This is Halloween!

Halloween is always a fun night. Some years I go all out on my costume and some years I sit at home and hand out candy.

This year for work we all decided to choose our favorite Pandora station and dress up like that.

Work Halloween Pandora

I went with Classic Country. I think everyone looked amazing!! I love how my new office goes all out on being creative.

Originally I wasn’t going to dress up for Halloween night, but then we decided to go out so Cheryl and I threw together a quick, but fun costume.

Cheryl thought it would be fun to go as Joy and Sadness from Inside Out.

Joy and Sadness

I realized a lot of people haven’t seen the movie! It comes out today so go get a copy. Even for last minute I think our comes came out great.

My friends Mark and Jill went as Carl and Ellie from Up!

Carl and Ellie

Umm they are the cutest!

My friend Eric went as David Bryne in the big suit. I never saw the movie, but the suit was awesome.

David Byrne Big Suit

And Kier went as a gumball machine.

Gumball Machine

We went to a house party and then to some local bars in Fishtown. I was surprised at how not many people were out. It was still a really fun night.

Joy and Sadness

I had to drag Cheryl from bar to bar haha.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!


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