2015 Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half Marathon

So this year the Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half Marathon had a new date and sadly a new course.

The original weekend the half marathon has been for the past few years was Pope weekend, so they had to move it. Unfortunately the weekend they moved it to was Halloween. Originally I wasn’t going to run it, but we decided last minute to go.

Rock and Roll Philadelphia

It was fun doing the run in costume, but I forgot how cold it would be! Cheryl and I decided to reuse our Tinkerbell and Periwinkle costumes from the Disney Princess Half in February.

We had VIP again this year through Cheryl’s work. We got to the tent early (before coffee was ready), but it was nice having a place to sit, eat food and have private porta-potties.

Rock and Roll Philadelphia

Cheryl found some arm sleeves that matched our outfits which was great because it was COLD in the morning.

Rock and Roll Philadelphia

We started in corral 12 about 15 minutes after the start of the race. As we were running toward city hall I saw the elites running past us. I was so confused because of the 8 years I have run this race I have NEVER seen the elites pass by.

As we ran around city hall I realized why. The course changed!

Instead of running downtown past the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall we ran around city hall and then down Spring Garden. I was really annoyed when I realized what was happening because the never told us about the course change.

Rock and Roll Philadelphia

We ran down Kelly Drive and around the Schuylkill like always. At the bridge where we cross the river I decided to snap a pic and it was hot enough to ditch the arm warmers.

I loved seeing everyone run in costumes. Some of them were so unique! I am just so used to Disney costumes it was cool seeing other ideas.

Cheryl and I ran the race together and finished in 2:20:20. It’s nowhere near by best time, but I felt good after.

Rock and Roll Philadelphia

Then there was food and booze! I love VIP :)

Rock and Roll Philadelphia

Everyone did a great job and it turned into a really nice day!

We even got free massages after. Pampering after a run is the best.

Rock and Roll Philadelphia

Here’s hoping next year the race is back in September and back to the old course! My 8th Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half Marathon in the books!


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