My DIY Project Update

At the beginning of the year I made a post about some DIY projects I wanted to complete. I thought I would update you on my progress!

1. Cork Board Fun – DONE

Painted Disney Pin Board
I completed this project by using a stencil and paint. It was not the cleanest design on the cork board, but definitely an improvement.

2. Dresser Revamp – DONE

Dresser to TV StandI was able to complete a lot of my projects when I moved to Philadelphia. I needed furniture and I wanted to not spend a lot of money on it. I decided revamping old furniture I had would be the best and I already had ideas on what I wanted to do with them.

I love my TV stand. It looks great and it is the perfect height with storage.

3. Basement Ikea Dresser Facelift

4. Bookcase Love

5. Chest of Drawers – DONE

Dresser Facelift

This was another project I did for my new apartment. I needed something for storage in my dining room and this is the perfect place for my Pyrex obsession.

6. Old Tires Utilized

7. Pallet Coat Rack
I have the I need to do something with them.

8. Beer Crate Table – DONE

Miller Crate Table

Everyone that comes over to my apartment comments on my beer crate table. I am so glad I got the hairpin legs. I think I might get two more eventually so that it can be free standing and not have to be attached to the wall.

9. Tools Organization
This one we started..sort of. We separated a lot of the tools into piles in the basement. We have A LOT of tools. I even brought my own set to Philly with me. Soon we will be able to organize them in the garage.

10. Bedroom Curtains
This one isn’t really relevant anymore, but maybe I will still make curtains.

11. Chalkboard Race Bib and Medal Holder

12. Jewelry Holder
I started this one too. I used one of the extra drawers from my dresser remodel and painted it. Now I need to add hooks and bowls to store my jewelry.

13. Bottle Opener
I bought one, but I still want to make one.

14. Mason Jar Vase

15. Ladder Shelf – DONE

Shutter Shelf

This one I did, but different. Instead of a ladder shelf I made a shutter shelf. I love it! The shutters were my best buy at the Antique Marketplace. I need to make more furniture myself.

So out of 15 I still have 5 projects done and 3 projects started. So only 7 more projects to go! I still have until the end of the year. I think I can accomplish that.


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