My Favorite Blogs


Blogs are a great way to discover new things. I have a variety of blogs I read on a daily basis, and I thought I would share my favorite with you!

Canva Design School
I love this blog for inspiration. They have daily posts on topics like infographics, photography, design elements and so much more.

A Beautiful Mess
If you want an all around great blog about life, DIY, recipes, photography and style, then A Beautiful Mess is the blog for you. They post multiple times a day and their posts are always well researched and pretty. I have pinned tons of their DIY projects to try. I don’t know how they still have new ideas every day!

J’s Everyday Fashion
I have always had problems putting together outfits. I always tend to stick to the same things. This blog has helped me branch out. She has great style and I love how she gives you a bunch of links with similar pieces at different price points.

Iowa Girl Eats
This is my favorite flood blog. She has great recipes, life stories and even healthy/gluten free options.

Simply Taralynn
Taralynn has an amazing weight loss story that I can relate to. She has a pretty adventurous life and always has healthy recipes or ways to work out and stay healthy. I really like her writing style.

Run Eat Repeat
Never thought running could be fun? Monica is a runner who lives in SoCal and has an amazing blog. I read every post. She is the one that got me into Stitch Fix! I love how most of her blogs are random ideas, in no particular order, but she always makes exercise a priority.

So if you are in search for some great blogs, check these out!


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