Project Life October

Gah! Totally been slacking on my Project Life updates. Luckily I have actually been keeping up with making the pages. I just keep forgetting to take pictures to post.

October was a great month. We went to the Catskills, Rutgers games, Universal Orlando to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, my friend’s wedding, a road trip to Ohio AND a road trip to Wisconsin and then Halloween and a bonfire!

October 2014

October 2014

October 2014

October 2014

October 2014

October 2014

Next week I will show you my November pages! I cannot believe it has been almost a full year since I started my Project Life album. It is huge, but full of amazing memories!

My Very First Stitch Fix!

So after months and months of seeing posts online about all these personal shopping websites, I finally decided to join the crowd.

I decided to go with Stitch Fix. I have seen a lot of other bloggers get really cute stuff from there and there is no commitment, just a $20 styling fee that is applied to any items you keep.

I filled out my profile in November. I tried to be as detailed as possible so I would get pieces I liked. I set my first order for this week (it was the first available shipment time).

Stitch Fix December

I was excited when I got home today and there was a cute box of stuff waiting for me!

I also really liked the card inside that tells you about each product in your box, how to style it, and a little not from my personal stylist Christine.

Stitch Fix December

Now for my pieces! Please disregard my horrible hair. I had it in a braid all day and this is what it does. I also realized I really have nowhere in my house to take pictures that doesn’t have crap everywhere. Mission next month is to clean up an area (not in front of my window).

Stitch Fix December

My first piece was a Lauree 3/4 Sleeve Vneck Drape Dress. It fit nice, but it was just so plain. I would have loved it a lot more if it had some kind of pattern on it. Sending back.

Stitch Fix December

Next up was a Moni Stud Detailed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse and a pair of Paige Skinny Jeans. In the box I thought the top was cute, but not a fan of it on. I just don’t like the box design in the front. Kind of reminds me of a pilgrim. The jeans were comfortable, but big. This is a problem I always have. Bigger thighs, smaller waist. Both of these I am sending back.

Stitch Fix DecemberWho doesn’t love a good scarf? I fell in love with this Henry Birds on Branch Infinity Scarf as soon as I opened the box. Perfect for any season and birds! A keeper!

Stitch Fix December

The last piece was a Rhonda Knit Back Faux Leather Jacket. It’s very comfortable and fits nicely. It’s not very practical for the upcoming winter months, but I could definitely use a good jacket for the spring and fall. This is definitely something I can wear out. Another keeper!

So out of the 5 pieces in my first Stitch Fix I am keeping 2. Not horrible, but I am definitely going to write a detailed review on the website. Hopefully next month I will get even more pieces I love.

I think this is going to be a problem for my wallet….

Find out more about Stitch Fix here!

Ugly Sweater Run

Welcome back to another week! This weekend was pretty fun and very festive.

A few friends had asked if we wanted to do the Ugly Sweater Run in Philadelphia. We had planned on being down there this weekend anyway so we decided to sign up. It was only about $38 for the race and you got a hat plus a free beer (if over 21) after.

I used to have some ugly sweater gems back in the day, but alas those were tossed years ago. Now ugly sweaters are making a comeback aka getting expensive! People are selling old sweaters for a pretty penny or making new ugly sweaters and selling them for a crazy amount. I refused to pay $50 for a sweater to wear once during a run. Cheryl and I decided to check the stores to see what they had. We came across some great sweaters in the men’s section of Kohl’s. They were $10 each and we could not beat the price!

Ugly Swater RunSince the sweaters were so cheap we knew that a lot of other people would probably be wearing the same ones. I wanted to make sure ours were still unique and ugly. I pride myself on being pretty crafty, so I decided to spruce them up a little.

I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and found an awesome bag of cotton puff balls in all Christmas colors! I bought those on Thursday and set to work…with wine of course.

Ugly Swater Run

It took me about an hour and a half per shirt. It took a little bit of trial and error at first to see how to organize all the puffs into a pattern, but soon I was flying through.

Ugly Swater Run

My original plan was to make the glasses and scarves defined with the puffs, but the glasses were too small. I decided to add a red nose to the reindeer and enhance the scarf. For the snowman I enhanced the scarf and the ribbon on the hat. I had a few “glittery” white and silver ones in the bag, so I used those to make some snowflakes pop. All in all I think they came out pretty great!

The race was in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia by the Please Touch Museum. Packet pickup was only until 7:00pm on Friday and since we were going down after work at 5:00pm we knew we weren’t going to make it. Instead we woke up early and got to the race to get them before.

Ugly Swater Run

The parking was a little better than the Lemon Run we had done there  a few weeks ago. Also the packet pickup was pretty painless. The race wasn’t certified or being timed…it was a “fun run.” The bib numbers were annoying because I didn’t want to cover up my sweater! Most people put it on the side or on their back. The bibs were also pretty flimsy. My beer ticket fell off right away so I put it in my running belt so I wouldn’t loose it. We met up with a few friends before the race and then headed to the start.

The start was a mess. We didn’t even get toward the front until almost 8:20. They were sending people off in waves very far apart. Finally we were off, but most people were jogging or walking so I did a lot of bobbing and weaving. I ran ahead because I have been working on faster paces in slower races. I realized the course was a little different than the Lemon Run (it started on a side street) and after about 10 minutes I realized there was no way this was going to be a 5K because it ended in the same place.

I finished in 24 minutes. The course was only 2.56 miles which was a bummer, but whatever. I felt bad for all these people being all excited that they had finished their first 5K.

Ugly Swater Run

After I met up with our friend Matt and we got our ID’s checked and headed to get our free beer. I had finished pretty fast so the crowd in the beer tent was small when we got there and there was no line. Once Cheryl and Cindy finished the line was a lot longer, but still moved pretty fast. I got the Sam Adams Winter Lager. It’s nice to drink early, but not feel like a degenerate because other people are too!

People kept handing us their beer tickets over the fence, so we decided to get one more each. I mean free beer! We also met up with Jill and her college friends.

It eventually started to get really cold so we headed home. The race idea was fun. I love the hats we got and it was so cool to see all the other sweaters people had. We did see a bunch of the ones Cheryl and I had on, but none as unique!

Are you doing a holiday themed run this year?

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Man this week felt like it was forever long! Which means it’s time for the weekend! Woohoo!

Dancing Professors

Last night I put some finishing touches on my ugly Christmas sweater for the Ugly Sweater Run I am doing tomorrow morning. I got the sweater at Kohl’s, but it needed improvements.

Crafting and Wine

Nothing like crafting and wine on a cold Thursday night!

Since it is Friday and I am super behind on my Project Life stuff, I figured I would post some of my favorites from around the web. Enjoy!

Swopper Chair


This fancy gadget I saw on Run Eat Repeat, but I need it in my life! Helps keep your posture and works your core…also you can get a back for it. Amazeballs and so much cooler than those bosu ball chairs.

Bluesmart Carry-On

Bluesmart Carry On

This amazing carry-on is still in the R&D phase. The idea was posted on Indie Gogo to get funded, but I cannot wait for it to be produced. The idea is so smart! A carry-on bag that you can 1) lock and unlock from your phone 2) has a built in scale in the handle 3) built in battery charger for devices 4) distance alerts 5) location tracking (no more lost bags!) 6) convenient electronics area and 7) an awesome app with statistics and travel updates.

Running Medal and Bib Holder

Running Holder

A race bib holder, medal holder and PR board all in one! This I might have to attempt to make on my own.

Thai Peanut Chicken and Ramen Noodle Soup

Thai Peanut Soup

Winter and cold mean I crave all things hot. Thai spices are becoming a new favorite of mine and soups in winter are always amazing. I can’t wait to try this delicious looking soup (after I figure out the Weight Watcher PointsPlus for it)!

Upcycled Dino Wedding Decor

Dino Wedding

OMG how cute is this wedding idea! Not that I am getting married ever any time soon, but I love this idea of revamping dino toys with spray paint to use as decorations. I love all things dino related!

Jurassic World

Speaking of all things dino…have you seen the trailer for Jurassic World? It looks amazing (hello new CGI graphics). I cannot wait for it to come out!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Apple iPods…What are they worth?

So every morning I watch NBC 4 news while getting ready for work. One news story they mentioned this morning caught my attention. It was about iPods….

Apple has been making iPods since 2001. I mean I really can’t believe that the first one was only made in 2001! That’s only 13 years ago! The original iPods were not as popular as Apple products are today. I didn’t get one the bandwagon until my sophomore year of college in 2004. At the time I finally got my first Apple computer (a Mac mini) and all the accompanying Apple software. My first iPod was the new iPod classic with a color screen. It has 20GB of storage on it and could fit most of my music. It looked like a brick, but I loved it!

In 2007 my music collection had grown exponentially. My friends and I all shared music and I wanted to have ALL my music with me at all time. I decided to upgrade and get the newest iPod with 160GB of storage. This new iPod was amazing compared to my older one. The interface was much more advanced as well as the graphics for album covers. You could also put video on it.

After I graduated college I started running. All my music was on my iPod classic and even though it was smaller and lighter than my original iPod, it was still heavy to carry around. I decided to invest in a running iPod, the iPod Nano. It was the 4th generation of iPod Mini, but it came in yellow and it was small. It only had 4GB of storage, but it was enough for the music I wanted to run to. I bought an arm band and wore my new iPod Mini with pride.

After a particularly sunny and hot race, I had a HORRIBLE iPod armband tan line. It took months for it to go away and I decided I needed something even smaller that I could hide and not have to wear an armband. So of course I invested in the newer (and cheaper) iPod shuffle. It clipped right onto my clothes so no armband necessary! It fit just enough music to listen to while running.

After the iPhone came out my iPods went to gather dust in a drawer. I had everything I needed all in one device. Why carry multiple ones around, right?

So you want to know why I told you my iPod buying story? Well this morning the news was talking about how old iPods (especially the classic) are going for $100s of dollars on Ebay and Amazon! When I heard that I was like hmmm…I think I still have all my old iPods around here somewhere.


Low and behold I realized I still had EVERY SINGLE ONE. I mean back when I was buying these there was no trade-in program like they have now.

My oldest iPods classic doesn’t turn on. A screen with a folder pops up and it says to go to lol. My 6th generations iPod classic still works amazing. All my music is still on it too! I used to keep it in my car for long road trips. Even though my iPhone holds music, it can’t hold ALL my music and sometimes you just want to mix it up.

I am seriously contemplating putting that one on line to sell. What do you think!?! I checked online because I know Target does an electronics buyback program, but they will only give me $27 for it.

I never thought something that I owned would ever be considered “vintage” or valuable in my lifetime!

Kill Refurb Marry: Disney Parks Souvenir Shops

So every month when Estelle and Melissa do their Disney Kill Refurb Marry I always want to participate. I must say though that a lot of the time I really can’t decide on certain rides/places so I chicken out.

Kill Refurb Marry

This month they are showcasing Disney Souvenir Shops and I decided I had to do it! One thing I do in Disney constantly when I am there is visit the many shops. I love going in and seeing what is new. So here goes nothing!

Sorcerer Hat Shop – Hollywood Studios

Sorcerer Hat Shop

I know the group of people that hate/love the hat is split. I, for one, am so glad it’s going away. Don’t get me wrong, I have taken a number of pictures in front of the hat, but enough is enough. I mean I remember going to Hollywood Studios (back when it was MGM) and the view of the theatre from the gates was always so pretty. Then they added that damn hat and never got rid of it. The shop was also pretty dumb. I like pins, but the only thing I ever bought there was a very over-priced poncho during a monsoon once. Glad to see it go.

Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. – Magic Kingdom (Tomorrowland)

I am a huge space lover. Even though it’s old, Space Mountain is one of my top rides. I took a bunch of Astronomy classes in college and I can tell you if the moon is waning or waxing…nerd alert! Anyway this shop is where you end up after Space Mountain. Most people just shuffle right out the doors. I would love it to be more “spacey” and refurbed. I would definitely buy more here if they had better stuff too.

World of Disney – Downtown Disney

World of Disney

My love for this store is beyond compare. I always find what I am looking for (and sometimes what I didn’t even know I wanted). I make a point to ALWAYS visit World of Disney when I am in Florida. Even in November when I went to Universal I still drove to World of Disney because I needed a fix (now I sound like a junkie).

Writing this post has made me so sad that I have not been to Disney (like for real for real Disney) since January, but makes me uber excited for my trip coming up in February!

There are a bunch of bloggers joining in! You can check out other picks or do one of your own!

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Hello all! Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

I have been slightly MIA the past few days. Last week was a mess. I babysat my adorable cousin nephew AJ. Let me tell you that babysitting a 16 month old is a lot different than it was when he was 12 months. He needs constant attention and wants to play ALL DAY. It was great and I am glad I got some quality time with him. I am babysitting again this week :)

Last week was my first week back on Weight Watchers. It has been almost 2 years since I counted Points Plus (I still want to just call them points) but I slid back into it effortlessly. Cheryl and I were supposed to be following this new Simple Start plan for the first two weeks, but I gave up after a day. The app they made is stupid and it annoyed me to not count what I was eating. I am controlling obviously. I counted Points Plus and calories at the same time to see how it was stacking up comparably. It was pretty even, which made me happy.

I also slacked with exercise last week. I was just so tired for some reason (hello seasonal depression) and I did not want to get up for 5:30am crossfit. I did get to the gym at lunch on friday and because the group exercise room was empty I overcame my box jump fear (again).

Box Jumps

It took a lot of weird mid jumps and holding onto the wall, but once I got it I was good to go. It was totally a mental block on my part (from falling a few months ago) but I had to get back on the horse.

This weekend was relaxed, but not at the same time. It’s Christmas crunch season at the photo studio so (after a hard drive malfunction) I had to work on wedding albums all weekend. We also put up all our inside decorations (we did outside last weekend). Silly me forgot to take a picture of the tree inside, so I will have to do that one day this week.

Outside decorations

On Sunday we headed to our first Weight Watcher meeting with a weigh in. I was so excited that after a week of actually paying attention to my eating I was down 5.8 pounds! I know that is a lot for the first week, but we weighed in originally right after Thanksgiving so I was higher than I normally am. I am hoping this week will be just as great.

This past weekend was chill and we stayed in New Jersey so we controlled our eating. Next weekend we will be in Philadelphia and having to eat out all weekend is always our downfall, but we are going to plan ahead.

After the meeting we headed to bowling with some friends. We do a winter Sunday league and we wanted to practice. My high score of the day was 146! After that we headed to the park with some other friends who are running the Princess Half Marathon with us. We wanted to gauge everyone’s fitness before training so we planned on a 3 mile fun run. I run at a slightly faster pace so me and my friend Jill ran 4.5 miles while the other girls did a 3.25 mile run/walk. Very successful day!

Weight Watchers just launched a new initiative about helping people cope with why they eat their feelings. Have you seen this commercial?

It seriously is how I am with eating my feelings sometimes. The meeting room also got revamped with some awesome typography motivational posters. I had to take a picture of a few because they are amazing and I am a graphic designer and this is stuff I love.

Moves WW

Portions WW

Last week I had noticed some flyers by the local New York Sports Club about a cheaper rate and no contract. I loved that gym when I went, but it was too pricey for me. I decided to check it out and bam I was signed up! Now I am off to cancel my Retro Fitness membership, which I hear is a hassle.

Have a great monday!

Marbled Clay Jewelry Dish

So a few weeks ago I showed you how I learned to make my own marbled jewelry from Whimseybox.

After making all the pieces for my necklace and earrings I noticed I had a lot of leftover clay. The day before I had pinned a tutorial from A Beautiful Mess on how to many your own clay ring dish. I went online and checked the tutorial and low and behold I had the clay I needed!

Marbled Clay Jewelry Dish

As I was waiting for the oven to preheat for my jewelry I got to work making my jewelry dish so that everything could bake together.

I started by heating the clay in my hands like I had for the jewelry. Then I rolled each color into long rolls.

Marbled Clay Jewelry Dish

Next I twisted the two colors together.

Marbled Clay Jewelry Dish

After that I just kept rolling and molding the colors together until I got a marble effect that I liked. I love the splotchy marble look.

I rolled the new marble clay out into a a 1/4″ thick sheet. Next I took a bowl and tried to cut the clay into a circle shape. Then I put the circle into a baking dish slightly smaller than my circle so the ends would be higher in a “bowl” shape.

Marbled Clay Jewelry Dish

Then I threw it onto the same baking sheet as my jewelry and baked everything together!

When it was done baking I let it cool and then popped it out of the dish. I flipped it upside down and tapped on the bottom until it popped out.

Marbled Clay Jewelry Dish

In the A Beautiful Mess tutorial they have you paint the edge with gold paint. That I did not have, but I did have the crystals from my jewelry. I decided to use the glue around the edge and put the crystals all over it.

Marbled Clay Jewelry Dish

I think it came out pretty nice. Kind of a wintery looking dish.

I definitely want to try this with other brighter colors. I already looked at the craft store and I think I know which ones I want to get.

This was such a fun and easy tutorial!

Instagramming November

It’s officially the holiday season! November was a whirlwind of running related activities and general awesome fun.

Instagramming November

1. Rutgers games in the ran were a trend this year. Luckily in November we had the Miller Lite fire pit we won in Wisconsin to keep us warm!
2. Cheryl and I headed into New York to watch in the marathon one of Cheryl’s co-workers while hanging out with some of Cheryl’s old co-workers. It was cold and difficult to get around, but an awesome atmosphere!
3. Jillian came to visit from Georgia. We took her to a local bar we have been wanting to try and ran into Jill and Mark (they were the ones who suggested it) Small world!
4. Now that fall/winter is here the leaves are coming down in buckets and it’s difficult to keep up with them. We finally took down the backyard oasis :( Until next year!
5. I was such a lucky girl when Cheryl got me invited to A Beautiful Mess and Kahlua event in New York! It was amazing and I fan-girled the whole time. Eek!
6. I tried the new breakfast crunch wrap from Taco Bell…ehhh
7. Family from Florida (and more twins) came to visit. I love spending time with family.
8. We had our last Rutgers game of the season. The team did pretty good this year. Next year we will be attending games, but no season tickets. I’m too broke
9. A few friends and I participated in the local town 5K. It was fun and I made Jill run faster than she is used to
10. I can’t sleep as shown by my Jawbone sleep monitor
11. Cheryl and I headed to Philly where I completed my 6th full marathon in 5:01:02
12. I have so many medals I need a new medal rack! I’m not complaining though!
13. Snow has struck New Jersey and I couldn’t be more angry.
14. We celebrated Turdrunkenfest with friends on Thanksgiving Eve which was fun as always.
15. We also had an awesome family Thanksgiving this year with my cousin and his girlfriend joining our dinner.
16. I got to see a lot of my main man AJ (not pictured)
17. Cheryl and I went to a Polish Advent-something or other party and had pierogi!

November was a great month. I slacked a little on Instagram, but I will try to up my game. Black friday really killed my credit card (and I am not even done yet). December is going to be a brutal month in terms of weather. I am optimistic though that it will be a great one!

Also I have finally decided to make my Instagram public, which means now I can include my most recent images on the blog sidebar. Follow me!

Back in the Habit – Weight Watchers!

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Our family breaks off into smaller groups for Thanksgiving and it was nice this year because my cousin from Wisconsin (who now lives in New York) came with his girlfriend. It was a day full of family and LOTS of food.

Speaking of food! After much deliberation I have decided to rejoin Weight Watchers.

Now I am not saying that I think I am fat….far from it. What I do think is that I need to refocus the way I eat. I have a LONG history with Weight Watchers and with my weight in general. I joined Weight Watchers for the first time in high school.

I had always been a heavy kid. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t overweight.

Weight Watchers Young

I always did activities like softball, swimming and cheerleading when I was younger. My problem wasn’t that I was inactive. It was that I didn’t eat properly. In high school my only activity was marching band. It was a pretty intense workout for most of the year, but again I did not eat right. After friday night football games I would go to IHOP with my friends and I would order and entire appetizer sampler for myself!

My junior year of high school my parents decided to go on a family cruise. My mom, sister and I decided to join Weight Watchers before the cruise so we would feel better about ourselves. I lost about 20 pounds on Weight Watchers and felt ok in a bathing suit (and shorts) on our cruise.

Weight Watchers Cruise

Unfortunately I ate SO MUCH on the cruise and gained back every pound I had lost. Once we got back instead of going back to Weight Watchers I quit and kept eating like I always had.

Weight Watchers

When I graduated high school I was overweight again and headed into a downward spiral. I went to college and just ate WAY too much. I was already the overweight one of my friends and pretty sad about it. I just kept eating my feelings until it got out of control.

Weight Watchers

My sophomore year I was so depressed and hated how I looked. I started going to the campus gym and working out, but again I didn’t eat the best so working out didn’t really help much. Even though my food choices weren’t the best, I was at least trying to fix it. My weight fluctuated drastically in college over the years.

Weight Watchers

When I graduated in 2007 I still wasn’t happy with the way I looked, but I vowed to try and do more. After moving home I started to run with my friends from high school. It was great exercise and practically free! I hated running at first, but I loved how it was starting to transform my body, so I kept with it.

Weight Watchers

In 2008 I ran my first ever half marathon! It took me 2 hours and 21 minutes which wasn’t bad for my first half marathon. That was also around the time that the running and not eating properly sent me to a stalemate. In January of 2008 Cheryl and my mom had rejoined Weight Watchers. I didn’t at first because I was trying so hard to save money. Towards the end of 2008 though I realized I needed help. I had lost about 30 pounds with all the running I was doing.

Weight Watchers

2009 was a great year for me. I fell in love with running and started training for my first marathon. I ran the Philadelphia half marathon again, but this time finished it in 1 hour and 57 minutes! I felt really great about myself and realized the exercise and eating properly was really paying off.

Weight Watchers

I reached Lifetime at Weight Watchers in the beginning of 2010 at my goal weight of 130 pounds. 2010 was my best running year ever. I ran my fastest marathon, the Suntrust National Marathon in 4 hours and 21 minutes. I also ran my fastest half marathon, the Philadelphia half in 1 hour and 56 minutes. One of my favorite things of the year is summer, because I love the warmth and sunshine, and I wore a bikini on the beach without shorts and felt comfortable for the first time ever!

Weight Watchers

Summer of 2010 Cheryl reached her Weight Watcher goal and also became a Lifetime member. We both felt the best we had since forever. We were exercising and running regularly and we could share clothes! Clothes we liked to buy finally!

Cheryl and I kept consistently going to Weight Watchers for all of 2010. In 2011 Weight Watchers changed their program. They went from a points system to PointsPlus. It seemed like basically the same system at first. One exception was that you no longer had to count fruits and vegetables. Most of them were 0 points anyway so we didn’t think it would be a big deal. You also got MORE daily points. The system started to not work for me.

At this point I was eating VERY healthy, but also balancing going out and enjoying myself. Once the points system changed I was having difficulty maintaining my weight. I was fluctuating like crazy, especially when I was training for a race, and I started to get frustrated. I don’t know if it was my body changing as I got older or what. I tried switching to Simply Filling, where you eat as much as you want of specific foods, but that didn’t work either. I eventually started to count calories and my weight started to even out again. After a while I was no longer using my Weight Watchers app to figure out my daily food intake, so I decided to cancel my membership in late 2012.

Weight Watchers

Now I hadn’t gained a lot of weight, maybe 10 pounds, but I just didn’t feel as good as I had been feeling.

2013 was the year of Disney. We ran the marathon in January, the Princess half in February, the Tower of Terror 10 miler in October and the Wine and Dine half in November.

Weight Watchers

Disney was a great experience and I would not trade it for anything. The one thing I did do a lot in 2013 was travel and eat. I ate so much in Disney I felt like I had to start from scratch every time I came back. My dad also passed away in 2013 and that was a very rough time for me emotionally. Some people can’t eat when they are sad, but for me that is all I want to do.

Since 2013 I have been at around the same weight, about 20 pounds more than my Weight Watcher goal weight. It’s not A LOT, but it is enough that a lot of my older clothes don’t fit anymore and I definitely cannot run as fast as I used to. I have been in a constant up and down trying to get my weight under control.

This past Sunday Cheryl and I headed back to Weight Watchers to try and get our eating back under control.

It was nice going back to the same location we were at before. Our friend from high school now goes to the same meeting! We also saw a lot of familiar faces from before. Our old leader is no longer there and I am not completely sold on the new one. She just seemed very disinterested about our struggles and very structured. She told us about the new 2 week quick start program called Simple Start, but that was it.

I am already struggling with Simple Start. It is kind of like Simply Filling where you eat as much as you want of specific foods, but the app they designed for it sucks. They have meal builders with only certain items to choose from (even though I know I am allowed to eat other items) and no way to account for the 7 PointsPlus you are allowed to use on other foods. I am now tracking my food 3 ways: with the Simple Start app, with the regular Weight Watchers app and counting my calories with My Fitness Pal. I think I need to be a little intense about it at first though so I can try and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Anyone else ever been on Weight Watchers? Any tips would be appreciated!