So now that I have done my run recaps, it’s time to tell you about my first trip to Disneyland!In caseDisneyland

In case you didn’t know…Disneyland is just two parks right across from each other. The main one is Disneyland and the other is Disney California Adventure.

On Friday we decided to go to California Adventure first thing in the morning.


I was so excited to finally wear my Tigger ears!

Even though we were at Disney in November, it was already decorated for Christmas.


They were also celebrating their Diamond Celebration for their 60th year.

They let us into the park early, but only in the main square. Hotel guests got to go into the park early so we had to wait until it opened to get to the rides.


The line got crazy!!

Cheryl went to get us fast passes (they still have paper there) for Radiator Springs and we all went to get in line for Toy Story Midway Mania. It’s exactly like Disney World, BTW.

After we headed over to Cars Land.


It was so cute all decked out for Christmas!

Then we went on Radiator Springs, the Cars ride.


It was fun! I will be doing some ride reviews soon.


After we headed over to Tower of Terror! I know it’s not the same as Disney World, but it’s my favorite ride so I had to see what it was like.


I loved it! The inside was fun and even though the ride wasn’t as long, it was still a blast.

Next we got lunch and rested a little. Then we went on Grizzly River Run. It was a water ride and it was going to be the hottest day there.


On our way out we saw Chip and Dale!


Then we crossed the road to Disneyland. We saw Belle just hanging out so I had to get a picture.


Walt and Mickey statues are my favorite. It all started with a mouse!


It was crazy how much smaller the castle was compared to Disney World!

Disneyland is set up the same as Disney World. There is a Main Street and at the end is the Castle. On the right is Tomorrowland, behind the castle is Fantasyland and ToonTown, on the left is Adventureland and Frontierland. They also have a New Orleans Square and Critter Country instead of Liberty Square. It was kind of freaky going through the park. It was a lot of the same, but different at the same time.


Characters are different too. They just kind of wander around. Some don’t even have handlers and they rarely had photographers.

Our first stop in Disneyland was Indiana Jones. Such a fun ride (same format as Dinosaur). Then we waited in line for Pirates of the Caribbean. The ride was mostly the same. It was hard to enjoy with the MOST ANNOYING family behind us.

Then we decided to rest our feet and take a ride on the Disneyland Railroad. The whole ride is one side of the train looking into the park. They had a diorama of dinosaurs!


After that we jumped on line for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. I thought I had remembered it from when it was in Disney World, but it was so weird!

Then we went on Haunted Mansion. They changed the ride to Nightmare Before Christmas themed. It was awesome, but I love regular Haunted Mansion still.



While we were in line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Kristen saw that they were doing a soft opening of Hyperspace Mountain. They are building a Star Wars land eventually, but for now they changed Space Mountain into Hyperspace Mountain. SO MUCH FUN!


I really wanted to see the Paint the Night parade so we stayed in the park late to watch it. The light show on It’s A Small World made waiting in the cold so much better.


The parade was great! I love the night Disney parades.

Then we finally left since we had to wake up early for the 10K the next day.

After the 10K we went back to Disneyland.


We wandered around Main Street and then walked through Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

After we went on Pinnochio, Snow White and It’s A Small World.


They updated It’s A Small World for Christmas too. It was fun, they sang holidays songs along with the normal song.


We went on Finding Nemo, the submarine ride and then Winnie the Pooh.

I looked for Tigger the WHOLE TIME I was there. Sadly he isn’t out when Santa is there :(


We left the park earlyish to go get dinner before the half.


Look what technology is doing to us!!

On Sunday, after the half, we went back to Disneyland.


We got lunch at the Holly Jolly Bakery and watched the Christmas parade. Then we went to see Mickey!


We waited in a VERY long line inside Mickey’s house. The house part was cool, but I was disappointed. There was no photographer there and the lighting was TERRIBLE. Oh well. We got our running pic at least.

Then we went on Splash Mountain which is 10,000 times scarier than Disney World. No lap bars!

After we headed over to California Adventure. We went on the Monsters Inc. ride which was fun.

Next we got some drinks and then went to see the Aladdin stage show.


After we had dinner reservations before the World of Color show.


Dinner was good, but overpriced. The reserved seating area for the show was awesome.

Going to see a water show in November, even in California, is COLD. It was really cool though.



Since it was our last night there I wanted to stay as long as I could.

After the show we headed back to Disneyland (since it was open late) and went on the Teacups and Alice in Wonderland. Lastly we went on the Matterhorn Bobsleds. It was there when the park opened and man did it feel like it. All it needs is cushions on those seats! So painful, but glad I went on.


Then on Monday it was back home!

Even though we were only in the parks for 3 days, and some not even full days, I still think I did everything there. Disneyland is a lot different than Disney World. I understand why California residents go there so often. You can do a lot in a day!

It was a great experience, but in the future if I had to choose…it would be Disney World without a doubt!


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