A Little Spark

I picked the best week to start a new job!

The first few days have been really intense. There is a lot of information I need to learn so I have been training every day. I almost feel like I am back in school with all the notes I have been taking. I am really liking it though and cannot wait to dive in!

On Monday night Cindy stopped by to hang out and see the new place and Lauren came over on Tuesday. It was nice having visitors :)

Cheryl took the train down Wednesday night, but that was a disaster. Someone jumped in front of a train so she had to sit and wait to go for over an hour. When she finally made it down I picked her up in Trenton and then we met up with Kier and Eric and some of their friends at Spruce Street Harbor Park.

July 4th Weekend

It was a pretty cool area. We had food and drinks from food trucks all along the water.

After we were still hungry (small portions) so we walked and got pizza from Lorenzo’s. The slices are ginormous so we were definitely full after that!

July 4th Weekend

On Thursday my work had a catered BBQ lunch for the 4th of July. The food was decent, but it was weird not having beer like my past work parties.

July 4th Weekend

On Friday I went hiking with Cindy, Maya and Cheryl to the Pinnacle in Hamburg, PA. I had originally hoped to get a lot of apartment stuff done on Friday, but the hike was a lot longer than I had anticipated. It was a cool spot though. The blue rocks were my favorite!

July 4th Weekend

When we got back I did some shopping with Cheryl and then finished up with Kier on Saturday morning. I am done buying stuff (and now broke) so I am glad I have everything I need!

We went to Sean’s house on Saturday afternoon to celebrate the 4th of July.

July 4th Weekend

He lives near the Philadelphia Art Museum, which is where the fireworks are, so we walk down to see them.

July 4th Weekend

I am not sure why, but the fireworks weren’t as great as they have been in past years. Maybe it was where we were sitting, but I just didn’t enjoy them as much. They were short too :(

July 4th Weekend

On Sunday Cheryl helped me finish putting all the stuff I bought together and also hanging things up. Now this week I can relax without feeling like I should be doing something!

We also went to my pool for a few hours in the afternoon. I was hungover, but it was still refreshing swimming in the water and laying in the sun.

July 4th Weekend

I realized something this weekend….I have to stop being so nice to people.

I know that sounds weird, but I feel like I am always going out of my way to be a nice person because I hate feeling like I am letting someone down or disappointing someone, but I never get that in return. Part of my new job, new place and new life adventure is I have to start doing stuff for me and not caring about anyone else, especially people who go out of their way to upset you.

Don't Look Back, You're Not Going That Way

It will be hard for me to accomplish, but I think it will make me happier in the end.

Have a great week!


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