Bachelorette Time in Nashville

So last weekend I was off to Nashville to celebrate Becky’s bachelorette.

I flew Southwest for the first time. I made sure to check in exactly 24 hours before my flight so I had a good seat. Even though a lot of people paid extra for A boarding, there were more than enough seats when I got on in B.


When I got to Nashville I had to take an Uber to the hotel. My driver could not find me. It was an ordeal, but I got there eventually. Everyone else had gotten there the night before so they were all still hungover in bed anyway.

After I forced people to wake up, we decided to go on a brewery crawl. We were originally going to go to a beer festival, but day of tickets were crazy expensive. Our fault for not getting them in advance.

First we went and got lunch, then we headed off to the breweries, which are in walking distance of each other.


We had fun bachelorette accessories too!

Our first stop was Jackalope Brewing Co.


We got a flight of four beers. I love trying new craft beers. We were going to do a tour, but they were booked for a few hours.

Next we headed to Yazoo Brewing Co.


We went on a tour there. It was actually pretty cool. We got a different beer to sample of each stop of the tour.


At this point I had consumed a lot of beer, but we kept on going.

We walked down to Tennessee Brew Works.

Tennessee Brew Works

This was my favorite place. We got flights of beer and played intense games of giant connect four! I realized I am horrible at the game, but it was fun. We also had some really delicious food.

Finally we went to Czann’s Brewing Co.

Czann Brewing Co

It was only about 6:00pm at this point, but I was beat.

We headed back to the hotel for a little bit. As Becky did her hair I passed out along with everyone else. Becky thought we were in for the night so she headed out with her bro. When we woke up an hour later we were so out of it, but we went to dinner and then to some bars after.


Day drinking really gets me in my old age.

The next morning we woke up frantic because we had forgotten to check in for our flight! I was all the way at the end, but we were awake so we decided to go for a run.


It was cold, but sunny. We went over the pedestrian bridge to the stadium and then down along the river.


Then we went back over the bridge and down Broadway a few miles to get Becky a cupcake for her birthday. The girls who run the store were late and seemed very hungover. Luckily we got one cupcake then took an Uber back.

We had breakfast and then walked to get beer for our beer bike tour!

Sprocket Rocket

I have seen these bikes before, but never been on one before. It was so fun!

Sprocket Rocket

Unfortunately they overbooked our bike so some people had to rotate sitting on the seat in the back. It was really fun though. They made sure to keep our beers full and took nice photos of us throughout the tour.

Sprocket Rocket

Halfway through we stopped by the river to take some pictures and go to the bathroom at a nearby bar.

Sprocket Rocket

It wasn’t really a tour because we blasted music and sang the whole time. It was a lot of exercise when you had to go up hills.

Sprocket Rocket

If you are ever in Nashville make sure to ride the Sprocket Rocket!


Then we went to a BBQ place and next door was Jeni’s Ice Cream! Day made!

Then it was time to head to the airport. It was a really short trip, but lots of fun.

My flight home was not so great. It was 2 hours late so I didn’t get home until 1:00am and by the time I got to my apt it was almost 2:00am! I was really annoyed with Southwest because I had to pay more for parking since I went into the next day, but they have amazing customer service! I tweeted at them how I was mad and they responded and sent me a voucher for my next flight. EVERYONE FLY SOUTHWEST!


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