Mediterranean Cruise: Monte Carlo, Monaco

On Monday we docked in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Monday Rug

Of course there were yachts everywhere. I couldn’t imagine how much they cost.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

We walked down towards the boats, but we went towards the train station first.

Monte Carlo

We decided to go to Nice, France in the morning because it was a short train ride away.

The station was a disaster. We tried using the automated machines. I assumed they would be as accommodating in other countries as New York is. Every machine in the U.S. has different language options…not overseas. All the kiosks were in French so we had to hunt down a ticket office.

After we got our tickets we had to try and figure out what train to get on. We ALMOST got on the wrong train. It was a high-speed to Paris. That would have been a total mess.

Finally our train got there and we got on. The trains were covered in graffiti.


We got on the train, but then it never started moving. They kept making announcements in French and luckily a man sitting near us deciphered them for us. We had a half hour train delay because of construction (or at least that is what we think) on the tracks.


For me that meant it was nap time. My uncle joined in.

We FINALLY got to Nice and it looked like it was about to rain the whole time. It had rained while we were on the train.


It was a very pretty city. We headed down towards the water.

I decided why not put my feet in the Mediterranean!


The beaches there aren’t made of sand. They are covered in rocks. I cannot imagine it being comfortable to sit on.

Everyone was a little tired so we went to a cafe to get some coffee and hang out for a little. Then we headed back to the train.

Nice Train

Luckily the train back was not delayed so it was pretty fast.

When we got back we decided to walk around closer to the yachts.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

I tried to sneak onto a boat, just to take a peek, but there were too many people around.

Monte Carlo

After the marina we decided to go up the hill to the casino.

I am pretty sure we took the long way, but everyone trudged along.

Monte Carlo

We walked up the famous hill where Princess Grace had her car accident.

Monte Carlo Casino

There were hundreds or expensive cars out front. I really wasn’t sure if people drove them or if they just parked them there to make the place look fancy.

We were going to go inside, but they wanted us to check our cameras and bags and it was too much of a hassle. They also had a fee for going inside.

Instead we headed back to the boat. Cheryl and I decided, since we still had time, to go for a run outside.


It wasn’t the easiest run. We had to dodge people left and right, but it was really nice out by then.

That night we had dinner at another specialty restaurant, Canaletto. It was the Italian restaurant on board. It was good, but the service was slow.

It was formal night on the boat so everyone dressed up. We went to the show which had all the singers and dancers from the boat. It was good, but it was mostly all pop cover songs.

Formal Night

Formal Night

After we stopped by the B.B. King Club and then off to the Piano bar for the rest of the night.


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