Home Styles by Modani

Ever wish you could start from scratch designing you dream apartment?

I was approached by the people at Modani to create a style board of what my dream apartment would look like. Their pieces are very modern. I love the lines and patterns they use.

Modani Style Board

My dream living room! The couch looks so comfortable and I love adding a pop of color with the pillow. The coffee table is perfect. I love tables that pop up or have storage. I also love this TV stand and bookshelf. Finally I would pull in the pop of color with the yellow in the pillow and this yellow floor lamp.

How would you style your room?

Sofa: Bergamo Sectional Leather Sofa
Accent Pillow: Surat Pillow
Coffee Table: Lubeck Walnut Coffee Table
TV Stand: Samara Walnut TV Stand
Shelving Unit: Lugano Library
Floor Lamp: Luna Floor Lamp

Catskills Cabin

Well it is the last day of September! We will officially (in my mind) be starting fall tomorrow.

Over the weekend I went to the Catskills for my friend Cindy’s birthday. We always do fun adventurous stuff with her like hikingkayaking and camping. She wanted to celebrate her birthday in the Catskills and rent a house for all her friends to stay in.

Cheryl and I left NJ when Cheryl got home from work. We left around 7:00pm and headed up north. The drive was around 2 hours, so we arrived around 9:00pm. My friend Marissa had gotten there first and said it was pitch black and she couldn’t see anything. We met up with a few other friends along the road looking for the house. Eventually we found it and unpacked.

Buck Brook Acres

The property is called Buck Brook Acres and has two houses on it. We all stayed in the larger house, while Cindy’s cousin claimed the smaller one. We definitely could have had a lot more people (we had 14). There was so much space!

Everyone else got there as the night went on. The rooms were great. There was a den with a pool table and sitting area. The TV was on a Singer sewing table! My kind of place!

Buck Brook Acres

When I got there I insisted on exploring every room of the house. I like to make sure there are no ax murderers in the closets. We couldn’t find the basement at first, but eventually found it inside a closet. It was pretty creppy, but I felt better looking around.

Then we started playing drinking games. Gary and Brian lost at pool to Cheryl and Marissa. They had to shotgun a beer as punishment and I insisted it be in the basement. Of course then everyone came with me. We explored it a little more than I had earlier and found some cool stuff. Old pirate swords, a huge old American flag and lots of other random items. For the rest of the night we hung out and played Kings. It was a fun night, but I went to bed around 2:00am. I am so old!

Buck Brook Acres

The next morning of course I woke up at 7:00am. I hate that I am now a morning person. I used to love sleeping in.

Now we finally got to see the property in the daylight and it was BEAUTIFUL!

Buck Brook Acres

Buck Brook Acres Lake

The lake had a dock, a row boat and a gazebo. The gazebo was covered in spiderwebs. It was pretty looking, but I hate spiders.

Buck Brook Acres Lake

We took some pictures by the lake and then decided to go on a group hike. We just walked around the property area. There are more intense hikes nearby, but not everyone had proper footwear.

Buck Brook Acres Hiking

At the top of the hill behind the houses we finally got cell phone reception!

Buck Brook Acres Hiking

You are probably thinking that I shouldn’t want to use my cell phone in this beautiful place, right? Well my mom had left a message that my uncle (who’s flight got cancelled because of the Chicago tower fire) was driving to NJ instead! I love seeing family so that made me very happy.

Buck Brook Acres Lake

We kept hiking and then wound up on the opposite side of the lake. The trees were so pretty starting to change colors.

Buck Brook Acres Lake

When we got back everyone changed and got ready to go kayaking. Cindy had wanted to go to the same river we had done a few months earlier. The cabin was 30 minutes from the rental place.



Cindy got a Go-Pro and it was so fun! She used the selfie stick to take a lot of great pictures.


This time we were smart and brought beer for the adventure.


The water this time was a lot lower than it had been. Most people got stuck on the rocks a bunch of times and even had to get out to pull their kayak free. They were very excited when we got to the halfway point to take a break.


I loved kayaking, even though it was a little more challenging this time because we all kept getting stuck. It was also pretty had all staying together since we would crash into each other. Still it was a great workout. We only lost 2 iPhones :( Not mine thankfully.

Buck Brook Acres

After we all headed back and showered while Cindy’s cousin grilled and Ryan made a bonfire. I was EXHAUSTED by 9:00pm. I stayed at the bonfire for a little while, but then I called it a night.

I woke up early again the next morning of course. Before we left Cindy wanted to take the boat out onto the lake. I was a little iffy. It did not seem like it would float, but it did!

Buck Brook Acres Rowboat

Row, row, row your boat!

Buck Brook Acres

It was such a fun weekend except I wish it had been longer! The weather was perfect and the area was so beautiful. I also loved being in a house with everyone.

And I did not see a single animal the whole weekend….

Friday Favorites

It’s Friday!! Even though this week was busy it was no where near as busy as last week. Here are some of my favorites from around the web. Have a great weekend!

Truly Brave

Hoda Kotb, who battled cancer, teamed up with Cyndi Lauper and Sara Bareilles to mash up “True Colors’ and “Brave” to create “Truly Brave.” It was filmed at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) with young cancer patients. These kids are amazing. I cannot imagine going through what they are going through, even at my age. They really show what it means to be brave.

My best friend’s niece was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at just 6 months. For the next 7 months she battled the cancer at CHOP. She is now cancer free, but the battle against this horrible disease is never over. I will be participating in the Lemon Run in a few weeks in honor of Caroline. If you would like to help donate here’s the link!

Deena Kastor Breaks 4 Masters Records

Deena Kastor

How amazing is she!?! At 41 Deena Kastor broke the Masters world record in the half marathon is 1:09:36. I mean it might be because I WAS THERE, but this woman is so freaking awesome!

Vegan Butternut Squash Noodles and Toasted Almonds with Pumpkin-Sage Sauce

Vegan Butternut Squash Noodles and Toasted Almons with Pumpkin Sage Sauce

Now that I have made noodle replacements with my Veggetti, I can’t wait to try out even more recipes. How amazing does this butternut squash and pumpkin recipe sound!

Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

It’s September and you know what that means!?! The Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon!!

Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

This year was our 7th year running!

This year was also the 2nd year in a row Cheryl was able to get us VIP tickets through work. I really do love her job.

Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

Cheryl had asked for 4 VIP tickets. Originally Cindy was going to run, but she had a bridal shower so Jill’s friend Kaitlyn took her place.

We got up early again to get to the start. We had a parking pass to park near the start, but wanted to make sure we got there before the lot filled up. We did and after we parked we went to the VIP tent. I had assumed that since the elite runners were running this year they would be in the VIP tent. Unfortunately they were in a completely separate elite area next to our area :(

We needed to fuel up and we had more then enough options. There was coffee and tea, bagels (with peanut butter, jelly, butter or cream cheese), pound cake, yogurt and granola, fruit and Powerade bars. There were also bins full of water, powered and chocolate milk.

VIP Breakfast

I had coffee, a bagel with peanut butter and jelly and some fruit. I don’t like to eat too much before a run and luckily the bagels were on the smaller side.

The other people in the VIP area were sponsor runners, media and the streakers. There are a group of people who have run all 37 races. They are the streakers and they are adorable.


We ate and got ready for the race. Of course my watch decided to have low battery right before the race. Luckily Cheryl had the Nike+ app on her phone so we switched so that I could use that. There are private ports-potties in the VIP section, but the line got long as the race got closer. Cheryl and I were in corral 4 and Jill and Kaitlyn were in corral 11. We had to jog to get to our corrals and they were PACKED.

Start Corrals

Of course we had enough time to take a selfie.

Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

We started running before I even realized.

The race starts from the Art Museum down Ben Franklin Parkway. Of course the one year I finally have a hat it is overcast, but it was still humid.

Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

Then we run through Center City, down around City Hall, through Old City, past Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, through Chinatown and back up the Ben Franklin Parkway to the Art Museum.


Those are the first 5 miles. The other 8 are around the Schuylkill River Trail that Cheryl and I always run. Through the beginning of the race there is a lot to look at. People cheering, buildings, landmarks, but the rest is mostly bands, cheerleading groups, some spectators and a lot of scenery.

Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

My Yurbud headphones were SO ANNOYING. They kept falling out of my ears so I had to keep smushing them back in. A photographer actually got me doing it since I had to so often!

Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

All around the Schuylkill River they put up inspirational signs. I really love reading them because they tend to be different every year. There are also funny signs like “Cold beer at the finish” and “WTF – Where’s the finish”?

Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

I did pretty well throughout the race. I started off at a great pace of 9:20 and kept it up most of the beginning. Once I got to the Schuylkill the humidity was getting to me so I was slowing down a little. I made sure to have water at EVERY station, but somehow at mile 10 my calves started to cramp. I stretched them out, but it wouldn’t go away. I couldn’t really use my normal stride after that because I didn’t want a full on muscle spasm so I slowed down.

Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

I still finished just a few seconds behind my pace last year.

Half Results

It’s definitely not as well as I had wanted to do. I am still chasing that sub-2 hour time from 4 years ago.

Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

Once I was done I got my medal, grabbed a water and headed back to the VIP tent. We had our own bag check which was nice. I didn’t have to walk all over to get my stuff.

What I did do was stuff my face as soon as I changed into flip flops. They had breakfast burritos (which were phenomenal I had 3), sausage, bacon, french toast with strawberries and grain salad. I also had a mimosa (or 3) and some chocolate milk.

VIP Lunch

Cheryl was not far behind me and then a little while later we spotted Jill. This was her second half marathon, but I was hoping she would love it as much as us. She did! The last 2 longer races she did she felt sick after, but she said she felt great after this one. We all celebrated with mimosas!

Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

Deena Kastor (who is an amazing runner at 41!) came in 3rd at 1:09:36, but set 4 Masters World Records! I was so jealous because Cheryl got to meet her!

Deena Kastor

Once we ate and relaxed for a little we headed over to get our 3rd remix medal. The post-race concert was Rusted Root this year and they were a crowd pleaser.

Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

Before heading back we decided to do one more thing I have never done after a race before…run the Art Museum stairs like Rocky!

Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

I can’t say enough how much I love this race. It is so energetic and I also love that anyone can do it. They have a long time limit because a lot of first-time runners and disabled runners with charity participate. We will definitely be back next year!

After we headed back and showered and even though I ate a lot I was hungry again. Around 2:00 we went and got cheesesteaks (Jill never had one) and stopped by our friend Sean’s house. A few people were over watching the Eagles game so we stopped by, ate cheesesteaks, drank beer and then headed home. One the way back Cheryl wanted coffee and I wanted something sweet. I got some pumpkin munchkins from Dunkin Donuts. Yum!

Pumpkin Munchkins

I must say it was a really fun weekend. Sadly it was the last weekend of Summer, but we made it count!

Rock and Roll Philadelphia 5K

This weekend was my favorite race weekend of the year…the Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon!

Rock and Roll Philadelphia 2014

Cheryl and I have been doing this run since 2008 (when it was the Philadelphia Distance Run) and it is by far my favorite. I don’t know if it’s the course, how flat it is, or the amazing crowds and bands, but this is a great race for any runner. After talking it up forever we finally convinced my friend Jill to run it with us! Also this year the Rock and Roll team decided to add a remix challenge and a 5K. Now as a person who LOVES medals I was all about getting 3! One for the 5K, one for the half and one for doing both. Luckily Cheryl was able to get us into the 5K through work.

We all worked from home at the end of the day so we could get on the road before rush hour. We had to be in Philly by 7:00pm to get our 5K race packets. We got there around 6:30 and picked up our bibs and bags. Since it was so late we knew we couldn’t get through the whole expo so we just looked around a little. We found the Geico gekko!

Geico gekko

After the expo we headed to my friend’s house and then out for some dinner. We decided on a new place in South Philly called Growlers. In the past few years I have been less crazy with my pre-running meal and I always wind up having some sort of alcohol. Not sure if it’s good or bad. I tried a cool sounding beer called Left Hand 400 pound Monkey IPA and it was delicious!

Left Hand 400 lb Money IPA

For dinner we shared the Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese and then I had a prime rib sandwich with a side salad. Noms

The next morning was BEAUTIFUL! It was a little chilly, but that is great for running. We drove down to the Art Museum and parked a few blocks away, then we headed to the start.

5K Morning

We had gotten there early because we weren’t sure of the parking situation. Since we had time we wandered around and took pictures. After 7 years I FINALLY took a picture with Rocky!


Before we knew it we were on our ways to the start corrals. This year Rock and Roll finally decided to bring back elite athletes (last year they wouldn’t pay them) and a few were running the 5K. Bernard Lagat was favored for the men and Deena Kastor was pacing the 8:00/mile group.

The race was nice. We didn’t go too fast since we had a half the next day. The course was the end of the half marathon route. An out and back along the Schuylkill River. It was sunny, but not horrible since it was early.

5K Results

I think a 9:58 pace was good for our warm-up run.

After we got our medals than headed over to the beer tent. I love free beer…even if it is at 9am!

Rock and Roll 5K

I really like the medal too. Since the half is all about the Liberty Bell they were finally able to incorporate Rocky and the Art Museum into a medal.

After the race we decided to go back to the expo and see the rest of the vendors. Jill bought a new running belt and I got a hat for the race the following day. I always forget my hats and every year it is soooo sunny! I was also looking into wireless headphones. I want some for work, but getting running ones would be double the use. I have also been having a lot of trouble with my Yurbuds lately. They will not stay in my ear and it’s getting annoying! I didn’t buy anything, but I am definitely think of it for the marathon.

Next we went back and showered and headed to Manayunk to meet Cindy for lunch. We went to the Manayunk Tavern and I got fish tacos. I love fish tacos, but these were super spicy and I couldn’t finish them. Womp! We also had some pumpkin beer with lunch. After lunch we headed back to our friends apartment to meet up with my other friend Lauren. Jill, Lauren and I decided to continue drinking and headed across the street for a little while.

Jill’s friends from grad school also live in Philly, but she hasn’t seen them in a while. One was actually running the race the next day so we all decided to get dinner together downtown at LaScala. It was an Italian place, but I tend to not eat pasta before runs. Just makes me feel so full and gross. Instead I got salmon with spinach and potatoes.

Salmon Dinner

The salmon was a little overcooked for my taste, but still delicious. I also had a glass of Riesling with it. I seriously need to go on an alcohol detox when I get home!

Then we headed home and went to sleep since we had to be up early again. Zzzzz

European Adventure 2011 – Ireland

How is it possible that I completely forgot to post about the last stop on our European Adventure!?!

As I have mentioned in my other posts…first we traveled to England, then we took a day trip to Paris, and now finally we ended in Ireland!

So 7 days after we left for Europe we said bye to London and hopped a plane for Ireland. It was an afternoon flight, and when booking it, pretty cheap. Unfortunately even at $35 they add taxes and fees and stuff which makes it close to $100 in the end. Once we arrived in Dublin we decided to take a bus to the hotel. I had assumed it would be pretty easy and not very crowded for the middle of the day. Well our flight was delayed so we didn’t arrive until mid-afternoon which put us on the bus around rush-hour. 7 ladies from the U.S. and their giant suitcases on a bus full of Irish commuters…it was interesting.

We finally got to the hotel about an hour later. We had decided to stay at The Camden Court Hotel. It had really great reviews, but was a little bit away from the bar area. I am a SUPER light sleeper so knowing the bars are open late and very loud I didn’t mind the distance.

The hotel was kind of above a bar and we were starving so we headed downstairs for food. The bar was The Bleeding Horse and the food was delicious. After lunch we went upstairs and unpacked. A little later we walked up to the Temple Bar area of town to check out the bars and restaurants. We wandered around the stores and stuff until we found a restaurant without a long wait. I really don’t remember where we ate, but I remember all the food being great! After that we went to a few bars in the area to see the Irish bands play.

The next day my friend Kierstin originally wanted to go to Dingle Bay. After trying to figure out logistics like trains and rental cars we realized the distance and time to get there was too crazy so we didn’t go. Supposedly there are dolphins though :(

Instead my mom, sister and myself booked another day trip to County Wicklow.

Our first stop was Avoca where we toured a castle.

Ireland 2011 - Avoca

You couldn’t take pictures inside, but there was an entire gallery of giant portraits that was awesome.

After the tour we went into town and got lunch. I also had to get beer! I got a Smithwick’s and Cheryl got a Guinness.

Ireland 2011

Next we got on a bus and toured the country in Wicklow. It is known as the “Gardens of Ireland” and even though the weather was crappy it was still gorgeous.

Ireland 2011 - Wicklow

We stopped in Glendalough and the mountains and countryside were breathtaking.

Ireland 2011 - Glendalough

Ireland 2011 - Glendalough

Ireland 2011 - Glendalough

A lot of famous people have houses in the area, which we didn’t see, but it was interesting to learn. The whole country of Ireland is just so pristine and beautiful.

After the tour we went downstairs to the bar at the hotel to meet up with everyone and get some drinks. Guinness for everyone!

Ireland 2011

The next day when we woke up it was POURING out, but we didn’t let that stop us! We got tickets for a tour bus (and sat inside) and learned about Dublin. The tour bus went to a few of the places we wanted to visit. It was easier than taxis or walking in the rain.

Ireland 2011

Our first stop was the Guinness Storehouse!

Ireland 2011 - Guinness

We walked through the self-guided tour. It wasn’t really a great brewery tour. Probably because it is so popular it’s hard to have actual tours. Also everyone really only goes for the free Guinness at the end. You have to travel up to the top of the brewery and the day we went it was packed.

Ireland 2011 - Guinness

We still got our free (room temperature) Guinness, but there was no clover in it :(

Ireland 2011 - Guinness

We all had a great time with our free beer!

Ireland 2011 - Guinness

After Guinness we split up. Some people (like my mom, Kierstin and myself) wanted to go to the Jameson Distillery. Everyone else went to the Kilmainham Gaol (jail).

Ireland 2011 - Kilmainham Gaol

At Jameson we got there just in time for some of the final tours of the day. We got our tickets then waited for the tour to start. While we were waiting we had some drinks. I had an Irish Coffee and Kier and my mom had hot Whiskey something or other. They both loved it.

Ireland 2011 - Jameson

I was pretty excited about the tour. I have been to a lot of breweries in my day, but never a distillery! The tour was cool and very informative. We learned a lot about the different flavors and colors. At the end we had a tasting session. Kier was chosen as one of the 3 participants and she even got a certificate for her knowledge.

Ireland 2011 - Jameson

That night we all met back up for dinner and then headed out for a little bit on our last night there.

Ireland 2011

Our flight was very early the next morning. We got to the airport around 5:00am, but when we got there they said we might miss our flight. Unbeknownst to us we had to go through U.S. Customs IN Ireland. We were supposed to be there even earlier for our flight (2 hours wasn’t enough) so we raced through the airport. We got through security then had to go through security/customs again.

Finally we were able to grab some food before we had to board our flight (an hour early) and show our passports again. It was crazy, but luckily we made it. Weird thing was that everyone else going to Philly didn’t have to do it. Must have been a New York area thing?

All in all the entire 10 day trip was beyond compare and will be an amazing memory for years to come. I was glad I was able to go with Cheryl and my mom, but also share the experience with some of my best friends.

Beer Me

Well I thought that I would be able to post more from my shows last week, but boy was I wrong. The days got longer and longer and I was just so very tired.

Tradeshow Day 1

Tuesday morning I woke up and went running on the treadmill in the hotel gym. Then I hit the ground running for the day ahead. These shows are a bunch of conference sessions and tabletop exhibitors trying to get companies to buy materials from them. The industry (anti-aging) is interesting enough, but seeing as I don’t really know too much about it, the day can get tiring. My job is to videotape and take pictures for my company of the show. Luckily at the end of the day they had a cocktail reception and a sushi bar! Guys were making fresh sushi for hours and I ate my weight in it.

Tradeshow Day 1

After dinner I originally was just going to crash upstairs. Some coworkers wanted to go out though, so after convincing my boss to let me expense drinks that night, we hit the town. First stop was World of Beer. It was pretty cool. They have 500 beers (on tap and in bottles) and an iPad directory that you can filter by style, alcohol volume, color, hoppiness, etc. I got the Duckstein Hefeweiss which was pretty great.

Tradeshow Day 1

Next I decided to show the girls the “college” part of town. I took them to a bar we usually go to after Rutgers games called Stuff Yer Face. They have amazing strombolis and their famous fishbowl drinks. Michelle and I shared one and it was delicious. After that we headed to another bar across the street from our hotel called The Old Bay and got one last drink. Not bad for a Tuesday night.

Tradeshow Day 2

The next morning, even though I was tired, I still made myself get up to go to the gym. When I got there (around 6) all the treadmills were occupied so I opted for the elliptical. The gym looks into the pool and every year I say that I will remember my bathing suit, but I never do. I did 3 miles on the elliptical and called it a day. Today was the switchover of shows. The first one had conferences in the morning and the second one was starting set up. I had a lot of running around I had to do (and a lot of backpacks to stuff with promotional items), but it all got done somehow. That night we had another cocktail reception. This time I had crab cakes, turkey burgers (without the bun) and chicken fingers. My diet was so bad!

Since it was our last night there a few coworkers came up to my room (since I was the only one with a fridge) and have a few beers. We had gotten a case earlier in the day and I needed help drinking it. So much beer…

Tradeshow Day 3

The following morning I did not get up for the gym. I needed one day of rest and we also needed to be at the show at 7:15am. I packed up all my stuff and checked out then headed downstairs. This second show is the more intense of the two. I have been going to it for so many years now I feel like a professional at it. I was very tired though and had a lot of green tea throughout the day (hotel coffee is horrible). We ended the event with….you guessed it! ANOTHER cocktail reception. The drive home was pretty miserable. There was a lot of traffic, but I eventually made it.

Once I got home I just wanted to go to sleep. I realized that my Haunted Mansion coasters arrived!

Haunted Mansion Coasters

So happy the Marketplace Co-Op restocked them! I snagged two before they were sold out again.

What a great end to a long week (and it was only Thursday).

Business Trip Exercise

Well this week is going to be a rough week for working out. I have two back-to-back trade shows in New Brunswick.

Yesterday I did not wake up for crossfit. I was so tired from the football game that I slept until almost 11 on Sunday so I could not fall asleep Sunday night. I decided since I was going to have a long week I needed to sleep in.

I went to work in the morning to get everything together for the conferences. I left around noon to drive the hour to New Brunswick. Cheryl had made me a pumpkin pie smoothie for breakfast, but I decided to have it for lunch on the go. WOW! It was sooo thick. It was like trying to drink a melted pumpkin pie. I had half then had to stop.

When I got to the hotel a few other coworkers were already there. They had already had lunch which I missed out on. We put together bags and then I got a fruit cup as a makeshift lunch since I was starving. We also attempted a photo booth.

Photo Booth

I am obviously a professional at making faces.

At night we had a welcome cocktail hour. At this point I was STARVING! I started with beer which was probably not the best plan.


Once they put the food out it was a little scarce. I obviously took a bunch of olives since I love them. There was also some spinach gnocchi and bread that I put the gnocchi tomato sauce on. Not the best dinner, but it was free.


I was still pretty hungry after cocktail hour, but I decided to just go to bed. I watched some American Ninja Warrior first.

This morning I was determined to get up and run. I almost always bring stuff with me to these shows, but never get out of bed. Today I set my alarm for 5am and headed down to the gym when it was still dark out.

5am gym

I was the only one in the gym when I got there. They had 3 different treadmills all next to each other. I picked the fanciest looking one. It had a built in TV and was counting my miles for me.

Fancy Treadmill

Of course my watch footpod sensor died. Now I know why it was acting up a few weeks ago!

No Sensor

So I guess I will just have to go with the treadmill accuracy this week.

4 miles

4 miles done!

After I showered and got ready, but I was a little early. The coffee here is miserable so I walked (in the rain) to Starbucks to get a pumpkin spice latte.

The 4 days of the show has mainly the same food every day. For breakfast today I had a bagel (I wanted carbs) and some fruit. Then for lunch I had the only sandwich I love here, roasted veggie with pesto mayo. Oh and I also had a peanut butter cookie and salad.


Tonight is another cocktail reception, but it usually has a lot more food. Fingers crossed!

I am going to set multiple alarms to wake up again tomorrow to run. It made me feel so much better about not being able to make my own food.

RU Rah Rah

So this weekend was the second Rutgers home game, but the first Rutgers Big 10 game. Of course the game was against Penn State. A lot of my friends (including my best friend Cindy) went to PSU, so I knew there would be a lot of rivalry happening.

In the morning Cheryl, Aaron, Christine and I ran the R.O.C Race. It stands for Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge Race. It was in Brooklyn so we went to Hoboken early to get breakfast and wait for Aaron and Christine. I got the turkey sausage, egg white and spinach flatbread at Panera. It was amazing.

Panera Turkey Sausage, Egg White and Spinach Flatbread

After we got Aaron and Christine and headed to Brooklyn. The drive was fine until we got near the area and then the traffic got bad. We got there around 11:00am for our 11:30am start time. We checked our bag then headed to the start area. Then we waited…and waited…and waited. Finally around 12:00 they started letting the 11:30 people go. One of the obstacles broke or something.

They let each wave of 75 people go every 5 minutes. I thought it was a little too spaced out since we felt like we were running alone after we started. The run was fun, but it was cold and there was a lot of water obstacles which soaked my shoes. I should have pictures later this week.

After we drove back to Hob0ken and showered and got ready for the game. Our friends had gotten there at 11:00am so we had a lot to catch up. Cheryl and I left first and parked downtown then Aaron and Christine picked us up and drove to the lots since they had a parking pass.

Rutgers Girls

It was cloudy in the morning, but started raining on the way down. I was fine in the rain most of the time. I had my Disney poncho and Spencer bought us cute pink Rutgers hats.

Pink Hats

We headed to the game around 7:30pm. Since it was their first Big 10 game it was packed and security took forever. Finally we got to our seats. We are in the alumni section so right next to the (very rowdy) student section.

Rutgers Stadium

I think it was the greasy food I had at the tailgate, but I felt sick during the game. It usually happens when I drink draft beer, but sometimes when I eat greasy foods. Luckily I had a cushion seat where my seat was, but to see the game I had to stand up.

Rutgers was doing amazing. They were up 10-0 at halftime.

Rutgers Band

Then the game started taking a turn for the worse. The stands were CRAZY with yelling and chanting and stuff.

Rutgers vs PSU

After 2 field goals by Penn State the game was 10- 6. Then in the last 3 minutes Penn State scored a touchdown (then kicked it) to make the score 10-13 winning the game. It was the first time I was in a section of people that thought they were going to win, only to loose at the end. The dejected faces of people (especially my friends) made me so sad :(

It was an 8pm game so it wasn’t over until midnight. Then unfortunately Cheryl and I had to wait in bus lines to get downtown to get our car. Needless to say it was a LONG day, but definitely a lot of fun (even though Rutgers lost).

Hope they do better next time!

Friday Favorites

It’s finally Friday!! I felt like this week was a long one. Here are some of my favorite things from this week.

Biggest Loser
It’s back! I was a little miffed with last season and the finale, but I can’t quit this show. This year there are 2 new trainers, Jessie Pavelka and Jen Widerstrom, and of course Dolvett Quince and Bob Harper. I am pretty bummed that Jillian Michaels is officially done, but I completely understand her reasoning. I just hope these new trainers can make it. Dolvett has really been the only one the be there consistently after the Bob/Jillian years.

Biggest Loser Trainers

The theme this year is Glory Days and it’s all about former athletes getting healthy again. I am a fan of the premise and they all definitely know how to work out so the competitions should be very competitive!

Biggest Loser ContestantsAlso this year Bob is not at the ranch. He is at a new location called Comeback Canyon. The eliminated player goes there and works out with the previous week Comeback Canyon eliminated player winner. At the end of the week the person with the lowest percentage goes home. Eventually the final winner will be allowed back onto the ranch with Bob. Gives me memories of the Survivor Redemption Island.

My only issue is voting is back this year. I hate when then show gets petty and competitive. It should all be based on weight loss. The red line is the best way for that, but oh well. It should be a good season!

Gilmore Girls on Netflix!

Gilmore Girls

So exciting news! All the seasons of Gilmore Girls is going to now be available on Netflix! I have most of the seasons on DVD, but my mom let a coworker borrow them and now some are lost. So now I can binge watch it whenever I want! If you never watched Gilmore Girls this is your chance to love it.



My friend just started making and selling these amazingly cute wire bangles. I am a big fan of them. Check them out!

Healthy Baked Avocado Fries

Healthy Baked Avocado Fries

I need to make these ASAP! I love every recipe on Rabbit Food for my Bunny Teeth. I mean come on now. Avocado!

Kate Spade Bedford Square Pennington

Kate Spade

I got this bag a few months ago (sadly when it was a lot more expensive than this) but I love it. Such a cute color and a great size to hold enough, but not be huge and bulky.

Have a great weekend!