I’ll Drink To That!

Recently I have been posting a lot of pictures on Instagram of beer. I mean I have always had a fondness of beer, but lately it has been my mission to try new beers. One of the reasons I am on this mission is because of a new not so new app called Untappd.


It’s not a “new” app, but it’s new to me. I downloaded it a few weeks ago and since then I have been on a beer drinking kick. The weirder the name the better!

How does the app work?

The main point of the app is to check in a beer you are drinking. You can rate the beer (up to 5) and also add a little description. There is also an option to check into the place you are drinking and also like the brewery that makes the beer!

I originally started out loading every beer I knew I have had before, but that turned into me looking like an alcoholic. Instead I am just going to wait until I have that beer again. It has also sent me on a kick to try new beers. One thing I always hated was going somewhere and trying a beer and then forgetting if I had it the next time around. Now I can just look it up!

Summer Drinks

If you are not adventurous with your beer choices this is probably not an app for you, but if you enjoy trying new things (at least once) I suggest downloading it today!

Also it goes without saying…drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive.


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