Working on my Fitness

So it’s me again. I know, I have been such a flake lately. I can get Monday and Tuesday posts done over the weekend and then BAM the week slaps me in the face and I just don’t have time.

face slap

The terrible part is that it has really been messing with my weight. I have been eating terrible aka everything. It’s winter and it’s cold and I love food…the end.


I know that is no excuse :(

Anyway the past two weeks I have been attempting to get back into shape, but it hasn’t been going well. I haven been too tired to get up in the morning for the gym and when I do, running on the dreadmill is miserable.


I can’t keep making excuses though! So I have committed to getting myself back into shape.

That started today. I was scheduled for 10 miles, but it was 10 degrees out. I know myself. I would have gone a mile in the cold and said screw this and came back and that would have been it. Instead I decided to go to the gym.

2016 Fitness

I made sure to wear my favorite shirt so everyone knew how I felt.

It was pretty terrible. I could barely run a mile, but it was progress nonetheless.

2016 Fitness

I did 5 miles with a run/walk strategy.

Then when I got home I made all my food for the week. One of my downfalls has been that I wake up late and run around getting food together. This usually results in me bringing random things that bore me and then I eat badly.

So I made 3 different recipes that I will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner this week.

Breakfast = Baked Banana and Coconut Oatmeal

2016 Fitness

Lunch = Turkey Veggie Quiche

2016 Fitness

Dinner = Crock Pot Chicken Pot Pie

2016 Fitness

I had the pot pie for dinner tonight and it was yummy.

I usually get bored of eating the same things day after day, but I am hoping this week I can convince myself that it is better than eating like shit.

I also have a new morning regimen I am going to try this week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday = runs. I mean I have a half marathon in 25 days. Need to get it together! Tuesday and Thursday is strength training and Saturday I am going to try light yoga or rest.

One thing I do have as of right now is motivation! Let’s do this!



If you live in the Northeast you know winters suck. January and February tend to be the worse months, filled with snow and ice.

On Friday I headed up to Stroudsburg, PA with some friends to see Andrew McMahon in concert. After the show we headed to a local bar, but around midnight we saw the snow starting to come down fast so we headed home.

The drive was intense and slow, but we made it home before the snow got too crazy.

Saturday proved to be a rough day. When I woke up there was a decent amount of snow so we cancelled crossfire and headed outside to shovel. It wasn’t too much snow to move which was nice.

Cheryl and I decided to spend all day making our 4 running costume for the Glass Slipper Challenge in Disney next month. Even though we spent all day, we still have some stuff to finish, but the bulk of the work is done.

Sunday was supposed to be our group run, but with the snow and black ice we told everyone to head to the gym. We only had to do 4 miles, so I figured I could handle the dreadmill that long.

Dreadmill Running

After the gym we got lunch at Panera and got ready for Sunday bowling. It is the last game we could make so I wanted to make :(


We have been betting every week. The person with the lowest score has to pay for a full beer tower and then everyone splits the other one.

My luck ran out this week and I had to pay :(

After bowling we headed to the bar. While playing beer pong I accomplished something I was told is very difficult…a tripod. The ball landed on the top of 3 cups at once. Everyone was cheering for me so it was fun.

Beer Pong Tripod

This morning I woke up to snow again and the threat of a blizzard heading our direction.

I chose to work from home since the snow is supposed to start in the late afternoon. I also went to get gas and ventured to Home Depot to watch people fight over the last snowblower (I just needed to get oil).

Snow Day

So now I am just waiting for this storm to hit. I really hope it’s not as bad as they say because I am short and shoveling snow over my head will be a challenge!

Snowpocalypse 2015!

25 days left!

It is officially 25 days until I run the Philadelphia Marathon! Gah these days are flying by!

I had wanted this to be a great PR race, but I am slowly feeling like that just won’t happen. I have been running, not as much as I want, but running nonetheless. I know I will finish the race, but finishing it in the time I wanted (4 hours) seems crazy at this point.

I guess it will all depend on how my 20 mile run goes this weekend. One thing that does happen after my long runs…I get HUNGRY. How do you balance running for 4 hours and eating healthy?


I did actually get off my ass and run at lunch today. I went early since I usually have a bunch of excuses the later it gets.


5 miles done!


I am pretty excited to join Run Eat Repeat and her Pile on the Miles.

Pile on the Miles 2014

It’s a FREE online challenge. Every day you comment and “check-in” to keep yourself accountable by leaving a comment on her blog (which is one of my favorites FYI). When you comment that enters you in the daily prize drawing. How fun is that!?! I am excited because I have the marathon next month and after I tend to slack and the fact that right after is Thanksgiving…I need to be accountable.

Have a great day everyone!

Long week

I can’t believe it is only Thursday! I feel like this week has been dragging….


Monday was a rest day from running, but I still dragged my ass out of bed to go to crossfit at 5:30am. We had to do box jumps and I was having problems. Something is up with my hip, but only doing box jumps. It doesn’t hurt at all when I am running or during the day, but when I try to spring up onto the box I get a weird ache. Wendy gave me some stretches so let’s hope it works itself out.

This week Cheryl and I have been making some recipes from SELF‘s new detox. THIS SMOOTHIE!

Coconut Almond Smoothie

It is delicious! I have had it two days in a row now and I can see myself including it into my weekly meals. 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 frozen banana, 1 tbsp almond butter, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, and a little ice. Mix it all up and top with 1 tbsp unsweetened coconut flakes. Delicious!

Tuesday I went running with Jill after work. Even though it seemed like it would pour any second we still did it and missed out on the rain. I always tend to talk when I run with anyone other than Cheryl. I try to use the run as catch-up time, but man does it tire me out!

For dinner I decided to finally cook something new. I made Chicken Zucchini Noodle Pad Thai and it was awesome.

Chicken Zucchini Noodle Pad Thai

Unfortunately I had a little accident in the kitchen and burned my arm with the pan. Ouch!


Yesterday I woke up for crossfit again. It really is the one thing that can get me out of bed at a ridiculous time in the morning. I just feel so great after! At lunch I decided to do my 3 miles on the dreadmill. It has been so hot in the gym I finally decided to suck it up and wear shorts.


Cheryl just got a new pair from work which I immediately stole. They were ok to run in, but I still feel so blah in shorts this year.

I listened to my new favorite podcast, Jillian Michaels, and the time flew by.

Jillian Michaels Podcast

My watch also stopped acting up! Still need a faster pace, but for now this works.

3 miles

My coworker Laura discovered Gummy Dinos! How adorable are these things!?! I didn’t want to eat them, but I love gummies.

Dino Gummies

After I decided I needed a healthier snack before my second job so I had carrots and guacamole. Don’t knock it until you have tried it! I am a big fan of the greek yogurt guacamole. Anyway I had a giant chunk of avocado in my guac. Score!


Which finally brings me to today….9/11

I seriously cannot believe it has been 13 years! I can really remember like it wasn’t that long ago. Living in New Jersey, with the skyline visible from most places by me, it was terrifying. We didn’t know what to do. All we wanted to do was try and help. I had a lot of kids I went to school with that had parents that worked in the city and some in the towers. Luckily no one I was close with was affected, but it was still a very scary time. The idea that Cheryl will be moving into the new building next year still freaks me out.

World Trade

I was able to visit Ground Zero a few weeks ago when I went into the city. There is still a lot of construction going on and a crazy amount of police everywhere. We will never forget…

Running on empty

So this morning I woke up at 5:30am to get to the gym to run the 6 miles I was supposed to run yesterday. Unfortunately I didn’t prepare myself last night so I left a lot later than I wanted and didn’t get to the gym until 6:40am!

I don’t know about you but I absolutely despise running on the treadmill. I have come to call it the dread mill because I hate it so much. Speedwork is pretty had to do not on a treadmill though so I had to suck it up. Unfortunately today was an abysmally humid day and the gym felt like it was 1000 degrees.

Not sexy

I started with a 1 mile warm up pace of 6.0 on the treadmill. When I ran the other day I noticed my watch kept bouncing between a bunch of crazy number…10:34 pace then 9:23 then 11:15. I disregarded it, but today it really showed. After my mile warm up I started what was supposed to be 4 miles at 8:38 pace. Ya no. I was running at a 7.0 on the treadmill, but my watch kept saying I was running a 10:20 pace! NOT POSSIBLE!

I could not sustain the 7.0 pace for 4 miles with the humidity of the gym. So I would run at 7.0 for .75 miles then walk to cool off the last .25 before going again. Since I was so late I was running out of time before I had to be in work so I ran a cool down mile at the end and finished 5 miles.

Running watch issues

So the dread mill said I went 5.65 miles in 57:26 which would be a pace of 10:09 which was nowhere near where I should have been but definitely not a 11:30 pace my watch was saying.

I am doing a 13-miler on Sunday outside so I hope synching with the gps will get my watch back to normal. It might also be the shoe pod battery running out? Who knows but not getting an accurate pace is annoying.