June Stitch Fix

Molly is the best Stitch Fix stylist I have had. If she keeps sending me all these amazing pieces I might have to get another job to pay for it!

Pacheco Ikat Print V Neck Top

I absolutely love the pattern on this Pacheco Ikat Print V-Neck Top. It’s a little loose, but that really seems to be the style lately. I can’t complain because I like the fit and the price ($48) wasn’t bad either. Keeper!

Colibri Paisley Print Sleeveless Top

I had told Molly I wanted more summer tops and she really delivered! I love the color and pattern on this Colibri Paisley Print Sleeveless Top. It was only $44 and they even included a (free) black tank top to put under it.

Lex Textured Floral Knit Fit and Flare Dress

How cute is this Lex Textured Floral Knit Fit and Flare Dress?!?! It really reminds me of Mad Men and it fit really nicely. It is $74, but I could not send it back. Now I need something fun to wear it to!

Cherri Lace Detail Sleeveless Blouse

This Cherri Lace Detail Sleeveless Blouse is perfect for a night out or for work. It was also only $48. At this point I realized the box was too good to send anything back.

Fifi Floral Clutch

I am not completely sold on this Fifi Floral Clutch, but for only $38 I decided to keep it. That and the fact that keeping it meant I got 20% off my whole order. My total would have been $194, but with the 20% instead of the $252 total it was $169 so I paid $25 less to keep the purse. That’s how they get you!

I am trying to branch out of my comfort zone so I am going to use this purse on my cruise this summer.

I asked for Molly to style me again next month. She really sends the best stuff!

Get your own Stitch Fix box today!


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