Monday Movie Night at The Trocadero

The past few weeks have been a little hectic.

I am trying to balance my new work hours of 9-6 with a social life in my new city. I have also been trying to keep busy after work. I never usually go out during the week, but I want to try and do things in the summer since the weather is nice.

Eric told us about movie night at the Trocadero in Chinatown. This week’s movie was Jaws and I thought it would be fitting since we are going to the beach this weekend and I don’t go in the water because of Jaws.

I went with Kier and Karen. I went straight from work and we met for dinner at Jones first.

After dinner we headed to the theatre. It is more of a concert venue, but the balcony has stadium seating.

The movie is only $3! The $3 goes towards your first drink and you also get a raffle ticket.

Trocadero Movie Night - Jaws

I am pretty sure this was the first time I saw Jaws on a movie screen!

I think it would be a good movie to do at a pool. Put up a giant screen and watch it in tubes in a pool. How fun!?!

Trocadero Movie Night - Jaws

After the movie they have bar quiz (10 questions) with prizes. Then they have a raffle drawing for more prizes!

It was a lot of fun. I like that they have a different movie every Monday and you can’t beat the price!

I think the next one we are going to see is Kingpin in August, but you can see the full list here.


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