What’s Going On?

Oh hey!

Awkward Hello

I have been MIA for a while. I definitely have had a lot going on, it was not for lack of content. Just lack of time to write. I know, my forever excuse.

Let’s see….what to update?

I finally put my medal racks up in my apartment.

Medal Racks

Only took me 9 months….

I love my new medal/bib rack from York Sign Shop on Etsy. It makes me realize how many more states I need to run in!

Speaking of running.


The weather has been nice enough to start running outside again!

Crazy Weather

But then 2 days later it will snow, so ya there is that.

My pyrex obsession has gotten so out of hand I needed a new place to put it all.


Luckily IKEA has some nice shelves, and Cheryl enjoys putting IKEA stuff together.

When Cheryl was down a few weeks ago I made her do the Snapchat face swap thing that everyone is doing…

Twin Face Swap

Twin face swap!

Never Looked Better

I recently went to Washington DC.

Washington DC

Hi Mr. President! More on that another day.

Obama Hello

My diet has been ok. I have been experimenting with calorie counts and new recipes. You can’t go wrong with zoodles.


Then today was the first day of spring and it snowed.

Spring Ritas

But Rita’s was free so everything evened itself out!

So that was a quick overview of random life lately. Chat soon? Let’s hope.

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

Lately I have been choosing my runs based on the course and the medal.

After the Philly marathon I realized I hate out and back courses. I don’t want to go one direction and then turn around and do it all over again.

Runner’s World wrote an article about the coolest race medals a few months ago. One of the top races was the Bird in Hand Half Marathon in PA. We thought the race looked cool and it wasn’t too far.

Cheryl and I got up early and headed to the start. We literally parked in a cornfield.

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

There was also a hot air balloon festival going on in the morning.

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

The balloons were going up when we got to the start. Once they were in the air they started to disappear. I have not idea where they were going!

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

The sunrise was really cool. There were farms everywhere.

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

We stopped at the porta-potties before the line got long.

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

Each one had an inspirational quote inside. It was such a cool idea.

Then we lined up to start.

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

There were no corrals. You lined up where you thought you should start. Cheryl and I didn’t really train so we started around the 2:30 pace line.

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

As the race started it got foggy out. I was pretty glad it was overcast because the sun would have been killer mixed with all the hills.

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

The local amish volunteered for the race. They handed out water and gatorade. They did not like pictures.

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

Running past the cornfields was cool. It made for a lot to look at.

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

The hills were no joke.

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

At one point we had to run down a dirt farm road.

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

There was a stop along the road. The girl was saying “Rita’s” and Cheryl said to her she wished it was. We figured they were just using Rita’s cups, but it was Rita’s! Sugary water ice was a great treat.

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

After that it was just a few miles until the finish.

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

I think the horse and buggies are so cool!

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

I couldn’t get over how pretty it was there!

We finished in 2:23, which wasn’t bad for not training. Our medal was the best part.

Bird in Hand Half Marathon

It’s a horseshoe! A literal horseshoe! The amish donate them to make into medals. They are so cool and so heavy!

I would definitely recommend this run to anyone who likes running in scenery and also is ok with hills.

Vella Shpringa!

Instagramming March 2014

And March has come to an end. It was a very busy but exciting month…

1. I started off the month doing an amazing event called Cycle for Survival with the SELF magazine team. It was such a fun event! I would do it again without hesitation
2. I had a bridal shower for an old high school friend. I also realized that I have 2 weddings back to back on Memorial Day weekend….oof
3. Our office renovations started and we were kicked out of our lovely back area
4. I started Crossfit! I must say I am not addicted yet, but I love going to try and best myself
5. Cheryl cut her hair! She got it done at Salon Di Luna in Ridgewood and I love it
6. We headed to California. We started in San Francisco where we stayed near Fisherman’s Wharf, saw sea lions, walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, went for a run, visited Alcatraz and rode a cable car!
7. Next we headed to Los Angeles. We stayed right by the TLC Theatre. We went on a Warner Bros. tour, hiked Runyon Canyon and relaxed by the pool.
8. The point of our Cali trip was for the Veronica Mars movie premiere. It was the highlight of my life!
9. Once we got back we headed to Philly to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. My office lunch for St. Patrick’s Day kept the festivities going
10. We had the first day of Spring and free Rita’s day…too bad it was freezing out
11. I saw my favorite all time trainer Jillian Michaels
12. It is still cold…bitterly cold
13. I got a little bit better with crossfit
14. I got my new desk (finally) which means we are officially moved into the new office
15. We painted the new photo studio which means we get to move soon!

April seems like it is going to be a very in-between month. Sometimes cold, sometimes warm and LOTS of rain. I can’t wait for constant warmth. We started a family weight loss challenge today so here’s hoping the prospect of having to pay $20 every week if I got up keeps me in check. Next week I am off to Switzerland for work!

On a more serious note…last Friday my cousin in Wisconsin was in a serious car accident. It was her and her two children in the car. The kids walked away with minor injuries but she is still in critical condition. I am not the most religious person since my dad died so I am not asking for prayers really, unless you are religious. I do believe in the power of good vibes so if everyone that reads this could send some good vibes her way it would be much appreciated.