Review: It Was Me All Along

A few months ago I was reading my favorite blog Simply Taralynn. She mentioned how she was reading a memoir called It Was Me All Along.

It Was Me All Along

I looked up the book and realized it was something I would definitely enjoy.

I don’t read books as much as I would like. Lately I have been downloading audio books to listen to while I run. This book seemed like a great running book. A story about a girl and her struggle with weight loss…what better motivator.

The book itself is amazing. It chronicles the journey of food blogger Andie Mitchell. It explains her life, all the obstacles she faced, how she overcame them or sometimes let them beat her down.

I felt a lot of parallels with Andie. We both were heavy as kids. Never really bullied, but never feeling like we fit in. Yo-yo dieting is something almost every person trying to loose weight deals with, but hearing about Andie and how she dealt with the loss of her dad and how she ate her feelings really made me think about the past two years without my dad. Traumatic events in our lives send us spiraling out of control. Sometimes you have to loose control to be able to take it back stronger.

Andie also had a more adventurous adolescence than me. I always regretted not taking a semester abroad in college. I felt like I was living vicariously through Andie explaining her time in Italy. Then I went to Italy too! Just a few years later.

Halfway through the book I realized Andie had her own blog! If you ever want a good read about life, really life, and how everyone has their own way of living it, read this book.


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