I Want the Whole World!

Lots of changes are coming my way!

On Friday I gave my two weeks notice. In the span of a week I interviewed and was offered a job in PA and I decided to take it. It’s a lot of change (new job and moving), but in a good way. The next few weeks are going to be very hectic and expensive. I am sad to leave my current company because the people there are amazing, but I am moving up to a manager role so I am ready for the challenge!

Saturday morning I drove with Cheryl down to Philly to look at an apartment. I had been looking online since Monday for places and this apartment complex was my favorite. When I called the lady said there was only one unit left until September! I asked for the first available appointment and once I saw the place I knew I had to live there. The fact that all the utilities (even cable) are included sold me on it. I need to know how much my bills are going to be so one payment a month and no surprises makes me happy. Pictures and lots of posts on that coming soon!

After I snagged the apartment we headed to Hershey Park!

Hershey Park

Our original plan was to be there when it opened at 10am, but I couldn’t see the apartment until 10:45 so we didn’t get there until close to 1pm. It’s ok though because my sanity comes first!

We met my friends (who got there earlier) in the waterpark first. Of course when we got there it started to drizzle, but we were getting wet anyway so it didn’t matter. We went on a few rides and then decided to change and head over to Chocolate World.

I have not been to Hershey park since high school. I do love Twizzlers and they are a Hershey product!

Hershey Park

I remember going on the main chocolate factory ride to learn about chocolate, but I do not remember there being singing cows.

Hershey Park

I kind of felt like I was in Disney!

After we went on a bunch of roller coasters. I really love the ones that flip!

Even though it was a Saturday the lines were not that bad. I was really surprised. The longest line we waited on was for the newest coaster Laff Trakk. We were in line for over an hour!

Hershey Park

Luckily they had a few interesting things to keep people entertained. The fun house mirrors were hysterical.

One of the last rides we went on was Fahrenheit.

Hershey Park

The coaster goes straight up and then comes straight down. My face (and Cheryl’s) says it all. I was terrified. After the fact though it was a fun roller coaster!

We stayed at a local hotel that night since we stayed until 10pm when the park closed. We definitely got our money’s worth!

The next day I wanted to go to a local antique marketplace I saw a flyer for in the hotel lobby. IT WAS AMAZING.

Antique Marketplace

I really like rustic country stuff so this was my mecca. I wound up buying a bunch of Pyrex (my newest obsession) and some old shutters I am going to make into a shelving until for my new place!

I really could have stayed there all day. I didn’t even get to see everything :(

Appalachian Brewing Co

Before leaving town we went to Appalachian Brewing Company.

If you are ever in the Harrisburg area go! The food was phenomenal and they have really great craft beers. The Aero-Head was my favorite!

After we headed back home. When I walked in the door my mom already had boxes of stuff for me to bring to my new apartment! I am trying to just purge the house so I don’t have to buy a lot.

Exciting new life adventure!


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