Working on my Fitness

So it’s me again. I know, I have been such a flake lately. I can get Monday and Tuesday posts done over the weekend and then BAM the week slaps me in the face and I just don’t have time.

face slap

The terrible part is that it has really been messing with my weight. I have been eating terrible aka everything. It’s winter and it’s cold and I love food…the end.


I know that is no excuse :(

Anyway the past two weeks I have been attempting to get back into shape, but it hasn’t been going well. I haven been too tired to get up in the morning for the gym and when I do, running on the dreadmill is miserable.


I can’t keep making excuses though! So I have committed to getting myself back into shape.

That started today. I was scheduled for 10 miles, but it was 10 degrees out. I know myself. I would have gone a mile in the cold and said screw this and came back and that would have been it. Instead I decided to go to the gym.

2016 Fitness

I made sure to wear my favorite shirt so everyone knew how I felt.

It was pretty terrible. I could barely run a mile, but it was progress nonetheless.

2016 Fitness

I did 5 miles with a run/walk strategy.

Then when I got home I made all my food for the week. One of my downfalls has been that I wake up late and run around getting food together. This usually results in me bringing random things that bore me and then I eat badly.

So I made 3 different recipes that I will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner this week.

Breakfast = Baked Banana and Coconut Oatmeal

2016 Fitness

Lunch = Turkey Veggie Quiche

2016 Fitness

Dinner = Crock Pot Chicken Pot Pie

2016 Fitness

I had the pot pie for dinner tonight and it was yummy.

I usually get bored of eating the same things day after day, but I am hoping this week I can convince myself that it is better than eating like shit.

I also have a new morning regimen I am going to try this week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday = runs. I mean I have a half marathon in 25 days. Need to get it together! Tuesday and Thursday is strength training and Saturday I am going to try light yoga or rest.

One thing I do have as of right now is motivation! Let’s do this!



Fitness Update

They say March comes in like a lion, but this week has been crazy!

It started Sunday when we were driving home from Philly. It was a snow/ice mixture that made the roads treacherous. On Tuesday night it snowed AGAIN and then one more pummeling of snow on Thursday!

I worked from home on Thursday because it snowed all day long and usually working home is disastrous for me. Not only is it snowing like crazy out, but there were no plows. I was able to get to crossfit in the morning before the snow started, but I felt trapped the rest of the day. I wander around the kitchen looking for things to snack on.

Do you ever find yourself in the kitchen opening and closing the fridge and cabinets and then just leaving? That was me yesterday.

Snow Day

I must say I was very proud of myself. I have really been sticking to Weight Watchers this time around and I counted every single thing I snacked on (which wasn’t much).

I have been very dedicated to the program the past few weeks and I can see a difference. I am down 10 pounds since I went back to Weight Watchers in November. It’s not a lot on the scale, but it’s something. I definitely have more energy and I feel great. I am anxiously awaiting spring and warm weather!

Yesterday Cheryl and I shoveled for about an hour at 2pm. I thought the snow was done, but it kept snowing. Around 5pm I went back out by myself and did more shoveling, but it wasn’t as much as it had been.


I even made a baby snowman!

I am feeling really good right now and I hope to keep this momentum going. Summer is right around the corner which means less clothes!

Luckily the forecast for next week is promising :)


Are you sick of winter?