The Philadelphia Lemon Run

Sunday was the Lemon Run in Philadelphia. This is the third year that I have participated. It was started by an amazing little girl named Alex. You can read about Alex’s Lemonade Stand here.

Three years ago my best friend Erin found out that her 6 month old niece Caroline was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. For 7 months she fought the bravest battle a little girl could fight, and she won! She kicked cancer’s ass!

After watching her amazing niece fight this battle Erin decided she wanted to help raise awareness and money for research and a way to stop cancer.

This year the team for Caroline, Caroline’s Stars, had over 200 members!

Lemon Run Philadelphia

The run takes place at the Please Touch Museum and every year it is always a beautiful day.

Lemon Run Philadelphia

I had so much fun running for an amazing cause and an amazing little girl. I mean how many 5K’s give you an awesome medal at the end!?!

Lemon Run Philadelphia

The best part is that raising money and awareness is not a one day thing. You can help kids like Caroline by going here and donating. Every little bit helps!

Lemon Run Philadelphia


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