Delta’s Comfort Class

We did a lot of research for our Mediterranean Cruise. One other important aspect was the flight there and back.

While looking around for the best flight times and prices, my sister saw an ad for Delta’s Comfort Plus. After looking into it we decided to pay the extra $50 per person to upgrade our flight.

Delta Comfort Class

Because we booked Delta Comfort Plus we were TSA Pre. That meant we didn’t have to take our shoes off and we got to go in a shorter line. Winning!

We also got to board the plan priority. We went after first class, but before coach. We also got prime overhead space for our bags.

Delta Comfort Class

The best part of Comfort Plus was the extra leg room. I am short so planes usually aren’t terrible for me, but I know a lot of people would would LOVE this.

Delta Comfort Class

We also had free movies and tv shows as well as FREE alcohol!

The flight there we took a late night overnight flight. I was hoping it would force me to sleep and adjust to the time change better. Sleep did not come easy though. The seats were comfortable and reclined pretty far, but still not enough to be sleep comforatable.

I really need to invest in one of these fancy pillows.


Anyway the flight there was great despite my lack of sleep.

The flight home started out rough. For some reason the tv’s didn’t work just in the Comfort Plus section! The flight attendants were very nice though and kept apologizing. They fixed it after about a half hour when they completely shut down the whole system and rebooted.

The flight back was an afternoon flight. We left at 1pm, flew for 9 hours, and then landed at 4pm. I watched 3 movies!

I would definitely recommend splurging on the Comfort Plus section of Delta. We got free movies, free alcohol and a lot of food. It was a great experience. I am definitely flying Delta again on an overseas flight!


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