Project Life 2015 – Week 24

Life is moving along pretty fast right now, but I am trying to make sure to enjoy every minute!

Project Life Page 54-55

Project Life Page 54

Project Life Page 55

This week I went to sign my lease and show my mom the new apartment. Of course right after we got a call from PSE&G that there was a gas leak under my mom’s car….2 hours away! We drove home and luckily they hadn’t towed the car, but now we need new gas lines. On Saturday I went to the Brooklyn Brewery to celebrate Ray’s birthday. We were there last year for his birthday. That place is always a good time. After I went to Target, Marshalls and TJ Maxx for the last of my stuff I need to buy. On Sunday Cheryl and I went to Home Depot to get materials for some projects. I was able to finish all the furniture remodels I wanted to do! Then as a reward for our hard work we went to the dine-in theatre to see Jurassic World for dinner.

Have a great weekend!


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