Crafty Times

So last Sunday Cheryl and I won a 5K!


Mind you there were not a lot of other people running, but it felt nice to win for a change!

Last week at work it was Boss’s Day. I didn’t even know that was a thing, but it is! We had donuts from a local place. One was a maple bacon donut. Delicious! I only had half because I wanted to try more than one. The other one I had was apple pie. Equally delicious!


On Tuesday we had to make some stuff for our gardening issue. We got really creative since we had to take pictures inside. My co-worker got sod to make it look like we were outside! I made a terrarium with dinosaurs!


Then on Wednesday I went with some people from work to see where our magazines get printed.


It was really cool to see the giant printing presses.

This week at work was crazy because of all the days I couldn’t technically work.

Over the weekend I went home to Jersey because I have been slacking and NEEDED to work on my running costumes for Disney. I got most of them done, which I am so relieved!

This week I am getting back into working out. I have a marathon this weekend and I haven’t run in weeks!


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