Fitbit Surge Review

Fitbit Surge Review

At first I was very hesitant to get a Fitbit Surge. I had the Fitbit Flex and loved it. It was small, and I barely realized I was wearing it. I could also change out the bands.

My sister got a free Fitbit Surge from work and asked if I wanted it. With my new job I needed to set up notifications for meetings so I thought I would try it out. Now I am mad I did not get one sooner!

I love that you can change the watch faces, set alarms, see your text messages and phone calls without looking at your phone and track your workouts. I feel like I move more just because I can flip through my stats all day long.

The alarms are great. I set one for all my meetings so if I get lost in work I do not miss anything.

If you are thinking of a fitness tracker this is it! I had wanted to get an iWatch, but now I do not know if I will. This does just enough without being too much.


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