How Do You Measure a Year?

And just like that…I had my 1 year work anniversary!

1 Year Workaversary

This past year flew by! I honestly cannot believe it. I am so happy with my new job. It’s crazy and challenging, but so worth it :)

So Tuesday I was supposed to run 3 miles for my training run, but I did not. So instead I ran last night after work. We have a run club at work, but I was late. Even though I started after everyone I ALMOST caught up!

Valley Forge

We run at Valley Forge, which is gorgeous, but also very hilly. I did 3 miles at a 10:47 pace. I really need to work on getting back to a 9 minute mile. Lots of work ahead!

Make Time

Yesterday was also around 90 degrees when we were running, but no excuses haha.

Sweaty Selfie

After my run I went home and got ready for dinner with Cindy. She is moving away from me :( but I am so excited for her to start her new life adventure :)


It’s All Fun and Games

Today was day 2 of the 21 Day Fix. So far so good!

I did not wake up to exercise before work. Today was photo shoot day and I had to get to work early. I am in charge of the content for my company. We create ads for each issue of our magazine, every 8 weeks. We have to make sure everything we tell our customers to make is good. That means we make all the food and DIY projects. It’s a lot of fun, but also a lot of work.

Summer Content
Right now we are working on summer content for 2017!

I made corn on the cob 6 ways and did not eat any of it. I was proud of myself!

After work I came home and did the Upper Fix Extreme. I was supposed to run, but my feet were killing me by the end of the day.

My arms are killing me, but I am glad I did something even when I was tired.

My goal this summer is to make ice pops! I see recipes all over Pinterest, but I never make them. I really want to try a few, and of course I will blog about anything delicious.

It’s Time

What time? Time for me to get back to blogging!

backSo this week will officially be one year since I moved to Philadelphia for my new job. It is going great, but it keeps me super, crazy busy.

I decided that after a year of being pretty much MIA. I want to get back into blogging. Besides the fact that I miss just writing (even though I am a terrible writer) I also just want to have some me time.

One of the motivators is a fitness group I just started today through Facebook. My weight has been crazy fluctuating for the past year and I have been terrible with my exercising. Blogging about it I think will hold me more accountable.

I also need to start training for a marathon in October. If I don’t start soon, I am not going to make it.

runningI bought the 21 Day Fix a few months ago. I did one round of it and did pretty well. Then I started eating and drinking poorly :(

So back at it! Today I restarted the fix. It’s not easy at first. I also don’t know how anyone could do it in a family setting. I am ok with it because it’s just food for me. I also have yet to figure out recipes so most of my meals are all separate things (protein, veggie, carb) that I just mix together.

My goals this time are to keep to the fix (as much as possible) and also get over 10,000 steps per day. I have my “before” pictures, but those will not be going online anytime soon haha.

21 Day Fix MealsSo I will be blogging about my progress over the next 21 days, and life in general. Maybe I will even do some recap posts to let you know all the crazy stuff I have been up to this past year.

Happy Monday!