Mediterranean Cruise: Taormina, Italy

On Friday we tethered in Taormina, Italy, which is Sicily.


We met up with my aunt and uncle for breakfast, and then headed down to get tether tickets.


I assumed there would be a line to get off the boat, but there wasn’t. We went right to the boats and took seats.


We did not have a plan in Taormina. It is my least favorite way to travel. I always like to know of places to go and things to do. I had assumed we were in Taormina, but we actually had to take a bus there. Instead we decided to walk around a little.


It was not too crowded in Rome because Italy had a week of holiday. Everyone was at the beach!


The beach was PACKED with people. I had also forgotten that most men in Europe wear speedos. It was interesting….

It was also really hot out. We decided to stop of gelato.


It was delicious and refreshing, but the heat was really intense.

We found a cool shop where we bought a lot of hand painted tiles and dishes. Then my aunt wanted to mail some postcards. We went to the post office, but wound up leaving. There were people taking numbers and yelling at each other. The tellers took FOREVER. It was strange.

We tried to get on a hop on-hop off bus, but they only came every hour and we got annoyed waiting.

Then my mom, aunt and uncle wanted to go back to eat lunch and cool off.

After lunch Cheryl and I decided to go back and try to rent an jet-ski.


We went to every shop on the beach. The average price was 60-70 euro for 30 minutes and they only took cash (we had a credit card).

Instead we decided to just got for a dip to cool off.


The beaches in Italy were all rocks, no sand. The water was also really warm, like bath water.



Then we decided to head back to the boat and sit by the pool.


The sunset was really pretty that night.


We went to the piano bar to play trivia. We also drank a lot. I was jealous my aunt and uncle had a dinosaur towel!


I love dinosaurs.


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