My Mad Men Inspired Drinking Spree

So last week I went to Atlantic City for work. Atlantic City is definitely slowly going downhill. I feel bad because the majority of the town is riddled with history.

On my first night there my coworker Dale insisted on going to the old restaurant called Knife and Fork Inn. It was even featured on an episode of Boardwalk Empire!

Recently I have been watching Mad Men. I have always heard about all the fancy drinks, but never actually tried them. While we were at the restaurant I figured I would order one of the most popular drinks from the show, an Old Fashioned.

Old Fashioned

An Old Fashioned is made with bourbon or rye whiskey, bitters, a sugar cube and water.

Being mainly a beer drinker I rarely drink hard alcohol. I had a pretty tough time finishing the drink (I actually didn’t finish it), but I was glad I tried it. I can see now why they are always drunk on the show!

The next day I decided to try a Manhattan at the casino bar. My coworker said it would taste better than the old fashioned did.


A Manhattan is made with rye or whiskey, bitters, sweet vermouth and a cherry. My bartender told me he used both sweet and dry vermouth since it was my first one. I actually really enjoyed it!

I always feel fancy drinking from a martini glass, but it is very difficult. I always tend to spill :(

At this point I decided to look up the rest of the popular drinks from the show and try them. Why not!


We had dinner at Bobby Flay’s Steakhouse in the Borgata. I decided to get a Sidecar with dinner.

A sidecar is cognac, lemon juice and triple sec. I really enjoyed this one! I think there was also a lot of sugar or something in mine because it was pretty sweet.

Whiskey Sour

Next on the list was a Whiskey Sour which is lemon juice, Gomme syrup, egg white and whiskey. This was actually my favorite drink of the night and I am just finding out now there is egg white in it!

Tom Collins

The last drink I got was a Tom Collins. It is lemon juice, gin, sugar syrup and carbonated water. I didn’t mind this one either.

So what was the final consensus?

I really enjoyed the Sidecar and the Whiskey Sour. I think it was because it wasn’t as strong of an alcohol taste. I realized while drinking all these drinks that I really need to start trying more alcohol. I stick mainly to beer and wine, but when the bartenders were asking me what whiskey or bourbon I wanted I had no idea! I need to expand my palette or at least know some good brands for when I am out.

Any other drinks I need to try?


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