Summer Bucket List Update

How is summer almost over!?!?! I made a bucket list at the beginning of the summer…let’s see how many I have checked off so far.

1. Rock Out at an Outdoor Concert – DONE
I went and saw Mumford and Sons on the beach in New Jersey. It was an amazing outdoor concert!

2. Spend Some Time at a Fair/Festival

3. Day at the Beach – DONE
I not only went to the beach..I camped there! Camping on the beach at Assateague National Seashore was so much fun! We are planning our trip already for next year!

4. Flea Market Finds – DONE
I went to the Brooklyn Flea. I was disappointed, but still glad I went. Now I need to get to the Franklin Flea in Philly.

5. I’m On A Boat!

6. Swim in a Pool – DONE
This one was the easiest. I just moved into an apartment complex with a pool and I go as much as I can. I love pools and the fact that no one is ever there makes it better!

7. Go to a Baseball Game (and tailgate)

8. Watch a Movie Under the Stars at the Drive-In

9. Hiking Adventure – DONE
Hiking the Pinnacle was grueling in the summer, but definitely pretty. I am glad I got out and went on a new adventure. The boulder field was the best part.

10. See Fireworks – DONE
The fireworks at the Art Museum in Philadelphia this year on the 4th of July were not as great as past years, but still a great event.


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