Who Is That Girl I See?

So this weekend was one of reflection.

My friend Kristen is one of the coordinators for Clifton’s Relay for Life. She is great at it and they raise a lot of money every year for cancer research.

Relay for Life is usually the last weekend of May. It is definitely a fun event, but also an event where you think about life and how many people have been affected by a horrible illness.

The other thing about relay is it falls around the same time as my father’s death. He passed away two years ago and I remember going to relay and just being with my friends after it happened. It helped to be around other people who understood loss as well.

Relay for Life

The theme of relay this year was movies. Lucky for me Kristen grabbed me a Tigger hat in Disney! I have refused to buy Mickey ears until they made Tigger ones and they finally did! Jill and I also competed in a HIIT workout challenge.

Relay for Life

Luckily, even though it called for rain, it was a nice day out. My friends are weird, but they are fun and they helped me keep my mind busy.

Relay for Life

The luminary ceremony is always a sad one. It is when we take a lap in silence to remember those we have lost. I know it’s mainly for people who have been lost to cancer, but you can’t help thinking of anyone you lost too early in life.

Brooklyn Flea

On Sunday (the anniversary of my dad’s passing) we didn’t want to sit at home all day sad. I decided we should go check out the Brooklyn Flea since I have always wanted to go. The forecast called for rain later in the day so we went when it opened at 10am.

I have to say I was pretty disappointed. There were not a lot of vendors there and most of their stuff was crazy expensive! I need to find a flea market down the shore or out in the country in PA! They might have better deals.


After we drove to the other side of Brooklyn for Smorgasburg. It was definitely more fun! There were a crazy amount of food vendors. We shared a lot of stuff because we wanted to try as much as possible. I could probably go there every weekend and still not try it all!

It was also very hot out. We left in the late afternoon because we were exhausted and as soon as well left it started to rain! Prefect timing!

I really miss my dad, but I am lucky enough to have a great support system. Most of my friends and family texted or emailed to check in on us yesterday which I really appreciated.


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