Exit Strategy

So there is a new trend right now with all these escape the room places opening up. A few of my friends got really into it and were going to different places all over NJ….and loosing.


The premise is you are locked in a room with clues, usually hard ones. One clue leads to another which leads to another which eventually helps you escape the room.

A few weeks ago I finally decided to try it out. There are a lot of different companies, but we went with Exit Strategy.

Exit Strategy NJ

The room we did was The Speakeasy. Here is the synopsis….
Chicago, 1930: A crime boss controls the underworld of the city with an iron grip. Despite Prohibition in full effect, his network of speakeasies and casinos continues to run unobstructed on every downtown corner. Beating charge after charge in the local courts, the only hope to save this city from this merciless gang of thugs is in your hands as a group of Treasury Agents that have been tasked with taking this man and his organization down.

The best part!

Exit Strategy

We won!

I am not going to say anything about the actual room or how we won. Each room can only be done by someone once and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.

All I can say was it was fun! You have to have a group of people who are problem solvers and can also work independently. A lot of tasks I worked on by myself and brought it to the group while they were doing the same thing. Definitely something I will try again!


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