Holland America: Nieuw Amsterdam

Now that I have FINALLY finished all my cruise blog posts, I thought I should do a review of the ship.

We sailed on the Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam. I really liked the ship. It wasn’t huge, but it also wasn’t small.

1. Daily Carpets

Daily Carpets

When you are on a cruise for two weeks, it starts to get hard to figure out what day it is. Every day they changed the carpets in the elevators. It was very helpful because I could always remember what day it was!

2. Entertainment


They had a variety of entertainment options. The two main ones that stood out were Jeremy in the Piano bar and the B.B. King Band. Jeremy was by far the best entertainment on the boat. We went to the main show lounge a few times, but I didn’t really like any of the acts they had there.

The one thing they could improve on is entertainment. They had a bunch of stuff to do during the day, but we were never on the boat. Then the stuff at night was lacking when everyone was on the boat.

Thank goodness for Jeremy.

3. Food


We ate breakfast every morning in the main buffet dining area. The food was good, but it rarely changed. They had a variety of rotating options, but after a few days I was done with the food. Except for bacon. I loved the bacon.

Manhattan Dining Room

The Manhattan Dining Room was the main dining room on the ship. You could either pick a meal time or eat when you wanted, but you had to wait for a table if it was busy.

We never had a problem getting a table.

The food was good. The menu changed every night, but they had a main menu that was the same every night.


Tamarind was one of the specialty restaurants. You could pay extra to eat at these restaurants, but you also had to make reservations.

Tamarind was Asian.

I LOVED their food. We actually at there more than once because it was so good. We thought the menu would change, but it was the same menu both times. Luckily there was so many other things I wanted to try after the first night that I was able to eat new stuff the second and still it was delicious.


Canaletto was also a specialty restaurant. It was Italian.

The menu was meant to be family style. We ate here twice as well and the first time we tried sharing food, but it got annoying. The second time we went we shared the appetizers, but each got our own main dish. The service there was not great. They always forgot to come back to us.

Pinnacle Grill

Pinnacle Grill was the last specialty restaurant. It was an upscale restaurant. We ate there one night. The food was awesome, but very small portions.

La Cirque

One night they turned the Pinnacle Grill into La Cirque. It’s a famous restaurant in NYC.

They said they “transformed” the dining room so I thought they were going to decorate it, but they just changed the plates haha. The food was good, but not really worth all the hype.

4. Drink Package

We got the drink package when we booked. It was great, but I probably wouldn’t have done it outside of that. We were not on the ship enough to utilize 15 drinks per day (except the day at sea).

5. In Conclusion

All-in-all I really liked the boat. The staff was amazing and the food was usually always good. I would recommend Holland America to anyone going on a Mediterranean Cruise with family. It had a decent mixture of age groups.


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