Making Ice Cream at Turkey Hill

So after our half marathon a few weeks ago, the rain started. I was glad we had finished running, but we didn’t want to sit inside all day.

Instead we decided to go to Turkey Hill. I worked in an ice cream shop for 8 years when I was younger so this was right up my alley.

Turkey Hill

Cheryl called after the race to schedule us a time at the Turkey Hill Experience.

You can pay to go in and sample ice cream and iced tea and also learn all about the company. All day they have limited classes to make your own ice cream. You have to schedule that in advance.

Luckily we did because by the time we got there the whole day was sold out! Other people thought of the same thing when the rain started.

We got there early so we wandered around a little. There are stations you can go through to build your own ice cream. I decided to make mine before I went in.

Turkey Hill

I called it the Cocopeanutpretzie Ice Cream.

Then it was our turn to make it for real!

Turkey Hill

Everyone has to wash their hands when they get inside.

Turkey Hill

On the wall are inclusions aka the good stuff and the tables had flavors and sauces.

Turkey Hill

We even got fun hats to wear!

Turkey Hill

Everyone starts with vanilla soft serve ice cream. Then you can add a flavor extract. I used coconut, but you only need a few drops or it becomes overpowering.

07a Turkey Hill

Then we added our inclusions. They told us more than two would be too much.

Turkey Hill

I put in pretzels and peanut butter cups.

Turkey Hill

Next was the sauce. I put in peanut butter and marshmallow.

Turkey Hill

Finally we mixed it all together, without over mixing it.

Then they put all our ice cream in the freezer to harden. While it was freezing we learned about Turkey Hill, their process and their facility.

Turkey Hill

Turkey Hill

Turkey Hill

Then they gave us back our slightly frozen ice cream and it was time to eat! It was seriously a lot of ice cream. I got a lid thinking there was no way I could finish it.

Turkey Hill

After we made ice cream we decided to walk around.

Turkey Hill

I milked a cow. It was not easy.

Then I walked around and read the history.

Turkey Hill

When I found the packaging section I decided I needed a carton for my Cocopeanutpretzie Ice Cream. I liked that you had a number and each machine knew what you did on the last one.

Unfortunately I never did get the email with my creation.

Turkey Hill

I was eating my ice cream as I walked around and then BAM it was gone! It was really delicious.

Ice cream for lunch!

If you are ever in the Lancaster, PA area definitely check this place out. It was a lot of fun.


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