Out and About

Happy August!

Last weekend was a fun one! Even though Thursday isn’t technically the weekend…let’s start there.

Stroll the Street

On Thursday night I went with Cindy to Stroll the Street again. I like that a lot of the bars have $5 cocktail specials. We went to Lucky’s first, but it was pretty dull so we headed to Pitchers after. Pitchers reminds me of a college bar, but it was fun.

On Friday I went over Kier and Eric’s to help them clean and then we watched the first episode of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. I just watched the movie for the first time last week and then show is just as ridiculous and funny. I love the actors playing 26 year olds when majority of them are in their 40s.

Saturday morning I went for a run with Cindy on the Towpath.

Running Towpath

I love all the different places to run around here!

After that I went to the pool. Cindy and Anthony came over later in the day. I still don’t understand how barely anyone in my complex goes to the pool, but less stress for me!

Later that night we got dinner and then went down to Morgan’s Pier.

Ben Franklin Bridge

It’s a beer garden right under the Ben Franklin Bridge. It was a really nice place. It got “clubby” as the night went on, but nothing too crazy. They didn’t overpack it which was nice. We headed home around midnight anyway because we are old.

The next day I did some errands and then headed to the Antique Marketplace in Lemoyne (by Harrisburg).

We were there a few weeks ago and I have been wanting to go back.

Antique Marketplace

It wasn’t as great this time I think because I knew how large the place was so the initial shock wore off. I did get two more Pyrex pieces though.

Antique Marketplace Pyrex

I am still on the hunt for the pink Pyrex. I know I can get it online, but it tends to be more expensive and also I am nervous about having it shipped. It’s so pretty though!

Pink Pyrex

After we got dinner at Appalachian Brewing Co. again. Their food is phenomenal. I am actually glad it isn’t closer because I would be there all the time and my wallet and waistline would not be happy.

Any other Pyrex patterns I need to hunt for?


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