It’s All Fun and Games

Today was day 2 of the 21 Day Fix. So far so good!

I did not wake up to exercise before work. Today was photo shoot day and I had to get to work early. I am in charge of the content for my company. We create ads for each issue of our magazine, every 8 weeks. We have to make sure everything we tell our customers to make is good. That means we make all the food and DIY projects. It’s a lot of fun, but also a lot of work.

Summer Content
Right now we are working on summer content for 2017!

I made corn on the cob 6 ways and did not eat any of it. I was proud of myself!

After work I came home and did the Upper Fix Extreme. I was supposed to run, but my feet were killing me by the end of the day.

My arms are killing me, but I am glad I did something even when I was tired.

My goal this summer is to make ice pops! I see recipes all over Pinterest, but I never make them. I really want to try a few, and of course I will blog about anything delicious.

Writing is Hard

What a week last week was! It was rough trying to get back into my normal routine. I think I have finally recovered from my vacation so this week I am going to try and get back to normal.

The week started off slow, but I have a lot more goals I need to complete in the next few weeks so I am going to be busy…which is what I like.


I got some fun swag from work this week! I love my infuser water bottle and the umbrella is massive. It would have been helpful in Europe.

On Monday night I went back to the Trocadero, this time to see Jurassic Park!

Jurassic Park

I love dinosaurs and seeing it on the big screen was fun! We got noodles in Chinatown for dinner beforehand.

At lunch on Tuesday I attempted to go get a PA license. The line was insane. When I got there they were on number 94 and I grabbed number 30! I left because there was no way I could be out of work that long. I asked my boss if I could possibly come in a little late the following morning. They opened at 8:30am and I decided to be the first one in line.

PA License

It worked! It was a weird process. You went to one room to give them all your paperwork. You had to look into a machine to check your eyesight and then you went to another building to take your picture and get the license printed. I was only 15 minutes late to work too!

At lunch I went and got my title changed, new registration and new plates. This changing states is expensive!

On Wednesday at lunch I decided I REALLY needed a car wash. I found a 24-hour automated place which I had never seen before.

Car Wash

You just put in the wash you want and pay, then you pull inside until it tells you to stop and the machine goes around your car and washes it! It was pretty cool and cheap for $8. They also had vacuums outside so I finally cleaned out the sand in my car from Assateague.

On Friday I helped a coworker with a project. He had to videotape making a back-to-school sandwich. This one was Curious George.

Curious George

How cute!

On Friday night I went with some friends on a full moon hike on the Wissahickon. It was for kids so I figured it would be pretty easy, but it was rough! I kept thinking I was going to fall because it was so dark out. We survived though and then got drinks after.

On Saturday I went with Kier and Eric to Saint Benjamin Brewing Company, which is next to their apartment.

Saint Benjamin Brewing Company

The place was really cool. You got 5 samples for free! I got a growler after of my favorite beer, Wit or Witout. They are building a tasting room above the brewery which is exciting!

I went home after and started writing all my cruise blog posts. I figured I would blow through all of them this weekend so I wouldn’t have to worry about them. Boy was I wrong. It has been taking me forever to go through the images, edit them, and write the post. I have a few done, but I have a lot more work to do!

Mad Men

At least I have been able to watch more Mad Men while I worked.

Get ready for cruise blog posts! Have a great week :)

Where Am I?

I am back!

Seriously my life the past few days have been a complete whirlwind!

On Thursday one of my coworkers brought in champagne and OJ to celebrate his upcoming wedding. Mimosas for breakfast? Why not!?!

Rodman Farewell

Thursday night I met up with the girls at Shannon Rose and got drinks. Everyone keeps trying to see me to say goodbye, but I am moving less than 2 hours away! I will be back!

Peace Out NJ

I got some really cute and thoughtful gifts from my girls at work. Really the only thing I am going to miss the most is Laura and Sara!

Rodman Farewell

On Friday (my last day) I decided to bring in donuts for everyone in my office. I also really like puns so I couldn’t pass it up.

Rodman Farewell

Then my company threw me a “surprise” going away party! Luckily someone spilled the beans earlier in the week. Had it been an actual surprise I don’t think I would have been able to keep it together.

Rodman Farewell

There was pizza and beer. It was the perfect way to end my 8 years there!

Rodman Farewell

I was so lucky to have been able to work with such amazing people. My department was by far the best in the company. I am going to miss them the most :(

Rodman Farewell

Rodman Farewell

After the party I went home and got the Uhaul. Then I went to Bob’s to get the couch I found half price in the pit. The whole ordeal was a ridiculous (I ordered this couch but they went back on their delivery promise so I cancelled, but found the same one cheaper).

Peace Out NJ

Then I moved all day Saturday. I cannot believe I didn’t take ANY pictures! It’s probably because I wanted to get everything inside before it rained. It was drizzling on and off all day and poured after we got everything done. Then to celebrate we had dinner at Blue Duck!

Saturday night after moving I drove back to NJ. I know I am crazy.

Sunday morning I went to the SELF Up and Out Studios to do some workouts with Cheryl and Jill.

Peace Out NJ

First we did Cityrow which was a lot of fun and then Barry’s which was wayyyy too hard for me.

Then we celebrated AJ’s 2nd birthday! I cannot believe that kid is 2 already!

Peace Out NJ

Sunday after the party I drove back to Philly because Monday was my first day at the new job!

I had the hardest time picking out something to wear. I have been working in a CASUAL office for 8 years so I really don’t have a lot of professional clothes. I will get the hang of it eventually.

Peace Out NJ

I was really nervous about my first day, but I think it went great! I am doing mostly training for the first few weeks. There is a lot of workflow processes and lingo and systems I need to learn before I can do anything, but everyone is really nice.

Peace Out NJ

They ordered Chinese for the department to celebrate my first day and I had THE BEST fortune.

Peace Out NJ

Feeling like I am not doing anything is rough, but I have to crawl before I can run.

Speaking of running! I went with a few new coworkers on a run after work at Valley Forge. They go on Tuesdays. It was a nice way to walk more with people and also get some much needed exercise. I have been slacking!

More updates soon!

Tips for a Healthy Work Space

I am going to spend the majority of my adult life working.

I work two jobs, which adds up to about 45 hours a week, plus freelance work in my spare time. Some people have jobs that keep them active all day long. I, on the other hand, have two jobs where I sit in a chair almost all day. Because the majority of my day is sedentary, I try to keep my work life as healthy as possible.

Here are a few things I do that are easy to incorporate into any environment.

Tips for a Healthy Work Space

1. Healthy Eats
It’s not easy to eat healthy all the time. Trust me, I know. The thing is, you don’t have to be healthy 100% of the time. Just being healthy 50% of the time can make a huge impact on your life and your health.

I eat healthy at work because I bring my own food. It baffles me how some people can eat out for lunch every single day. Not only because of the cost, but also because of the food options. It’s fun to splurge sometimes on lunch. My favorite local place is a Mexican restaurant, but I there is no way I could eat like that every day.

A few days a week my sister and I whip up breakfast and lunch and pack it in the fridge. This way in the morning when we are rushing we can just grab something healthy to bring with us. For a while it seemed like a chore, but the more we did it, the simpler it became. Now it is a way of life and I think I would go crazy if I didn’t make my own food (at least most days).

I also keep healthy snacks in a drawer in my office. This way if I get hungry during the day I am not running down and getting chips or cookies from the vending machine.

2. Water, Water, Water
At work I am a constant water drinker. Luckily we have a water cooler in my office so it makes getting water pretty simple.

For some people water is just not enough. Sometimes I need a little something more. That is why I got a water bottle infuser.

The bottom of this water bottle twists off. You can add any kind of fruit you want (raspberries, lemons, strawberries). Then you twist the bottom back on and add water. I usually let it sit for a few minutes to really boost the flavor, but then all you do is drink from the bottle and you have healthy infused water. I love that you can make any flavor you want and it’s all natural.

This water bottle really helps when I am craving something with flavor, but I don’t want sugary juice or soda.

3. Get Moving
I am a gym rat. I work out almost every day, but it’s not always easy to find the time.

I usually exercise in the morning before work, but if I can’t I try and go on my lunch break. I am lucky enough to have a gym a few minutes away. I eat my lunch at my desk and then head to the gym to run or walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Just 30 minutes of exercise a day can really help your mood. It helps me deal with any stress I might have at work and it’s nice to just get out of the stuffy office sometimes.

I have even been known to walk down the street to get coffee or even just walk up and down the stairs. Any way to get your body moving during the day (especially if you sit all day) is great!

4. Be A Role Model
Not everyone likes being told about the other people in the office who are healthy. They hate hearing about how I bring my own lunch and exercise on my lunch break. Not everyone is like that though. Most of the people that I work with ask me all the time about my next race or what gym I go to.

A lot of people I work with ask me questions about how to start running, or ways to eat healthier. I am not, by far, the healthiest person in my office. I am, however, the most annoying. I post a lot on Facebook so people see me at races and on outdoor adventures. I think knowing that people that I work with look up to me keeps me accountable. I think twice before getting fast food at lunch when I am in a crunch. I like being able to tell people I did 3 miles on the treadmill at lunch when they ask. It might seem weird, but I like being someone that people might look up to. Even if it’s all in my head.

5. Surround Yourself
Make sure you love where you work. Not only the job that you have, but the environment that you are in.

I really love my job. The office I am in may be cramped (there are 3 of us in one office), but we make the best out of it. We keep the horrible overhead lights turned off and have softer desk lamps. It has really helped with eye strain and headaches from staring at the computer all day. We also added a lot of character to our office. Each of us has decorated our cubicle with fun, inspirational things. I have a lot of pictures up of runs or hikes I have been on, as well as pictures with family and friends. It makes the office a happy place to be.


So there you have it! Small changes over time can really make a difference in your health and happiness at work.

I know not everyone has a conventional job. A lot of people (especially bloggers) work from home. I recently came across a company called WeWork. They set up shared office spaces around the country for people to be able to work in a community space. If I worked from home or started my own small company I would definitely need to get out of the house sometimes, and WeWork makes that simple and fun!

Beer Me

Well I thought that I would be able to post more from my shows last week, but boy was I wrong. The days got longer and longer and I was just so very tired.

Tradeshow Day 1

Tuesday morning I woke up and went running on the treadmill in the hotel gym. Then I hit the ground running for the day ahead. These shows are a bunch of conference sessions and tabletop exhibitors trying to get companies to buy materials from them. The industry (anti-aging) is interesting enough, but seeing as I don’t really know too much about it, the day can get tiring. My job is to videotape and take pictures for my company of the show. Luckily at the end of the day they had a cocktail reception and a sushi bar! Guys were making fresh sushi for hours and I ate my weight in it.

Tradeshow Day 1

After dinner I originally was just going to crash upstairs. Some coworkers wanted to go out though, so after convincing my boss to let me expense drinks that night, we hit the town. First stop was World of Beer. It was pretty cool. They have 500 beers (on tap and in bottles) and an iPad directory that you can filter by style, alcohol volume, color, hoppiness, etc. I got the Duckstein Hefeweiss which was pretty great.

Tradeshow Day 1

Next I decided to show the girls the “college” part of town. I took them to a bar we usually go to after Rutgers games called Stuff Yer Face. They have amazing strombolis and their famous fishbowl drinks. Michelle and I shared one and it was delicious. After that we headed to another bar across the street from our hotel called The Old Bay and got one last drink. Not bad for a Tuesday night.

Tradeshow Day 2

The next morning, even though I was tired, I still made myself get up to go to the gym. When I got there (around 6) all the treadmills were occupied so I opted for the elliptical. The gym looks into the pool and every year I say that I will remember my bathing suit, but I never do. I did 3 miles on the elliptical and called it a day. Today was the switchover of shows. The first one had conferences in the morning and the second one was starting set up. I had a lot of running around I had to do (and a lot of backpacks to stuff with promotional items), but it all got done somehow. That night we had another cocktail reception. This time I had crab cakes, turkey burgers (without the bun) and chicken fingers. My diet was so bad!

Since it was our last night there a few coworkers came up to my room (since I was the only one with a fridge) and have a few beers. We had gotten a case earlier in the day and I needed help drinking it. So much beer…

Tradeshow Day 3

The following morning I did not get up for the gym. I needed one day of rest and we also needed to be at the show at 7:15am. I packed up all my stuff and checked out then headed downstairs. This second show is the more intense of the two. I have been going to it for so many years now I feel like a professional at it. I was very tired though and had a lot of green tea throughout the day (hotel coffee is horrible). We ended the event with….you guessed it! ANOTHER cocktail reception. The drive home was pretty miserable. There was a lot of traffic, but I eventually made it.

Once I got home I just wanted to go to sleep. I realized that my Haunted Mansion coasters arrived!

Haunted Mansion Coasters

So happy the Marketplace Co-Op restocked them! I snagged two before they were sold out again.

What a great end to a long week (and it was only Thursday).

Business Trip Exercise

Well this week is going to be a rough week for working out. I have two back-to-back trade shows in New Brunswick.

Yesterday I did not wake up for crossfit. I was so tired from the football game that I slept until almost 11 on Sunday so I could not fall asleep Sunday night. I decided since I was going to have a long week I needed to sleep in.

I went to work in the morning to get everything together for the conferences. I left around noon to drive the hour to New Brunswick. Cheryl had made me a pumpkin pie smoothie for breakfast, but I decided to have it for lunch on the go. WOW! It was sooo thick. It was like trying to drink a melted pumpkin pie. I had half then had to stop.

When I got to the hotel a few other coworkers were already there. They had already had lunch which I missed out on. We put together bags and then I got a fruit cup as a makeshift lunch since I was starving. We also attempted a photo booth.

Photo Booth

I am obviously a professional at making faces.

At night we had a welcome cocktail hour. At this point I was STARVING! I started with beer which was probably not the best plan.


Once they put the food out it was a little scarce. I obviously took a bunch of olives since I love them. There was also some spinach gnocchi and bread that I put the gnocchi tomato sauce on. Not the best dinner, but it was free.


I was still pretty hungry after cocktail hour, but I decided to just go to bed. I watched some American Ninja Warrior first.

This morning I was determined to get up and run. I almost always bring stuff with me to these shows, but never get out of bed. Today I set my alarm for 5am and headed down to the gym when it was still dark out.

5am gym

I was the only one in the gym when I got there. They had 3 different treadmills all next to each other. I picked the fanciest looking one. It had a built in TV and was counting my miles for me.

Fancy Treadmill

Of course my watch footpod sensor died. Now I know why it was acting up a few weeks ago!

No Sensor

So I guess I will just have to go with the treadmill accuracy this week.

4 miles

4 miles done!

After I showered and got ready, but I was a little early. The coffee here is miserable so I walked (in the rain) to Starbucks to get a pumpkin spice latte.

The 4 days of the show has mainly the same food every day. For breakfast today I had a bagel (I wanted carbs) and some fruit. Then for lunch I had the only sandwich I love here, roasted veggie with pesto mayo. Oh and I also had a peanut butter cookie and salad.


Tonight is another cocktail reception, but it usually has a lot more food. Fingers crossed!

I am going to set multiple alarms to wake up again tomorrow to run. It made me feel so much better about not being able to make my own food.

Switzerland – Day 4

I thought the show on Tuesday was hectic, but it was nothing compared to yesterday.

I didn’t go to the gym in the morning because after my nap Tuesday night I couldn’t sleep and so I reset my alarm and slept in. I met with everyone for breakfast around 7:30 again. Once we were done we headed over to the show around 8. The bus was once again crowded, but at least it wasn’t raining.

I forgot to show how they can transform the show space in just one night. Before and after

At the show I did back to back videos from 9-12. By the end I had 7 videos to work on. I headed down to the press office to start editing around noon. Once there I felt like I was chained to the desk. Luckily there weren’t many other people in the office so I was by myself.

Around 3 I realized the last time I had eaten was 7:30 that morning but the office closed at 6 and I needed to get at least 4 videos done. So instead of food I had rocket fuel aka European coffee. This stuff is STRONG.

The videos were a lot more time consuming than I had hoped. One woman had talked for over 20 minutes and even though Karen gave me notes about which parts to use, it still took a while. I was able to get the 4th video uploaded by 6:20 and then I took a very long bus ride home. I made it back just in time to head to dinner at my favorite restaurant in Geneva. We went last time and for weeks all I could think about was the food.

Patara is a thai restaurant down by the lake. We tend to turn it into a tapas place because the food is so good we want to try a little of everything. I was STARVING so I was so excited to eat. We had a bunch of appetizers like thai tacos, spring rolls, tuna carpaccio, dumplings. I would have gotten photos but we devoured it quick. The coolest were the prawns in an actual shell. I got lobster and scallop curry as my meal. I asked for a less spicy sauce but they didn’t oblige and after a while I could barely feel my lips but I kept eating because the food was just too good.

After dinner we decided to head over to the Brittania for drinks. We walked in and everyone was staring at the TV screens where a soccer game was on. It was so hot inside and everyone was intently watching this game so we decided to go somewhere else.

There is a very pretty looking church across the street Basilique Norte-Dame de Geneve.

We went down the street to Les Brasseurs. Inside it smelled like puke and was again hot so we got drinks and sat outside.

One thing about Europe is they always warn you about pickpockets. There are signs everywhere but I was shocked when I was told there have been a bunch on the show floor! I always keep an eye on my stuff but I have to be extra cautious until I leave.

Switzerland – Day 3

Day one of the show is officially over and man was it a long day. For those of you who have never been to a tradeshow, they are not glamorous. I mean to be honest it’s awesome that I got to go to Switzerland, but the show itself is long and hectic. Especially now since I feel like I have to make these amazing videos.

Yesterday I set my alarm for 5am to go to the gym. In hindsight I did not need to go that early, but once I am up I am UP.

Brian showed up in the gym about an hour later. He was smart and slept a little longer. After the gym I headed back to my room and got ready. We had decided to meet for breakfast around 7:30 since we had to be at the show by 9. Breakfast was good. They have mini mutely packets that I am obsessed with!

After breakfast we headed to the show in the rain. Good thing I brought an umbrella. We take the bus to the show and it was PACKED! I felt like a sardine and everyone was wet and sweaty and smelled. Not a fun ride. Once we got to the show we organized the booth and started the day. It’s crazy how many people go to these things.

I did 2 video interviews in the morning and then taped the opening ribbon cutting and then the awards. It was a long morning and I was exhausted when I got to the press office to start editing. This is my new home for the next few days!

From noon until 3:30 I was editing like a mad woman. It gets tiring staring at the same thing all day long.

At 3:30 I had to go back and shoot another video. I realized then that I hadn’t eaten yet so I grabbed a little salad to hold me over. After I raced back downstairs to edit the last video before the end of the day. I got everything done and uploaded in time! I mean I am an official photographer and all.

When the show ended at 6 we all crammed back onto another excruciating bus ride back to the hotel. The sales guys were going to some reception right after. Karen had asked me to go to dinner with her but I had just eaten so I told her I would wait to go with the sales guys later. Big mistake. I passed out when I got back by accident and woke up around 8:30. The sales guys finally got back around 9:30 so I grabbed dinner with them in the restaurant next to the hotel. The curry pasta I had was delicious.

Because of my poorly timed nap I could not fall asleep! I also had a loud guy talking on speakerphone in the room next door that didn’t help. I skipped the gym this morning because I was just too damn tired. Now another day of the show!

Switzerland – Day 2

We got to Switzerland early this time. 3 years ago when we arrived we had to go straight to the show to set up since it started the following day. Because the show didn’t start until Tuesday we were able to relax Sunday. My boss decided we should all sleep in and meet to go set up the show around 2pm.

I don’t know why but I woke up around 7am. Once I was up I couldn’t get back to sleep. I woke up PARCHED…blame all the beer and salty foods. I went downstairs to grab some of the free continental breakfast. I felt like a slob in my pajamas when everyone else was dressed nice for the day. Oh well….I drank about 15 mini glasses of apple juice too.

After I ate I went to get coffee at Starbucks. Europeans drink strong coffee or espresso. When I got back I relaxed and attempted to watch Game of Thrones. You can’t stream any of the TV show stations outside of the US :(

I decided I needed more sleep so I took a nap. Around 11 I decided to go check out the hotel gym. I was bummed when I realized there was no treadmill…only some weird elliptical/stepper hybrid and 2 bikes. They did have a baby barbell and weights for me to use though.

My texts have been weird over here and I didn’t get a text from my coworker asking if I wanted to run around the lake until an hour after she sent it. Bummer.

After I worked out I got ready for the day and met my coworkers in the lobby at 1. We went to Starbucks again and then headed over to the show. Trade shows are weird things. In Europe they are HUGE. The booths people buy and have set up are massive and expensive. When we go for setup its organized hysteria with all the people that work there trying to get everything set up.

This will look completely different once everything is set up. We organized magazines and the booth and then hung out for a little figuring out the e-newsletter. Karen, Tim and I had neglected to eat lunch before we went and we wound up not leaving the show until 4pm. We hopped the bus and headed back down to our hotel. We decided to walk down to the lake to get food and found a cute spot right on the water where we could sit outside. Even though the food is technically free I still feel bad spending a lot. It’s difficult to not spend a lot in Geneva though.

I decided to get a caesar salad and a half order of escargot (6 pieces instead of 12). It was the best escargot I have ever had. Even better than the French pavilion at the Disney Food & Wine Festival….and that is saying a lot.

Europe is also notoriously slow at service. We didn’t finish up until around 6 and then headed back to the hotel. My boss let us know they were meeting at 7:15 to go get a drink and then dinner with this guy Richard (British accent) from a company in the industry. I had met him the last time I was here so I decided to go and just drink. We went to my favorite bar again….the Brittania.

After the 5th round of drinks we finally decided to go grab food since the show was the following day and being hangover at a trade show is not fun. One of my coworkers, Matt, got his beer in an awesome glass which I took from the bar. The bars get these glasses for free from the beer companies so I never feel bad about taking them.

I also made a bold statement how I wasn’t a clepto I just didn’t get paid enough to afford nice things…oh well my boss laughed it off. We headed down the street to Les Brasseurs and got pizza. It was pretty good and of course more beer.

All of us originally said we wanted to get to bed early…sadly I wasn’t back in my room until 12:30 and I am getting up at 5am for the gym before the show tomorrow! It is going to be a long day.

Switzerland – Day 1

So I am in Geneva this week for work. I work at a publishing company and randomly I get to go on fun trips to different places to do videos. I was in Geneva 3 years ago for this same show. Geneva is so pretty but also so damn expensive!

On Saturday I got a car service to take me to the airport for my flight. The flight was at 5:45 and I got the car at 2. I hate stressing about being late so I just went early. I got to my gate around 2:30 and sat down and started reading Game of Thrones. When I sat down the plane was already at the gate.

Around 4:45 they started boarding the plane. I was in group 3 so I got on pretty fast. We were in a 737 so it was 7 people across. A row of 2, aisle, a row of 3, aisle and then a row of 2. I booked a seat next to the window and I was disappointed as soon as I sat down. When we flew to Cali two weeks ago we had nice seats, awesome TVs that had direct tv and movies. This plane looked like it was made in the 80s. The tv was tiny and I had NO legroom. I mean I am short I cannot image someone tall sitting in these seats.

At first some guy came and sat next to me. He was annoying. He kept taking things out of his backpack, then putting them back in. He took all the materials out of the seat pocket in front of him and threw it into an overheard. Then he sat there holding his backpack while people passed by. Next thing I know he is two rows in front of me! I guess he looked at his ticket and realized he was in the wrong seat. Luckily no one else sat down next to me so I had both seats to myself.

Around 5:15 the plane was loaded up and I figured we would be moving soon.

Was I ever wrong! All of a sudden they announce over the intercom that there was something with the paperwork because ovens on the plane had been replaced so we would be a little delayed until they had all the proper paperwork. Ok so I kept reading my book. About 30 minutes later they announce that the ovens in fact had not been replaced and a maintenance person was on board checking them out. Then it turned into that all 3 ovens (in first class mind you) had to be replaced and they only had 2 so they were looking for a third and it could take up to an hour! We had been sitting on the plane for about an hour and a half at this point.

They told us we could get off and stretch our legs but to stay near the gate. I got off to get some food because who knew when they would be feeding us. In the little deli I got a sandwich, chips and a mini bottle of wine. I went to get back on the plane and the gate agent tries telling me and this other guy that we can’t get back on until they reboard at 8:15. It was 7:30 at this point. We both told him they didn’t say that to us before we got off. The guy threw a bigger fit then me about having to work and stuff so he let the two of us back on.

Once on the plane again I curled up across the two seats and read and drank my wine.

At 8:15ish after they rebounded the plane they announced that everything was fixed and replaced and now they just had to wait for paperwork. We finally pushed back from the gate around 8:45…3 hours late.

We didn’t take off until a little after 9pm. Once in the air I tried watching Frozen on my baby TV and then attempted to get sleep. I barely slept. Even with the extra room I couldn’t get comfortable because the chair barely reclined. I was thrilled when the sun came up and we were finally over Switzerland.

We landed around 9am Switzerland time (6 hours ahead of NY). Once we finally got past the long line at customs we got our bags and headed to the hotel. The last time I was here the bed was a single…definitely only room for one person and it was even hard for me to roll over. This hotel though is a lot nicer. I have a full bed and a lot more space to move around. Maybe the fact that the owner of our company was with us….

After we checked in I showered then met everyone for lunch. We walked down to the lake to get some food. Spring has sprung here!

The lake is cool too. It has this huge geyser fountain that shoots out of it. I still have yet to find out why.

We got lunch down in the older, cobblestoned area. We sat outside in the sun and it felt wonderful. I even got sunburnt! Across from me at lunch was a window in an apartment building and inside was legit a huge lego person. The whole time we ate and drank I couldn’t stop looking at the lego man!

After lunch we headed back toward the hotel and decided to keep drinking at a bar called the Brittania. It seems to be where we always end up here. After our first round some crazy drunk British guy came over to let us know how America sucks and we are all murderers. I forget how people in other countries hate Americans sometimes until you are there. The best part was the one guy with us, Tim, said to the guy that we aren’t murderers so to leave us alone. This guy goes on a rant saying Tim must be a soldier because he has muscles and he probably killed people and stuff. Ridiculous. Finally his friend got him away from us and we just kept on drinking and having fun. It’s weird drinking with the owner of your company but we had a good time.

We drank for so long we just decided to leave and go get dinner down the street. One thing about business trips is that it’s not my money I am spending so I will eat and drink whatever because to me it’s free! The dinner place was ok but not the best food. We called it a night pretty early….around 10 since we were all jet lagged.

I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I am going to try and blog each night about the day before. Have a great day!