World Traveler

So this weekend I got back from my 12 day cruise in the mediterranean on the Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam.

Mediterranean Cruise

We went to 11 different ports in 12 days! It was an amazing vacation. There will be a TON of blog posts eventually.

We got back on Friday afternoon and it took all my willpower to stay awake until a normal hour. The jet lag is going to be brutal the next few days.

Saturday morning I did my laundry and then we got lunch with my cousins. After lunch OF COURSE my mom’s car battery died so we had to call AAA. After she got a new battery we headed to Kristen’s condo-warming party.

House Warming

Around 9pm I had to call it a night. I was extremely tired. Originally I was going to drive back to Philly on Saturday night, but I didn’t want to drive sleepy.

Sunday morning I woke up at 2am and could not get back to sleep. Jet lag fun!

I left NJ around 9am to head back to Philly. About 30 minutes from my apt I got into a fender bender. This weekend was just a mess. The girl in front of me started driving (when the light turned green) and then just stopped and I didn’t stop in time.

Fender Bender

My car is a tank so it got a little scratch and bent the license plate, but that was it. Luckily the girl could really care less and we exchanged info (then her mom showed up to make sure I had insurance) and I went to to police station to file the report. Now I have to file a claim. Just glad it wasn’t anything too serious.

My goal was to write some vacation posts all day Sunday, but catching up on TV shows (like PLL WTF!?!) took over my life.

This week I am excited to get back into my routine. I can’t wait to tell you all about my adventures!


Happy Monday!


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