Mumford & Sons – Gentlemen of the Road Tour

This past weekend, on a whim, my friends and I decided to get tickets to see Mumford & Sons when they stopped in Seaside Heights on their Gentlemen of the Road tour.

Mumford & Sons

Our original plan was to just listen to the show (which was on the beach) from the street. The tickets were originally $180 for the 3 day concert series which is pretty pricey. Luckily we went on StubHub that afternoon and snagged $60 tickets for the final day!

Mumford & Sons

The “tickets” were actually RFID wristbands which were pretty cool. We picked them up from the StubHub tent at a local bar and then headed to the boardwalk.

Mumford & Sons

They closed down the boardwalk area for about 8 blocks. Only people with tickets could get onto the boardwalk which was packed!

Luckily Jill’s brother had gotten to the beach earlier in the day and snagged an area near the stage.

Mumford & Sons

When we got there Jenny Lewis was playing.

Mumford & Sons

You could watch the concert from the beach or the boardwalk. It was pretty much a sea of people.

Mumford & Sons

Leaving to go to the bathroom or get beer was pretty much impossible. We toughed it out and I left a few times and had to push my way back.

Mumford & Sons

Next up was The Flaming Lips. I had heard some of their music before, but I didn’t realize how eccentric the band was. The lead singer had a mylar balloon cape (which made it’s way into the crowd), confetti cannons and at one point rolled into the crowd in a plastic bubble.

Mumford & Sons

Soon the sun went down and it was time for Mumford & Sons!

I was a little nervous they were going to play mainly their new album. The album isn’t bad, it’s just a different sound then they used to have. All their old stuff has a banjo and is very upbeat (for the most part). Their new album has some upbeat rock songs, but it’s a lot slower.

Mumford & Sons

The beach and boardwalk were PACKED!

Mumford & Sons

They started with some new songs, but eventually kept playing most of their older (banjo) stuff. The crowd went crazy every time an old song came on. It was surprising how many people didn’t know their new stuff.

Mumford & Sons

We had heard earlier in the day a rumor that Bruce Springsteen might be there. Well he wasn’t, but the last song Mumford brought out all the opening acts and they played Atlantic City so that is probably where the rumor came from.

The show itself was amazing. I am so glad we decided to get tickets because if I had only been listening from afar I wouldn’t have had the amazing experience.

I really hope the next album they put out has a mixture of their old and new sound. It was clear how most people loved their older stuff more than the newer stuff. I think they have a unique sound and I was sad they tried to steer away from it.


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