I Will Wait for You

Today I am sitting at work in excruciating pain because my throat is on fire. What did I do? I had an amazing weekend, that’s what!

On Friday night I headed down to PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ for the Lady Antebellum concert.

Lady Antebellum Concert

It was a lot more crowded than I had anticipated.

Lady Antebellum Concert

Sam Hunt and Hunter Hayes were also performing. Sadly we missed Sam Hunt because we thought there would be another random opener. Don’t worry, we had beer to make us feel better.

Lady Antebellum Concert

Lady Antebellum always puts on a good show. We sang and danced all night!

The next morning I skipped Crossfit to sleep in. I have been a slacker lately. Then we decided to have a girls day at the beach. Our original plan was to sit on the beach during the day and then at night head over to Seaside Heights to sneakily listen to the Mumford and Sons concert on the beach since tickets were $180. That plan fell apart as soon as we got there and it was cloudy.

We decided to go to the Sawmill to get some drinks and wait for the sun to come out. A lot of people going to the concert were camping on the beach. We took the skyride to get a better view.


We got drinks and food at the Sawmill and scoped out the area where the concert was.


As we were hanging out at the Sawmill we heard rumors Bruce Springsteen was going to be at the Mumford and Sons concert that night.

When the sun came out we decided to head back to Ortley (where we parked) to go to the beach. Our Uber driver also told us the Bruce Springsteen rumor! At this point we decided to look into tickets and we found some on StubHub for $60 each! We decided to just go for it and all got tickets. Then we went to the beach.


The Jersey beaches are still not as great as they were before Hurricane Sandy. It’s so sad how many houses are still being rebuilt 3 years later!


We had fun at the beach and made some new Newfoundland friends!

We all changed and then headed back to Seaside for the concert.

Mumford and Sons Concert

Wristbands acquired!

Mumford and Sons Concert

Jill’s brother had gotten to the beach earlier in the day and saved a small area for us near the front. We had an amazing view of the stage!

Mumford and Sons Concert

The concert was AMAZING! I will do a more in-depth review later this week. Sadly there was no Bruce.

We decided to drive home after and when we got home at 2am I crashed.

The next day we had a crossfit meetup at a local bar so we decided to be social and check it out.

Crossfit Meetup

We couldn’t stay too long because we told Jenn and Danny we would help them with house stuff, but it was a fun time!

So between a concert Friday night, a concert Saturday night and moving furniture around all day Sunday I am a mess. Sore throat, tired and sore, but it was all worth it!


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