Dresser to TV Stand

I don’t know about you, but I think TV stands are expensive!

Instead I decided to refurbish an old dresser we had in our back room. It is part of the set of furniture my parents had in their bedroom. My mom is planning on getting new bedroom furniture so she didn’t care that I redid it.

Dresser to TV Stand

The whole dresser was a light walnut and very scratched. The bottom drawer was completely broken too.

I decided I wanted it to still be a wood instead of painting it so we decided to sand it and then stain it a dark Kona color.

Dresser to TV Stand

I also got new hardware for the two two drawers.

Cheryl did an awesome job sanding and staining it!

We got a piece of plywood at Home Depot, but waited to cut it at home. I wanted to make sure it would fit inside before we cut it. Once we got the plywood inside I attached it with screws and stained the entire inside area.

Dresser to TV Stand

I love how it came out! The bottom is going to have some baskets with remotes and stuff or I might even put a hole in the back and put my TV box in the bottom. I will have to wait and see!


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