July Stitch Fix

Molly is the best stylist. Sadly after this month I am switching to an every other month order until I figure out my finances.

Weston Faux Wrap Dress

The first thing I tried on was this Weston Faux Wrap Dress. I loved the pattern and the fit. The best was that it looks like a wrap dress, but doesn’t come apart like one! It was only $68 too which is cheaper than dresses I have gotten before. Keep!

Astrid Tie Neck Blouse and Karla Textured Short

Next I paired together the Astrid Tie Neck Blouse and Karla Textured Short.

When I pulled the shirt out of the box I was in love. Unfortunately it was HUGE on me. Again I know baggy and flowy is a style right now, but it just doesn’t flatter me. Had it fit I would have definitely paid the $54 for it.

I had been asking for lace shorts for a while now. I really liked these because they weren’t ALL lace and they were a fun color. They also weren’t super tight on my legs. The best part was they were only $44!

Siena Cropped Pant

Next in my fix was the Siena Cropped Pant. The color was really fun and I actually like this combo with the top (from Express), but the fit wasn’t right. They hugged in weird places and were baggy in others. Also for $58 they were pricey for not fitting well.

Hillcrest Mixed Media Chevron Necklace

Last was this Hillcrest Mixed Media Chevron Necklace. Chevrons are really the best shape. It was only $28 too!

So I wound up keeping 3 things and sending 2 back. I begged them to keep Molly as my stylist because even though two things didn’t fit right I still LOVED the style.

My mom has been talking about my fixes for a while now and I finally convinced her to sign up!

Try your own Stitch Fix today!


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