aerobics

As a kid I used to love jumping on trampolines. Nothing made you feel more like a superhero than flying through the air. I was never one for stunts, but I loved the feeling of going as high as I could.

If you were like me and used to love jumping on trampolines, then have I got a new fitness class for you!

It’s called Sky Aerobics and the whole class is done on giant trampolines!

Trampoline Work Out Someecard

A friend of ours told me about the class a few weeks back and I was immediately interested. My friend Kierstin looked it up and found a place near her house. We all decided to sign up and try it out one Sunday morning.

The classes are held at Sky Zone Trampoline Park. They have locations all over the U.S.

Sky Aerobics

Each person has their own trampoline to start. I have to admit I jumped right on and started bouncing away. I felt like Tigger!

Tigger Bouncing

Anyway when the class started we began with synchronized bouncing. We went back and forth, around the edges, opening and closing our legs….I wasn’t really following the instructor. I was trying to not bounce onto someone else’s trampoline. I eventually got the hang of it though.

Next we did some stretching to warm up our muscles. After that the instructor broke us into groups. She showed us a series of moves on each trampoline and we all went in order.

Sky Aerobics

There was jumping, squatting, mountain climbers, you name it we did it. I was sweating after 2 rounds and then we had a water break.

After the break she gave us more moves and we kept going in a round. At this point I was kind of over the rotating circuit. I just wanted to bounce more.

Sky Aerobics

After the circuits we got another water break and then we got giant plush balls we had to throw back and forth to a partner. We did that while bouncing so I was happy :)

Then we stretched and the class was over! It seemed like it flew by!

If you are looking for a fun workout that is less working out and more acting like a kid, then this is the class for you! The classes are only $12-$15 depending on the location.

Check it out if you can! You won’t be sorry.

Have you done trampoline aerobics?

Fitness Update

They say March comes in like a lion, but this week has been crazy!

It started Sunday when we were driving home from Philly. It was a snow/ice mixture that made the roads treacherous. On Tuesday night it snowed AGAIN and then one more pummeling of snow on Thursday!

I worked from home on Thursday because it snowed all day long and usually working home is disastrous for me. Not only is it snowing like crazy out, but there were no plows. I was able to get to crossfit in the morning before the snow started, but I felt trapped the rest of the day. I wander around the kitchen looking for things to snack on.

Do you ever find yourself in the kitchen opening and closing the fridge and cabinets and then just leaving? That was me yesterday.

Snow Day

I must say I was very proud of myself. I have really been sticking to Weight Watchers this time around and I counted every single thing I snacked on (which wasn’t much).

I have been very dedicated to the program the past few weeks and I can see a difference. I am down 10 pounds since I went back to Weight Watchers in November. It’s not a lot on the scale, but it’s something. I definitely have more energy and I feel great. I am anxiously awaiting spring and warm weather!

Yesterday Cheryl and I shoveled for about an hour at 2pm. I thought the snow was done, but it kept snowing. Around 5pm I went back out by myself and did more shoveling, but it wasn’t as much as it had been.


I even made a baby snowman!

I am feeling really good right now and I hope to keep this momentum going. Summer is right around the corner which means less clothes!

Luckily the forecast for next week is promising :)


Are you sick of winter?

Tips for a Healthy Work Space

I am going to spend the majority of my adult life working.

I work two jobs, which adds up to about 45 hours a week, plus freelance work in my spare time. Some people have jobs that keep them active all day long. I, on the other hand, have two jobs where I sit in a chair almost all day. Because the majority of my day is sedentary, I try to keep my work life as healthy as possible.

Here are a few things I do that are easy to incorporate into any environment.

Tips for a Healthy Work Space

1. Healthy Eats
It’s not easy to eat healthy all the time. Trust me, I know. The thing is, you don’t have to be healthy 100% of the time. Just being healthy 50% of the time can make a huge impact on your life and your health.

I eat healthy at work because I bring my own food. It baffles me how some people can eat out for lunch every single day. Not only because of the cost, but also because of the food options. It’s fun to splurge sometimes on lunch. My favorite local place is a Mexican restaurant, but I there is no way I could eat like that every day.

A few days a week my sister and I whip up breakfast and lunch and pack it in the fridge. This way in the morning when we are rushing we can just grab something healthy to bring with us. For a while it seemed like a chore, but the more we did it, the simpler it became. Now it is a way of life and I think I would go crazy if I didn’t make my own food (at least most days).

I also keep healthy snacks in a drawer in my office. This way if I get hungry during the day I am not running down and getting chips or cookies from the vending machine.

2. Water, Water, Water
At work I am a constant water drinker. Luckily we have a water cooler in my office so it makes getting water pretty simple.

For some people water is just not enough. Sometimes I need a little something more. That is why I got a water bottle infuser.

The bottom of this water bottle twists off. You can add any kind of fruit you want (raspberries, lemons, strawberries). Then you twist the bottom back on and add water. I usually let it sit for a few minutes to really boost the flavor, but then all you do is drink from the bottle and you have healthy infused water. I love that you can make any flavor you want and it’s all natural.

This water bottle really helps when I am craving something with flavor, but I don’t want sugary juice or soda.

3. Get Moving
I am a gym rat. I work out almost every day, but it’s not always easy to find the time.

I usually exercise in the morning before work, but if I can’t I try and go on my lunch break. I am lucky enough to have a gym a few minutes away. I eat my lunch at my desk and then head to the gym to run or walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Just 30 minutes of exercise a day can really help your mood. It helps me deal with any stress I might have at work and it’s nice to just get out of the stuffy office sometimes.

I have even been known to walk down the street to get coffee or even just walk up and down the stairs. Any way to get your body moving during the day (especially if you sit all day) is great!

4. Be A Role Model
Not everyone likes being told about the other people in the office who are healthy. They hate hearing about how I bring my own lunch and exercise on my lunch break. Not everyone is like that though. Most of the people that I work with ask me all the time about my next race or what gym I go to.

A lot of people I work with ask me questions about how to start running, or ways to eat healthier. I am not, by far, the healthiest person in my office. I am, however, the most annoying. I post a lot on Facebook so people see me at races and on outdoor adventures. I think knowing that people that I work with look up to me keeps me accountable. I think twice before getting fast food at lunch when I am in a crunch. I like being able to tell people I did 3 miles on the treadmill at lunch when they ask. It might seem weird, but I like being someone that people might look up to. Even if it’s all in my head.

5. Surround Yourself
Make sure you love where you work. Not only the job that you have, but the environment that you are in.

I really love my job. The office I am in may be cramped (there are 3 of us in one office), but we make the best out of it. We keep the horrible overhead lights turned off and have softer desk lamps. It has really helped with eye strain and headaches from staring at the computer all day. We also added a lot of character to our office. Each of us has decorated our cubicle with fun, inspirational things. I have a lot of pictures up of runs or hikes I have been on, as well as pictures with family and friends. It makes the office a happy place to be.


So there you have it! Small changes over time can really make a difference in your health and happiness at work.

I know not everyone has a conventional job. A lot of people (especially bloggers) work from home. I recently came across a company called WeWork. They set up shared office spaces around the country for people to be able to work in a community space. If I worked from home or started my own small company I would definitely need to get out of the house sometimes, and WeWork makes that simple and fun!