Lay’s Do Us A Flavor

So on Friday my coworker went and bought a bag of each of the Lay’s Do Us A Flavor chip finalists.

Work Taste Test

I guess they have done this in past years, but they all try the chips to see which ones they like the best.

It was a great idea because I have seen the chips and the last thing I want to do is buy a huge bag of them and then not like the taste. Waste of money and food!

So here are my favorites…from least favorite to my winner!

Lays Do Us A Flavor

Kettle Cooked Greek Town Gyro
My absolute least favorite one was they gyro. It has a smoky, lamb taste to it which to me is disgusting. I like lamb, but I do not like my chips to taste like lamb. I was hoping it would have more of a tzatziki sauce taste to it.

New York Reuben
The reuben chips aren’t bad, but they also aren’t good. I can only taste rye bread, but my coworker said she tasted cheese on one bite and pastrami on another. I had a few chips and never tasted anything but rye bread. To each his own!

West Coast Wavy Truffle Fries
The truffle fries aren’t bad. I would definitely buy a bag in the store, but they honestly just taste like sour cream and onion chips. Not sure if that is what they were going for?

Southern Biscuits and Gravy
The clear winner is the biscuits and gravy. The chips have a great gravy taste to them. I actually bought a small bag version at Subway yesterday and I still like them! The flavor isn’t overpowering, but it still has flavor.

I must say the chips this year, even though some I didn’t like, definitely were spot on when it came to flavor. I know past years the flavors they were supposed to be were sometimes a complete miss, but these were pretty close.

Go out and try some and tell my your favorite flavor! You can go to the website too and vote or see how your state ranks.


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