Mediterranean Cruise: Day at Sea

Saturday was our only day at sea.

I booked a massage on the boat at 8am. I wanted to get one, but I also wanted to relax by the pool all day.

Cheryl went to the pool at 8am too to get chairs. My mom went down a little later. They are always strict about saving chairs, so you have to make sure people are sitting in them.

My massage was ok. The girl was sick and kept sniffling the whole time. After I went to the pool.

My first order of the day was a drink! Mimosa’s were on special.

Day at Sea

I eventually switched to pina coladas, margaritas and then finally beer.

We booked the cruise with a drink package. We were allowed 15 drinks per day each. I had barely reached half that each day because most of the time we spent off the boat. My goal for sea day was to reach 15 drinks!

Our first day on the boat, while we were at customer service, we heard someone mention cabanas. We booked the last one for the day at sea.

Day at Sea

It was nice because it was a big bed, table and chairs and waiter service. My mom didn’t want to be in the sun all day so this way she was outside and relaxing.

Day at Sea

The only problem was the cabanas were by the main pool. The back pool was adults only. This pool allowed kids and they were annoying. They were yelling and jumping and splashing. It wasn’t too relaxing, but I didn’t care as long as I had a drink.

I was out by the pool almost all day. They had bingo in the afternoon so we went to that. Cheryl and my aunt both won! After that I took a nap and then we went to dinner.

Day at Sea

That night the cast did a cabaret show in the bigger bar. They were doing show tunes so I wanted to go. Unfortunately they did very obscure show tunes. It was ok, but not great.

Day at Sea

After we went to the piano bar (surprise, surprise).

Day at Sea

I finally reached 15 drinks at midnight! I was excited andddd slightly drunk, but I did it!


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