Shutter Shelf

So a few weeks ago we went to an Antique Marketplace in Harrisburg, PA. For a few years now I have always wanted to do a project with shutters. I just love the look of them!

While perusing the marketplace Cheryl found a set of old blue shutters that were pretty wide. Most shutters are thin, but these were perfect.

Shutter Shelf

I decided the color scheme of my living room is going to be grey and brown with hints of yellow. I decided to spray paint the shutters a grey color because painting them with a brush would take too long.

Shutter Shelf

Each side of the shutter used a whole can of spray paint, but it was only $4 a can so it wasn’t too bad.

I went to Home Depot and got some thick plywood cut 18″ by 24″ for the shelves. The original pieces were 24″ square so I kept the extra wood for some other projects.

Then Cheryl stained the wood a dark Kona brown on both sides. We made sure to get really knotty wood so there was some texture to it.

Shutter Shelf

After everything was painted and stained we attached the shelves to the shutters with screws.

I LOVE how this came out and I am so excited to set it up in my new place!


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