Instagram Updates for January 2016

Oh hey it’s already the middle of February and I haven’t done my January Instagram grid.

I contemplated stopping the grid, but decided that my Instagram pics are the most interesting ones I take, at least I think so, and I still want to share them.

Instagramming January 2016

January was filled with failed attempts at getting healthy, lots of snow and drinking and our birthday celebration!

Let’s hope the snow for this year is over. I need warm weather stat!

Instagram Updates – December 2015

My last grid of 2015! I am going to have to think of something new for 2016.

Sadly I didn’t take many pictures in December…remember, CRAZY haha.

Instagramming December

So at work we made Key Lime pie, I had my first work Christmas party with my new company (very fun), I drank a lot, a little movie called Star Wars came out, I celebrated Christmas, got crazy with the new Boomerang app (I also got the new iPhone!), made some lamb ribs at work and twinned it out with Cheryl.

Also I got a grid of my most popular Instagrams from 2015.

Best Instagrams of 2015

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Instagram Updates – November 2015

2015 is slowly wrapping itself up. November flew by. Probably because I was never home!

Instagramming November 2015

Even though our company goal was the end of the year, we hit it the beginning of November! I did a lot of running last month on the Manayunk Bridge Trail, at the Lemon Run and in Disneyland. I also ate lots of delicious food :) Blue Duck twice in one month! California was awesome and my running costumes were a hit! I am not looking forward to colder weather (hasn’t been bad yet), but I am looking forward to the holidays.

Instagram Updates – October 2015

Oh hey there November, fancy seeing you here.

I seriously cannot believe it is November already! October was a good month, full of birthdays and birthday Instagram collages haha.

Instagramming October

Cindy’s birthday was spent at a cabin in the Catskills. It was a fun weekend. Then we had Spirit Week at work. I twin day I dressed like my actual twin haha. We celebrated Becky’s upcoming wedding at her bridal shower and her bachelorette in Nashville. I won my first 5K, partied on a pedal bike bar, made a terrarium and celebrated Halloween by running a half marathon!

Here’s hoping November is mild and winter doesn’t start anytime soon.

Instagram Updates – August 2015

I think August flew by because I was on vacation for two weeks, but I am not looking forward to the days getting shorter and it getting colder :(

Instagramming August

The cruise was absolutely amazing! Just looking at the pictures makes me want to go back. Pumpkin spice is back! I am not liking people rushing summer, but I love pumpkin flavored coffee. I went to see Jurassic Park at the Trocadero. Then I went on a crazy hunt to get all my new PA stuff. My mama celebrated her birthday, I went to a new brewery in Northern Liberties and to end the month, my bathroom ceiling started to leak again.

Let’s hope September is not very fall-y and has a lot of great stuff in store.

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Instagram Updates – July 2015

I am going to say it yet again…this summer is going too fast! How is it already August?!?!

Instagramming July


I went to Spruce Street Harbor park, celebrated 4th of July at work, went hiking to the Pinnacle, did a lot of outside running (at Valley Forge and the Towpath), drank A LOT, went camping on the beach, went on locl adventures (running and biking), and tried all the new Lay’s chips! Biscuits and gravy is THE BEST!

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Instagram Updates – June 2015

June was a month of new adventures, goodbyes and a lot of change.

Instagramming June

I went on a Mad Men drinking spree in Atlantic City. The sidecar was the best of them all! I went to see Lady Antebellum and Hunter Hayes at PNC then followed that with a trip to see Mumford & Sons at the Jersey Shore! I went to Hershey Park for the first time in years. It was a lot of fun! We found a great antique place in the area which I have to go back to again. Then I signed my apartment lease, but it wasn’t all sunshine. We got a call from PSE&G that there was a gas leak in front of our house so we had to rush home. Then I did a bunch of projects (Shutter Shelf, Dresser, TV Stand) for my new place. I got them all done thanks to my mom and Cheryl’s help. Then it was quitting time at my job for the past 8 years. They threw me a going away party which made it even harder to say goodbye. Then I moved to Philly, went to exercise classes in New York and started my new job!

I cannot believe that all happened in ONE MONTH! I am excited to see what July will bring!

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Instagram Updates – May 2015

I feel like May was a long month. Looking back at my photos I can’t believe some stuff was only a few weeks ago!

Instagramming May

I celebrated a lot! First there was Cinco de Mayo and then a LOT of birthdays (one every weekend). I did a bunch of freelance work, ran outside a lot, had a lot of out of office work adventures, walked the High Line and across the Ben Franklin Bridge and we are getting our house painted! May was also a pretty sad month for me as well. Lots of personal stuff and the 2 year anniversary of my dad’s passing.

Here is to June and hopefully a lot more smiles…

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Instagram Updates – April 2015

Is it really already May!?!

The weather has been much nicer the past few weeks. It has been a little all over the place. One day it’s in the 50s and the next in the 70s! I don’t mind thought as long as there are more warm days ahead.

Instagramming April

I was really into the throwback pictures last month! I also went on some fun adventures so I had a lot more Instagram pictures than I normally do.

I celebrated Easter, my cousin’s birthday, was in NY a lot for work, went to Atlantic City for a bachelorette and then NOLA for another, finally I ended the month in Cooperstown drinking A LOT of beer.

May means more sunshine, outdoor activities and summer hours!!