What’s Going On?

Oh hey!

Awkward Hello

I have been MIA for a while. I definitely have had a lot going on, it was not for lack of content. Just lack of time to write. I know, my forever excuse.

Let’s see….what to update?

I finally put my medal racks up in my apartment.

Medal Racks

Only took me 9 months….

I love my new medal/bib rack from York Sign Shop on Etsy. It makes me realize how many more states I need to run in!

Speaking of running.


The weather has been nice enough to start running outside again!

Crazy Weather

But then 2 days later it will snow, so ya there is that.

My pyrex obsession has gotten so out of hand I needed a new place to put it all.


Luckily IKEA has some nice shelves, and Cheryl enjoys putting IKEA stuff together.

When Cheryl was down a few weeks ago I made her do the Snapchat face swap thing that everyone is doing…

Twin Face Swap

Twin face swap!

Never Looked Better

I recently went to Washington DC.

Washington DC

Hi Mr. President! More on that another day.

Obama Hello

My diet has been ok. I have been experimenting with calorie counts and new recipes. You can’t go wrong with zoodles.


Then today was the first day of spring and it snowed.

Spring Ritas

But Rita’s was free so everything evened itself out!

So that was a quick overview of random life lately. Chat soon? Let’s hope.

Switzerland – Day 1

So I am in Geneva this week for work. I work at a publishing company and randomly I get to go on fun trips to different places to do videos. I was in Geneva 3 years ago for this same show. Geneva is so pretty but also so damn expensive!

On Saturday I got a car service to take me to the airport for my flight. The flight was at 5:45 and I got the car at 2. I hate stressing about being late so I just went early. I got to my gate around 2:30 and sat down and started reading Game of Thrones. When I sat down the plane was already at the gate.

Around 4:45 they started boarding the plane. I was in group 3 so I got on pretty fast. We were in a 737 so it was 7 people across. A row of 2, aisle, a row of 3, aisle and then a row of 2. I booked a seat next to the window and I was disappointed as soon as I sat down. When we flew to Cali two weeks ago we had nice seats, awesome TVs that had direct tv and movies. This plane looked like it was made in the 80s. The tv was tiny and I had NO legroom. I mean I am short I cannot image someone tall sitting in these seats.

At first some guy came and sat next to me. He was annoying. He kept taking things out of his backpack, then putting them back in. He took all the materials out of the seat pocket in front of him and threw it into an overheard. Then he sat there holding his backpack while people passed by. Next thing I know he is two rows in front of me! I guess he looked at his ticket and realized he was in the wrong seat. Luckily no one else sat down next to me so I had both seats to myself.

Around 5:15 the plane was loaded up and I figured we would be moving soon.

Was I ever wrong! All of a sudden they announce over the intercom that there was something with the paperwork because ovens on the plane had been replaced so we would be a little delayed until they had all the proper paperwork. Ok so I kept reading my book. About 30 minutes later they announce that the ovens in fact had not been replaced and a maintenance person was on board checking them out. Then it turned into that all 3 ovens (in first class mind you) had to be replaced and they only had 2 so they were looking for a third and it could take up to an hour! We had been sitting on the plane for about an hour and a half at this point.

They told us we could get off and stretch our legs but to stay near the gate. I got off to get some food because who knew when they would be feeding us. In the little deli I got a sandwich, chips and a mini bottle of wine. I went to get back on the plane and the gate agent tries telling me and this other guy that we can’t get back on until they reboard at 8:15. It was 7:30 at this point. We both told him they didn’t say that to us before we got off. The guy threw a bigger fit then me about having to work and stuff so he let the two of us back on.

Once on the plane again I curled up across the two seats and read and drank my wine.

At 8:15ish after they rebounded the plane they announced that everything was fixed and replaced and now they just had to wait for paperwork. We finally pushed back from the gate around 8:45…3 hours late.

We didn’t take off until a little after 9pm. Once in the air I tried watching Frozen on my baby TV and then attempted to get sleep. I barely slept. Even with the extra room I couldn’t get comfortable because the chair barely reclined. I was thrilled when the sun came up and we were finally over Switzerland.

We landed around 9am Switzerland time (6 hours ahead of NY). Once we finally got past the long line at customs we got our bags and headed to the hotel. The last time I was here the bed was a single…definitely only room for one person and it was even hard for me to roll over. This hotel though is a lot nicer. I have a full bed and a lot more space to move around. Maybe the fact that the owner of our company was with us….

After we checked in I showered then met everyone for lunch. We walked down to the lake to get some food. Spring has sprung here!

The lake is cool too. It has this huge geyser fountain that shoots out of it. I still have yet to find out why.

We got lunch down in the older, cobblestoned area. We sat outside in the sun and it felt wonderful. I even got sunburnt! Across from me at lunch was a window in an apartment building and inside was legit a huge lego person. The whole time we ate and drank I couldn’t stop looking at the lego man!

After lunch we headed back toward the hotel and decided to keep drinking at a bar called the Brittania. It seems to be where we always end up here. After our first round some crazy drunk British guy came over to let us know how America sucks and we are all murderers. I forget how people in other countries hate Americans sometimes until you are there. The best part was the one guy with us, Tim, said to the guy that we aren’t murderers so to leave us alone. This guy goes on a rant saying Tim must be a soldier because he has muscles and he probably killed people and stuff. Ridiculous. Finally his friend got him away from us and we just kept on drinking and having fun. It’s weird drinking with the owner of your company but we had a good time.

We drank for so long we just decided to leave and go get dinner down the street. One thing about business trips is that it’s not my money I am spending so I will eat and drink whatever because to me it’s free! The dinner place was ok but not the best food. We called it a night pretty early….around 10 since we were all jet lagged.

I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I am going to try and blog each night about the day before. Have a great day!

Instagramming May 2013

Even though I did not post a lot this month one thing I did do was post pictures on Instagram! Wowzas

Highlights from May!
1. They FINALLY put a new roof on our office building….or so we thought
2. Spring finally arrived and so did all the green on the trees and flowers
3. My cousins moved into their new house
4. We went to Philly (a lot) and ran the Broad Street 10 milers
5. We had a surprise baby shower for my cousin…Winnie the Pooh themed
6. I had a trade show and even though it was boring I got fun goodies
7. A Beautiful Mess…one of my favorite blogs…came out with a photo app that I am obsessed with
8. We headed to the Jersey shore to help my friend restore his house
9. We went to St. Louis for a wedding and visited the Gateway Arch
10. Summer is now in full swing and I am loving every minute of it

Hope everyone had a great month! June awaits with a bunch of fun things like Relay for Life, graduation parties for my cuzzies and BABY TIME!

Instagramming March 2013

Even though it is the first day of April I forgot to do my monthly Instagram post!

Here are some March highlights!
1. I found some adorable green projects for St. Patrick’s Day
2. There were multiple weekends celebrating St. Patrick’s Day that included green apparel and green beverages
3. The UPS driver knocked over a wall at my office…then it took a week for them to fix it
4. I tried my first shamrock shake! Good but very minty
5. Random March snowstorm
6. I started cooking again and trying out new recipes
7. First day of Spring meant free Rita’s!
8. New iPhone cover means no worries…for the rest of your days
9. Lots of dinners with awesome friends old and new
10. Ending the month was the bunny holiday…Easter!

Hope everyone had a great March and here’s hoping the real spring weather starts showing up soon. I can’t wait for flip flops!