Fitness and Freak Outs

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was a doozy!

Last week was pretty jam packed. On Tuesday I went food shopping at Wegmans. I tried using coupons and it resulted in 2 hours of shopping and a $167 bill. I have problems.

On Wednesday I went to Northeast Philly for trivia at the Grey Lodge. The trivia was themed Christmas in July. The questions weren’t the easiest, but our team still came in 2nd!

Thursday night I went to Main Street Manayunk for Stroll the Street with Cindy and Anthony. I have not seen Anthony in about 3 years. It was nice to catch up! We got drinks at the Goat’s Beard. They had happy hour prices all night which was nice since I always miss happy hour. Cindy lives near Main Street so I parked by her and walked down. The only problem was going home we had to walk back and she lives at the top of a massive hill.

Hills of Manayunk

Friday is dress down day at work so I rocked my dino dress and everyone loved it. I mean who wouldn’t love it?

Dino Dress Friday

Cheryl came down for the weekend and Friday we went to dinner at Bourbon Blue.

Bourbon Blue

The food was delicious! I had the red snapper. We sat outside and it was a little buggy, but very pretty.

Saturday morning Cheryl and I went for a 6 mile run along the Wissahickon.

Running Wissahickon

Even though it was hot out it wasn’t unbearable since the whole path is shaded.

After we spent the day at the pool with Karen and Cindy. I love having a pool!

Pool Day

After the pool we went on an excursion with Karen to get our nails done. She goes to a place that does fun nail designs so I got a much needed pedicure and a fancy design.

Epitome Nail Art

After we did some shopping and then Cheryl and I watched Wet Hot American Summer. I had never seen it, but was told I had to before the new Netflix series comes out. It was….interesting. I cannot believe all the young stars in it!

Sunday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

It started off great. Cheryl and I had decided we wanted to go bike riding around the Schuylkill. We usually run it, but we had run the day before. We wanted to get set cushions for our bikes though because my butt was killing me after our Assateague ride. We decided to go to Brewerytown Bicycle since it opened the earliest. The store was great and the guy inside filled and adjusted our tires for free.

After was when everything went downhill.

We were loading the bikes back onto the car and I had hooks in my backpack. When I got them out my wallet must have fallen out onto the ground. We got into the car and I started to drive and I don’t know why but I told Cheryl to make sure my wallet was in my bag. I had a weird feeling. She couldn’t find it so she ran back to the spot and saw a guy running back into a car from the spot where we were just parked. She went over and looked around and went back into the store, but my wallet was gone :(

I had a major freak out, called my bank and credit card companies to cancel my cards and then had to go to the police station to file a police report.

After I went to the bank to get a new debit card and looked online to figure out getting a new license. The whole ordeal made me look into getting a PA license since I live here now. I looked into it when I first moved and it said I had 60 days to change my license. What I didn’t know was I only had 20 days to change my title and registration! That means I have to get everything done this week :( What a mess.

After my freak out we decided we still wanted to go bike riding so we did!

Biking the Schuylkill

It was a nice ride and helped me de-stress a little.

Lesson learned! Always look before you leave :(

Hopefully I will get everything done without issues, but then it wouldn’t be my ridiculous life now would it?


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