I’m a Slacker

This week has really just flown by. I was so busy I did not post AT ALL.

I am such a slacker.

Let me tell you about what has been going on….

Valley Forge

On Wednesday last week I went to Valley Forge with my work running group. Because it has been getting darker out, the sun was setting as we ran. It was BEAUTIFUL! I had to keep stopping to take pictures.

On Friday I left work early to visit our other location near Lancaster. It was perfect because I was going to Lancaster for a half marathon for the weekend!

After my work field trip, which was very educational, I met my sister, mom and aunt in Lancaster. We went to a local restaurant that claimed it was NUMBER 1….but it wasn’t that good.


There are a lot of smorgasbord’s up there. Miller’s was one, but we decided not to do the buffet before a race. I still didn’t eat the best pre-race food, but it was ok.

Bird in Hand Half

The next morning we got up early and headed down the road to the race start. There was a hot air balloon festival at the start of the race. The scenery throughout the race was amazing, but I will be doing a longer post on that soon.

Bird in Hand Half

The medal was the whole reason we ran the race. It was a legit horseshoe! The local amish donate them. How awesome!?!!

About 20 minutes after we crossed the finish line it started to rain…then it started to pour.

We went to the Intercourse Canning Company and then we went over to Turkey Hill. Indoor activities were a must.

Turkey Hill

We got tickets over the phone before we left for the Turkey Hill Experience. We made sure to get tickets for the ice cream making class.

Turkey Hill

The class was really fun! I made a coconut, pretzel, peanut butter ice cream. It was delicious. I will also be doing a blog post about that…one of these days.

After we went back to the hotel. The rain was just so crazy it was hard to do much. Cheryl and I spent some time in the hot tub to relax our muscles. Hot tubs are always recommended after a long run.

Iron Hill Brewery

For dinner we went to Iron Hill Brewery. We made reservations which was good because it is a popular place!

Iron Hill Brewery

The food was 10,000 times better then the food from the night before. The beer was delicious and by the end I was so full! I am so glad we went there. If you are near Lancaster definitely check it out!

The next morning we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. The service was SO SLOW, but the food is cheap so it’s hard to complain.


I have to show you at least one picture of the amish on a post about Lancaster, right?

Anyway on my way back to Philly I saw a sign for an antique mall, so of course I stopped.

Cackleberry Antique Mall

It was AMAZING. I am so glad I stopped. There was so much pyrex!!! I am definitely going to be going back there because it was only about 40 minutes from my apartment AND it was much more organized then other ones I have been to.

On my way back Cindy texted me about going to the StrEAT festival in Manayunk. I didn’t even go back to my apartment. I stop by her house and we walked down.

Manayunk StrEAT Festival

It was so crowded! It kept drizzling on and off, but eventually it got sunny out.

We went to the beer garden. It was $10 to try 5 beers. They were small, but I love being able to taste new things and not having to commit to a whole glass.

After we were on the hunt for food. There were food trucks everywhere!

Pizza Wagon

They literally had an outdoor brick oven pizza!

Mama's Balls

We decided to get some meatball sliders at Mama’s Meatballs. We got to choose three kinds so we got regular, spicy and I got pesto.

Mama's Meatballs

They were very delicious.

We went to a bar after and got some beer and listened to live music. It was a great Sunday Funday!

This week has been hectic with work, but very productive. This weekend I have a wedding. I love weddings!

Have a great weekend. Crossing my fingers I have more posts next week. I need to finish my cruise posts!


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