Wonderful Wedding Weekend

This past weekend I headed down to Somers Point, NJ for my friends Henry and Tori’s wedding.

I left around 11. The trip was only an hour and a half. It’s nice living closer to the shore.

I met up with my friends for lunch at a local bar/restaurant and then we went to the hotel to check in. The hotel was conveniently located across the street from the venue.

Wedding Weekend

The ceremony was outdoors, but it was GORGEOUS out. This was the only point where my hair was curly-ish. It fell out quickly :(


Henry and Tori went to Rutgers with my friends from home. We tailgate with them at the games.


I always look at the groom when the bride shows up. Their face is usually priceless.


The ceremony was short and sweet, which is the best wedding.



Cheryl went to Rent the Runway in New York on Friday and got two dresses to “rent”. She wore one and I wore the other.


It’s nice being about to wear a pretty dress, but not have to spend a lot of money on it. I tend to not wear the same dress to weddings either.

When we got to cocktail hour it was a cash bar for a little while since the ceremony ended early. Then when the food came out I felt like people were vultures. Some people stood next to the kitchen door waiting for the servers to bring stuff out!


The colors were red and white, I assume for Rutgers. All the decor was really cute.


The reception was really nice. The food was really good too. I drank wine all night.


I “caught” the bouquet aka it fell on the floor by my feet so it was closest to me. I hate being the center of attention, but it was ok.

After the reception was over we walked back to the hotel. Everyone went to other rooms for an after party, but I was exhausted. I fell asleep in my friends room and when they went to go somewhere else, I went back to go to sleep.

Congratulations Henry and Tori!


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