My Resolution…Sort Of

It has been over a year since my last post. A year and 8 months to be exact. In that time my life has changed A LOT.

I had to go back and read my last post because honestly I had no idea what I had written. It was my “I have been at my job for one year” post. I remember that I had thought to myself that I wanted to start blogging again. I guess I failed at that.

Work is so busy and challenging, but so rewarding at the same time. I have a new job title, and a TON of new people that work for me. The best part about my job is I manage a ridiculously talented group of people. They make me look better.

Work has not slowed down in the slightest, but I really do want to get back to blogging. This weekend was the first weekend I had in a very long time where I had absolutely no plans. So of course I did work, but I also organized a lot of my photos. As I was going through pictures from the last year I realized how amazing it was and felt like it was a missed opportunity to not share. Not that people really care about what I have to say or what I am doing daily. It’s more for me.

So here I am again. Telling myself I am going to start blogging more. It’s not going to be an every day thing. Maybe every week? A few times a month? Who knows. All I know is it’s something I enjoy doing. So here’s to living my best life.

So let’s see. Random things that have happened.

I turned 33! It’s insane but I celebrated in Hoboken with my favorite people and it was great.

To top off my awesome birthday weekend the Eagles won the Super Bowl!

I am lucky enough to be able to go to the games with my company (when I get asked). This season was amazing! I went to both the playoff games and being in Philly for the Super Bowl is something I will never forget.

So that is all for me for now. Going to finish watching movies and get myself ready for the week ahead.

How Do You Measure a Year?

And just like that…I had my 1 year work anniversary!

1 Year Workaversary

This past year flew by! I honestly cannot believe it. I am so happy with my new job. It’s crazy and challenging, but so worth it :)

So Tuesday I was supposed to run 3 miles for my training run, but I did not. So instead I ran last night after work. We have a run club at work, but I was late. Even though I started after everyone I ALMOST caught up!

Valley Forge

We run at Valley Forge, which is gorgeous, but also very hilly. I did 3 miles at a 10:47 pace. I really need to work on getting back to a 9 minute mile. Lots of work ahead!

Make Time

Yesterday was also around 90 degrees when we were running, but no excuses haha.

Sweaty Selfie

After my run I went home and got ready for dinner with Cindy. She is moving away from me :( but I am so excited for her to start her new life adventure :)

It’s All Fun and Games

Today was day 2 of the 21 Day Fix. So far so good!

I did not wake up to exercise before work. Today was photo shoot day and I had to get to work early. I am in charge of the content for my company. We create ads for each issue of our magazine, every 8 weeks. We have to make sure everything we tell our customers to make is good. That means we make all the food and DIY projects. It’s a lot of fun, but also a lot of work.

Summer Content
Right now we are working on summer content for 2017!

I made corn on the cob 6 ways and did not eat any of it. I was proud of myself!

After work I came home and did the Upper Fix Extreme. I was supposed to run, but my feet were killing me by the end of the day.

My arms are killing me, but I am glad I did something even when I was tired.

My goal this summer is to make ice pops! I see recipes all over Pinterest, but I never make them. I really want to try a few, and of course I will blog about anything delicious.

What’s Going On?

Oh hey!

Awkward Hello

I have been MIA for a while. I definitely have had a lot going on, it was not for lack of content. Just lack of time to write. I know, my forever excuse.

Let’s see….what to update?

I finally put my medal racks up in my apartment.

Medal Racks

Only took me 9 months….

I love my new medal/bib rack from York Sign Shop on Etsy. It makes me realize how many more states I need to run in!

Speaking of running.


The weather has been nice enough to start running outside again!

Crazy Weather

But then 2 days later it will snow, so ya there is that.

My pyrex obsession has gotten so out of hand I needed a new place to put it all.


Luckily IKEA has some nice shelves, and Cheryl enjoys putting IKEA stuff together.

When Cheryl was down a few weeks ago I made her do the Snapchat face swap thing that everyone is doing…

Twin Face Swap

Twin face swap!

Never Looked Better

I recently went to Washington DC.

Washington DC

Hi Mr. President! More on that another day.

Obama Hello

My diet has been ok. I have been experimenting with calorie counts and new recipes. You can’t go wrong with zoodles.


Then today was the first day of spring and it snowed.

Spring Ritas

But Rita’s was free so everything evened itself out!

So that was a quick overview of random life lately. Chat soon? Let’s hope.

Party Like It’s Your Birthday

So this year was my 31st birthday. Gah I’m old!


This year we decided to rent a cabin in the poconos. Jill’s birthday is the day after ours so we all celebrated together!


As an old lady now, it’s nice to just hang out with my friends. We had a good time.


Where the house was there was a lake nearby. In the summer you could go there, but we wanted to see what it looked like in the winter.

Frozen Lake

I was surprised that it was frozen over. I mean it was cold, but not SUPER cold.

Frozen Lake

I braved the shores first. Once I realized it was REALLY frozen, I went further out.

Frozen Lake

Yay to still being adventurous at 31!

What Day Is It?

Is it really the end of January already? Have I really not posted since January 5th!?!

I have just been busy..same old story. No excuses anymore!

Anyway I am back! I know, get excited!


I figured for my first post back I should get you up to date on what has been going on with me! Ready? Ok!

My friends and I did another exit strategy room. It was called The Duke’s Palace. A few of our other friends have tried and failed, but we WON! We almost broke the time record, but got hung up right at the end.

Exit Strategy

I know last time I posted, I was all pumped and ready to get back into working out.


Well I have failed miserably. The food part I was ok with, but the exercising….not so much. I have slowly been making myself wake up earlier every day. Now to get out of bed and exercise….

The fact that I have been making recipe videos at work hasn’t helped either.

Lemon Dutch Baby

Lemon Dutch Baby = Carnival Food. It was delicious!

This past weekend was Snowpocalypse. They called it The Blizzard of 2016 on the news, but who’s to say this is the ONLY blizzard we are going to get…I just jinxed it didn’t I?

Anyway I stocked up at the store.


Then I stayed inside all weekend. It was actually productive. I did freelance work, FINALLY finished designing my 2015 Project Life pages, and did some stuff for work.


And I drank my beer…obviously.

Well after the snow stopped and everyone stopped freaking out, I finally made my way outside.

My apartment building has a parking lot. The plow had been going through all morning so I was nervous what I would find.

Blizzard 2016

My car is on the left. It wasn’t terrible. Not as bad as the people parked on the street!

It took me about 45 minutes to dig out. I needed to go to CVS to get some pictures I ordered, but I decided to walk so I wouldn’t loose my spot.

Blizzard 2016

The city had the main roads blocked so they could clear the snow away in dump trucks…good job Manayunk!

Blizzard 2016

The sidewalks were another story. They were hit or miss depending on where I was. I think I might have climbed over a tree at one point…but I made it.

I got up early on Monday to make sure I had time to get to work. The roads weren’t terrible, until I got to King of Prussia.

Blizzard 2016

Road plowing FAIL!

Plow Fail

So now we wait for the snow to melt. I CANNOT WAIT for winter to be over!

What Year Is It!?!

I am back! ANDDD it’s 2016! When did that happen!?!

New Year

So the end of 2015 got real crazy…as in I was always busy crazy. Not the best excuse, but it’s all I’ve got.

Here are some things to catch you up on my life:

1. Christmas felt like Spring..or Fall

Warm Christmas

We sat outside most of the day, and usually in a t-shirt. What kind of craziness is Mother Nature throwing at us?

Update: It is now cold…very very cold.


Thanks Mother Nature

2. I had a very geeky Christmas


There were multiple dinosaurs and a lot of Doctor Who things under the tree for me. I’m no complaining :)

3. Cheryl and I are still twins


We don’t even live in the same state anymore, but she came to visit and we were wearing the exact same outfit. #twinning

4. The 70s were weird


We had a quieter New Year’s at our friend Joe’s house. He found this old game and it was…interesting.

5. Binge watching shows is tiring


On New Year’s Day we decided to stay in at Kier’s at binge watch Making a Murderer. If you haven’t seen it yet, you must! It’s a great show. I really would love to know if everything was true or if there was a lot of stuff left out for “dramatic effect” as people are putting it.

6. I ate wayyy too much over Christmas


The sad part is that it started before Christmas and just got progressively worse. No worries, I have a game plan.

7. For the next month I am doing the SELF X Tone It Up Challenge

Self X Tone It Up Challenge

The food is good, but it’s a lot of cooking and NO side-snacking. The workouts are HARD. Like I want to lay on the floor and not get up hard. It was not easy to walk today.

I am determined to stick with it for the whole month of January. I also have to start training for the DC Half in April! Time to get back into it.

Self X Tone It Up Challenge

If you want to learn more about the challenge, check out It’s free to do!

Welcome to 2016!


So now that I have done my run recaps, it’s time to tell you about my first trip to Disneyland!In caseDisneyland

In case you didn’t know…Disneyland is just two parks right across from each other. The main one is Disneyland and the other is Disney California Adventure.

On Friday we decided to go to California Adventure first thing in the morning.


I was so excited to finally wear my Tigger ears!

Even though we were at Disney in November, it was already decorated for Christmas.


They were also celebrating their Diamond Celebration for their 60th year.

They let us into the park early, but only in the main square. Hotel guests got to go into the park early so we had to wait until it opened to get to the rides.


The line got crazy!!

Cheryl went to get us fast passes (they still have paper there) for Radiator Springs and we all went to get in line for Toy Story Midway Mania. It’s exactly like Disney World, BTW.

After we headed over to Cars Land.


It was so cute all decked out for Christmas!

Then we went on Radiator Springs, the Cars ride.


It was fun! I will be doing some ride reviews soon.


After we headed over to Tower of Terror! I know it’s not the same as Disney World, but it’s my favorite ride so I had to see what it was like.


I loved it! The inside was fun and even though the ride wasn’t as long, it was still a blast.

Next we got lunch and rested a little. Then we went on Grizzly River Run. It was a water ride and it was going to be the hottest day there.


On our way out we saw Chip and Dale!


Then we crossed the road to Disneyland. We saw Belle just hanging out so I had to get a picture.


Walt and Mickey statues are my favorite. It all started with a mouse!


It was crazy how much smaller the castle was compared to Disney World!

Disneyland is set up the same as Disney World. There is a Main Street and at the end is the Castle. On the right is Tomorrowland, behind the castle is Fantasyland and ToonTown, on the left is Adventureland and Frontierland. They also have a New Orleans Square and Critter Country instead of Liberty Square. It was kind of freaky going through the park. It was a lot of the same, but different at the same time.


Characters are different too. They just kind of wander around. Some don’t even have handlers and they rarely had photographers.

Our first stop in Disneyland was Indiana Jones. Such a fun ride (same format as Dinosaur). Then we waited in line for Pirates of the Caribbean. The ride was mostly the same. It was hard to enjoy with the MOST ANNOYING family behind us.

Then we decided to rest our feet and take a ride on the Disneyland Railroad. The whole ride is one side of the train looking into the park. They had a diorama of dinosaurs!


After that we jumped on line for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. I thought I had remembered it from when it was in Disney World, but it was so weird!

Then we went on Haunted Mansion. They changed the ride to Nightmare Before Christmas themed. It was awesome, but I love regular Haunted Mansion still.



While we were in line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Kristen saw that they were doing a soft opening of Hyperspace Mountain. They are building a Star Wars land eventually, but for now they changed Space Mountain into Hyperspace Mountain. SO MUCH FUN!


I really wanted to see the Paint the Night parade so we stayed in the park late to watch it. The light show on It’s A Small World made waiting in the cold so much better.


The parade was great! I love the night Disney parades.

Then we finally left since we had to wake up early for the 10K the next day.

After the 10K we went back to Disneyland.


We wandered around Main Street and then walked through Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

After we went on Pinnochio, Snow White and It’s A Small World.


They updated It’s A Small World for Christmas too. It was fun, they sang holidays songs along with the normal song.


We went on Finding Nemo, the submarine ride and then Winnie the Pooh.

I looked for Tigger the WHOLE TIME I was there. Sadly he isn’t out when Santa is there :(


We left the park earlyish to go get dinner before the half.


Look what technology is doing to us!!

On Sunday, after the half, we went back to Disneyland.


We got lunch at the Holly Jolly Bakery and watched the Christmas parade. Then we went to see Mickey!


We waited in a VERY long line inside Mickey’s house. The house part was cool, but I was disappointed. There was no photographer there and the lighting was TERRIBLE. Oh well. We got our running pic at least.

Then we went on Splash Mountain which is 10,000 times scarier than Disney World. No lap bars!

After we headed over to California Adventure. We went on the Monsters Inc. ride which was fun.

Next we got some drinks and then went to see the Aladdin stage show.


After we had dinner reservations before the World of Color show.


Dinner was good, but overpriced. The reserved seating area for the show was awesome.

Going to see a water show in November, even in California, is COLD. It was really cool though.



Since it was our last night there I wanted to stay as long as I could.

After the show we headed back to Disneyland (since it was open late) and went on the Teacups and Alice in Wonderland. Lastly we went on the Matterhorn Bobsleds. It was there when the park opened and man did it feel like it. All it needs is cushions on those seats! So painful, but glad I went on.


Then on Monday it was back home!

Even though we were only in the parks for 3 days, and some not even full days, I still think I did everything there. Disneyland is a lot different than Disney World. I understand why California residents go there so often. You can do a lot in a day!

It was a great experience, but in the future if I had to choose…it would be Disney World without a doubt!

It’s Turkey Lurkey Time

This past week was a short one because of Thanksgiving. We got out of work a little early, but that did not change all the traffic on the roads.

Turkey Weekend

For the past few years we have done a Friendsgiving where we have Turducken. I got to Ray’s house around 7. We didn’t eat until around 9:00 because the bird was taking a long time. As always, though, the food was delicious.

Turkey Weekend

A few of our friends have kids and their pack and play just looked so comfy after eating all that turkey.

Turkey Weekend

On Thanksgiving we helped our mom make food and then my aunt and uncle came over. We didn’t have too much food so we wouldn’t overeat, but I always do. After we ate Cheryl and I went for a run.

Cheryl convinced me to do the Runners World Run Streak. You have to run at least one mile a day, every day, from Thanksgiving to New Years. Running after dinner was not the best idea, but we did a mile.

On Friday we decided to skip Black Friday shopping. I have been working on keeping myself to a budget. Instead we helped our mom with yard work (leaves galore) and then we put up outdoor Christmas decorations since it was so nice. After that we went to our cousins house to see the new baby. Then we met up with Cindy, Ralph and Marissa for dinner.

The day didn’t even end there!

After dinner we went to Exit Strategy. It’s one of those escape from the room places. My friends have been doing a bunch of them and we wanted to try it.

Turkey Weekend

We won! It was nerve-wracking, but a lot of fun.

On Saturday we went to the last Rutgers tailgate.

Turkey Weekend

It was actually pretty warm out, but eventually started raining.

Turkey Weekend

We went to the game until half time. When we left Rutgers was winning, but they eventually lost :(

We left the game early because Mark, Jill, Cheryl and myself drove back to Philly for a concert.

Turkey Weekend

We went to see Andrew McMahon at The Fillmore. The venue was awesome. We went upstairs to the balcony section (and the bar) and got great standing area spots.

Turkey Weekend

Turkey Weekend

Andrew is my all-time favorite artist. He is always amazing in concert. I started listening to him when he was the lead singer of Something Corporate, then he started a new band called Jack’s Mannequin and now he is a solo artist.

Turkey Weekend

My life goal is to meet him one day.

Turkey Weekend

After the show we went to Bottle Bar and then headed home.

On Sunday we got up, hungover, and ran 3 miles. Then we went to lunch at The Blue Duck.

All in all a great weekend!

Now it’s Monday :( Try to pull through everyone!

California Adventure

I’m back! Oddly enough I thought I had pre-written posts for all last week. What a mess I am.

Last week was a bit of a mess. I got back Monday from California and tried to play catch-up at work all week. Be prepared for LOTS of Disneyland posts coming up!

California Adventure

On Thursday Jill and I woke up at the crack of dawn and headed to the airport. Our flight was at 6am to Cali.

California Adventure

We took United, which I normally hate, but there was free movies! Who watches a disaster movie about an earthquake taking out California on the flight to California? This girl! But for real San Andreas was a good movie. I <3 the Rock.

California Adventure

Morning sunrise! I am a huge window seat advocate.

California Adventure

I also work Jill up about 6 times to show her the scenery out the window. Sorry Jill, but how pretty!?!

California Adventure

We landed at 9 something in Cali after a 5 hour flight. Time change is the worst. Then we had to wait around for the Disneyland shuttle bus we pre-booked beforehand. No Magical Express out there.

Cheryl, Kristen and Spenser had gone out the night before. They got fun doughnuts at this famous place. The s’mores on fire doughnut was amazing! Sugar coma.

Then we went to the race expo. More on that tomorrow.

After we went to the Holiday Inn to check in. Disneyland only has 3 on-site hotels. The hotels around it are in walking distance and cheaper so we went with that. Cheryl made sure to book the Frozen suite though.

California Adventure

After check-in we decided to grab lunch and then head to the beach.

California Adventure

When you are in Cali you eat at In-N-Out burger!

We decided to go to Huntington Beach because it was the closest.

California Adventure

Sadly the beach was pretty cold and the water was freezing. It was still really pretty.

California Adventure

California Adventure

There were a lot of seagulls on the beach, but they are not as friendly as east coast seagulls.

California Adventure

West coast beaches are pretty.

California Adventure

California Adventure

After the beach we headed back to the hotel. We all showered and then headed out again. Spenser wanted to go to a hockey game and some of Cheryl’s old coworkers lived near Santa Monica. We figured we would drop Spenser off in LA then grab dinner in Santa Monica and pick up Spenser on the way back….

California Adventure

Then we got in LA traffic. Seriously people in California do NOT know how to drive. We passed 4 accidents. Their main problem is the highways don’t have a shoulder to pull off on.

California Adventure

We made it eventually and then in Santa Monica we went to a cute Mexican place.

California Adventure

After dinner we all took a stroll on the pier. California was cold!

California Adventure

It was a nice first day on the west coast.