Dresser Facelift

Repurposing old furniture might be a lot of work, but when it turns out great it is very rewarding!

In my basement we had this old dresser that was my grandmother’s. It mainly had a bunch of junk in it so I decided to repurpose it and bring it with me to my new apartment.

Dresser Facelift

We have had a few floods in our basement so the bottom front panel was pretty deteriorated. We decided to remove that.

Dresser Facelift

I wanted the top part to be an open space to display my Pyrex so I decided to use a saw to cut the top drawer pieces out.

Dresser Facelift

Now it was time to sand! The dresser wasn’t in the best shape so instead of staining it I decided to paint it a light grey color.

Dresser Facelift

Thanks to my mom the dresser looked amazing after being painted!

Dresser Facelift

Next we had an old piece of plywood (from some past project) that we cut to fit the inside of the top area. Then my mom painted the inside a light green color as an accent.

Dresser Facelift

Now I have a place to display my pyrex and hold kitchen/dining room stuff like tablecloths and towels!


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