Mediterranean Cruise: Naples, Italy

On Thursday we docked in Naples, Italy.


On Wednesday, outside the Vatican, my eye started to bother me. It felt like I got something in it, but I washed it out with water and it still hurt.

I have scratched my cornea a few times, so I knew right away what it was, but I was hoping it would go away. I woke up in the middle of the night in severe pain. Cheryl called downstairs, but only the nurse was on duty. She said the doctor would be in at 8am the next morning.

I went to the doctor right at 8am and of course I scratched my cornea. I hate when people touch my eyes. I am not sure why, but it gives me a stomach ache. It just grosses me out, but it was necessary to get eye drops.

After the doctor I decided I wasn’t missing a single second. We headed outside and got on a bus to Pompeii!

Scratched Cornea

I didn’t get an eye patch so instead I wore a giant hat and sunglasses to shield my eyes from the sun.


The bus ride wasn’t too long. When we got there we bought an audio tour outside because we didn’t know you could get them inside.

Inside is only a few dollars more, but I think they are better. The tour we had didn’t follow the numbers at each of the locations so it was hard to figure out what to listen to.



The ruins were pretty amazing, but a lot was under construction. I don’t know if summer is when Italy does their construction?


So not only was it really sunny…it was SO HOT! It was 94 degrees out and there is absolutely no shade in Pompeii.



It’s crazy how much survived the eruption.


A lot of the audio tour we were following told us to go in places and walk around, but we couldn’t because of construction gates. It really made figuring out where we were difficult.


The heat was also really getting to us. We brought water, but found a cafe inside Pompeii where we bought more.

I was determined to find the casts of the people who were found there in ash. I knew there had some be some still there, but I didn’t see anything on the map. I listened ahead to the audio tour and thought I knew where they were, so we went to find them.



On the other side of Pompeii they are doing a lot of construction. They are making it look like Pompeii would have looked before the eruption. I am not sure how I feel about them remodeling a historic site.


The heat was so intense. We had to rest a lot.


After walking for a while I felt like we were the only ones there! I never realized how big Pompeii was. You can see Mt. Vesuvius in the background!


Eventually I found what I was looking for!


We eventually realized the majority of the artifacts are not in Pompeii, they are in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. I guess people were stealing things or ruining them.

This is why we can’t have nice things.


We decided halfway through the day to call it quits. It was just too hot out. I give my mama credit for pushing through. It was extremely hot out and she never quit!

After we got back we went on the boat for a little to cool off and change our shoes. I think sneakers make me hotter. My feet need to breathe!

We decided to explore Naples and have some pizza because why not!

Naples Pizza

We literally got off the boat and walked to the first pizza place we could find. I was trying to find places with good reviews online, but I had limited internet to use.

We had AMAZING pizza and house wine. Unfortunately my stomach was still off from getting my eyes examined in the morning. I wish I knew how to make that feeling go away.

Since we had a big, late lunch, I didn’t really eat dinner. I still wasn’t feeling well so I went to the room to relax.

The Godfather

I decided to finally watch The Godfather for the first time. I figured I should brush up since we were going to Sicily the next day!


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